Thursday, July 28, 2005

Marie is in the Lead

Seeing as how Marie is in the lead in the "Becky's Sayings" contest, I decided to tribute her by putting some of my favorite Marie sayings.
"Becky you need to clean"
"Shnookle lookle look look"
"Millie!"-Since Millie is her favorite, she does say her name an awful lot and she says it with the same intonation.
"Hmm"(In a snooty sort of defiance tone)
Okay, that is all I can think of currently. But since I have power to change my post at will, when I think of more, I will post.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

LANS! When was the last time I posted?

I've fully prepared myself for a flogging with a ritual witch burning afterward for my lack of bloggingness. Okay, so much has happened since my last post. For one, I've been to Serenity again, the final of all final versions and I loved it even more than the first two times that I saw it. In addition, I also went to Comic Con and met the entire cast of Serenity minus Alan Tudyk, plus Joss Whedon. It was rollicking good fun. I also got to see David Boreaneaz, Charisma Carpenter and got an autograph from Seth Green. I saw Amber Benson and Nick Brendon too, but I have seen them before, so it was like a repeat. I'm so tired from my jaunt to Comic Con down in San Diego, I can only hope to recover with either tons of sleep or no sleep whatsoever. We will just have to see which one will win.
In addition, be sure to congradulate my adorable and highly moneybags sister Marie on buying her second home. She moves in this weekend and I am looking for roomies, so if you want to live with me in Marie's condo, speak now or forever sleep in the dark! Oh, but girls only, sorry Justin. Until I find roomies I am all alone in the condo which is going to be the opposite of fun and without Lisa to keep me alternative company, I'm not really sure what I am suppose to do with myself! I Miss You Like Pancakes Lisa! So wish me luck in my new condo adventures.
Further more, I'm going to Booster Bash next week, which I am kinda regretting now because I'm all conventioned out for the summer, but nonetheless, I am going. It will be rollicking fun with a dash of cinnamin I am sure.
Now onto the main event, which is Me polling the crowd. I've got through many sayings in my time, my latest being "flip," "fliberty gibbet," and "lans!" So, as an audience poll, I want you to recap Becky sayings, I know I have many, so name as many as you can. And the person that can name the most Becky sayings acurately, gets a prize. (Prize is a surprise).