Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend!

I love three day weekends! They have the best elements: no work, time with Matt, and more sleep. Plus, it was fairly sunny, but not too hot this weekend, which is only a bonus!
Matt and I attempted to go swimming in our pool yesterday, but it was, alas, closed until June 1st. Which I think is completely lame. It should be open now while children are still in school and not likely to swim. I don't like to be around excessive amounts of noisy children, so I wouldn't want to swim if they were at the pool. They make all sorts of noise and splash and are really annoying. Someday I will get over my annoyance of children, someday...
I also got the pleasure of making Marie's Bridal Shower invitations on Saturday. I went up to Mom's and we made them using our stellar scrapbooking skills. We made 70 of them and it took 3 hours. When I made mine I only had to make 60, I don't know why Marie has ten more friends than I do, but I think that I should be jealous. I had almost 35 people come to my bridal shower and I hope that Marie has an equally good turnout because... Presents!
Matt and I had Kristi (Matt's sister) and her roomates over on Saturday and we played excessive amounts of Wii. It really is the funnest of the new systems out there. I find myself often playing Zelda because it is awesome! Kristi and roomates seemed to really like Wii sports. Everyone was able to play because we recently bought two additional controllers for the system. Which was two-fold pleasant because we now have four controllers and we used the last of our Target gift certificates. Now I have no reason to go back to Target, yay!
Sunday I made my first crockpot meal and my very first roast. Mom and Bill gave us one fourth of a pig that they had slaughtered, so we had a roast to make and I decided to make it in my new spandangled crockpot that Norm and Rand gave us. It was surprisingly easy. Just chop and put in crockpot, season, and turn on. We went to church and came home and dinner was ready. It was really yummy and I was happy with the turnout. It is like I am learning how to cook. I also bought the ingredients for this recipe that I found on Jasmine's blog and I will attempt to make it later this week. Someday I'll be able to cook without Matt's supervision, someday... The other day I attempted asparagus unsuccessfully. They did not taste stellar.
Kelli came over on Sunday and played board games with us. I missed board game playing because we have been playing video games soo much recently. Back in the day, I had Lisa and Nibs to supply me with constant board game playing buddies. I haven't played Settlers in who knows how long. Count how many months Lisa has been gone and that is how long it has been since I've played Settlers. That is too long! Matt and I have to find a super game playing couple without children. Children complicate the process.
In conclusion, it was an excellent weekend and I look forward to my next holiday, which, regretably, is not until July. Sigh.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Paint a Palooza

My lovely sister Marie and her fiance Anthon are attempting to finish remodeling a house whilst planning for a wedding. I think that they are mad because just planning a wedding in three months took up all of my time. I'm not sure how they are remodeling a house and planning a wedding in only two months in addition to going on a Europe trip. They are insane.
To help the engaged couple out in their crunch for time, Matt and I graciously offered our painting services. I'm not much with the manual labor and I'm even less with power tools, but I can paint. So, a painting I will go tonight. I have a feeling that it won't be as fun as watching the season finale to Heroes tonight, but it is a good deed.
I wanted to paint the rooms blue, green and purple, but Marie decided to go a different way. Lame.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I love my Wii. We got our Wii last week and it has been lots of entertaining fun. We bought our Wii in a bundle, so it came with two Wiimotes and Nunchuks, and five games. My favorite game has been Zelda the Twighlight Princess. It reminds me a lot of the old 64 Ocrina of Time Zelda game, but with better graphics and more options. There is so much more you can do with the Wiimote because it senses your movement. At first I thought that this would be annoying because I'm a lazy person and I don't want to be standing up and swinging my arms around while I'm playing my video games. But, it turns out that it is much more sensitive and I barely have to move my hand to make it recognize the movement.

My favorite multi-player game is Cooking Mama Cook Off. It is a cooking competition game where you go through every step of making a dish. Unfortunately, the translation from Japanese to English wasn't done very well and the instruction are very vague and sometimes not comprehendable. This leaves the player wondering what it is that they are suppose to do. Which makes for fun funny fun. Matt and I have learned that this is a trial and error kind of a game.

I wish that I had more multi-player games so that Matt and I could play together more. I think that we will be purchasing Mario Party 8 at some point. But, all the best games are single player. I wonder why that is. Back on the old Marios, Mario and Luigi could play together as a team or in a wild race to escape/kill bugs and things and get the most coins. I think that was Mario three on the super nintendo, but it is difficult to remember. What happened to those days?

Well, I'm enjoying my Wii and nothing else really fantastic is going on.

Friday, May 04, 2007

No Europe for Me

I've been jealous a lottle of people going on trips. My whole fam damily, or those that matter, are going to Europe, a trip I planned on going on, but I am not going. Not-regretably, I opted to get married and go on a honeymoon rather than go to Europe. Unfortunately, I was a dingus and got all sick and didn't go on a honeymoon. So, I miss Mexico and Europe. I'm sad/jealous. It really makes me want to go on a trip because I didn't get to go on my honeymoon and I don't get to go on the Europe trip that I planned on going on for two years. It is frustrating. These are the times when having to think about someone else in all your life planning really stinks. Pre-marital bliss, I could just go on vacation on a whim because I had the finances and the gusto to go. It is an adjustment that I'm attempting to make. I love being married, but I also love vacationing. I love Matt more than vacationing though. I just want to get out of Utah and go somewhere. Our brief stint in California for Rachel's wedding was nice, well it would have been nicer had I not been ill. Maybe I'm allergic to traveling and that is why I keep getting sick right before trips. I would love to go to Hawaii. I miss it soo much and I want to go back and visit and see my school and the beach and an ocean that isn't grey. Ugh, well, I'm just making myself more upset thinking about it.
At least I will have a Nintendo Wii to play with in two weeks. I want to play the new Zelda game. After playing Norm's Wii last night whilst watching his kids, I want mine even more. Waiting, waiting, waiting... Waiting sucks.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Gilmore Girls and Fox must Die

Gilmore Girls has to go. After the sad attempt at an episode this week, I've realized that I want it to end. I think another season or even a have season would only prolong its misery. First of all, when did Rory become this really annoying sad face? Her character has changed a lot through the years, the most in this last season and it is weird to see her not succeed and be sad about it. She usually has a plan and a back up plan and a plan after that. And, with her whole "operation finish line" with Paris, she should have had lots of options in front of her. Additionally, I like that Lorelei is moving toward the not hating of Luke, but this is a very strange transition that they are doing. I was not impressed by the writer's feeble attempts to show the additional characters of the town in a motley sort of way. It was as if they were just stuck in waywardly while the real plot laid elsewhere. Okay, rant over.

Fox must die because it cancelled Drive, the new Tim Minear series that was begun in the middle of the year at a really odd time in a Monday night spot. The show was poorly advertised and began on a Sunday night before moving to Monday and only ran three episodes before Fox cancelled it. Fox doomed it to fail before it even began! It was as if they had an extra time slot to fill for a few weeks, so they created a show that they could kill. The show was actually really interesting. It was a different idea with actors that I liked and skilled writing. But, in the Fox like way, it has been cancelled... Fox needs to suck less.

It is almost summer, which means that it is almost time for my shows to take a break. I'm not really sure what I will do with myself. I guess I could pay more attention to my husband, but that sounds like a lot of work. I will have to play my new board games and the Wii that I will inevitably get. The Wii looks like buckets of fun and I want one for husband and me. Matt ordered one and we will hopefully get it in a couple weeks. Hopefully...