Monday, July 21, 2008

Johnny to be a Bachelor No Longer

Well, I had a busy weekend. Lisa came to visit this week and she graced me with her presence for a few days this weekend. Additionally, Johnny had his bachelor party at my house this weekend, it was this whole thing.

On Friday, Lisa, Rachel and I were suppose to go to Laser Tag. But, we got there and Lisa got bored, so we left and went to Training Table for dinner. It was difficult for me because I like to have a plan and execute the plan and Lisa like acting on whim. Whim is chaotic to me.

Then, we went back to me house and the Allreds came over and we played games a plenty until late in the evening. That is what I love about my college friends. They love board and card games as much as I do and they could just play them all day long.

On Saturday morning, I went over to Rachel's and she and Lisa and I all made breakfast. Then, we played games for like 5 hours. It was awesome even though I lost almost all the games.

Then, I came home and cleaned the house for the bachelor party. Don't know why I bothered because they just came over and made a brand new mess. I stayed out of the festivities and holed up in my bedroom watching Juno. A fantastic movie everytime I see it. It is hilarious!
Krista and Mom came over during the party and hung out upstairs with me. I thought that it was wrong that the bride was there during the groom's bachelor party, but whatever.

Sunday, we had all sorts of people over. Anne and Carlos came over to show off their cute new baby girl. DJ came over to do his laundry. Johnny and Sarah were home. Krista came over for dinner. And, Lisa and Rachel came over for dinner.
It was chaos, so Matt and I cooked chinese food and it turned out pretty good. We attempted potstickers for the first time and they were fairly successful.

Then, of course, I played games for a couple of hours before the girls had to leave. It was a very busy, but good weekend.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Still Potentially Exciting News

Well, I had my meeting with the clothing line this week. I showed them all my designs for sleepwear, and they liked a number of my designs. But, I'm still not sure what will become of it all because they wanted a couple weeks to think about it before they buy any designs from me. So, I am still playing the waiting game.

I hope that they decide to buy the designs that they like, but I guess I won't know for another week or so.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Potentially Exciting News

Well, I have some potentially exciting news. As many of you know, I am an avid doodler. I enjoy drawing and designing clothes. I have done this for many years as a fun way to pass the time when I am extremely bored at work, school, or family events. Well, now it all might pay off.

I have a meeting with one of the 'modest' clothing lines in the area to show them my designs. I pitched them my idea of having modest sleepwear and they liked the idea and want to meet with me. And, if they like them, they will buy my designs from me. And, if I make money off of drawing clothes, that would just be awesome and really easy to do.

So, I'd like to take this time to thank the following people in advance: Jennie Allred who first taught me that I should draw the body and then clothe it, Marie who found me lots of websites to study fashion design, Gilmore Girls for having their characters wear cute things while they sleep which gave me my idea in the first place, and all my professors who didn't say anything while I drew pictures in their class instead of taking notes.

But really, even if nothing comes of this, it is fun to try new things and see how I do. Even if they don't buy my designs, I'm going to find a seamstress who will help me make my clothes because I really want the sleepwear for myself.