Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Family Is Sick, It Must Be a Holiday

I thought that we had had the worst of the sick when the kids had croup over Thanksgiving. I thought that I had paid my dues and we were free and clear for at least a week. I was wrong. We caught the family flu that is going around the Deringtons. That's what I get for hanging out with family I guess.

So, we are on day five of awfulness. It is coughs and body aches and fevers and drippy noses and it sounds like a cold... but it is so much worse, it is like a cold from hell. Oh yeah, I said it and I'm not even sorry. The doctor tells me that Nicole and Dano have brochitis while Matt and I have been diagnosed with the flu virus. Sounds all the same to me. Sounds like I am going to in bed for a week is what it sounds like.

But, in an attempt to be positive; if we are sick this week, there is no way we can catch something new during Christmas itself! So, hopefully, we will be healthy for Christmas. Unlike last year where the kids had croup and I had bronchitis the whole week of Christmas and I missed all the fun activities with the Deringtons.

How are Matt and I suppose to alternate families for the holidays if we keep getting sick and missing the holidays all together? Stupid sick.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Not the Worst Thanksgiving

For months, we have planned a trip to Albequerque, New Mexico to see my sister, Sarah for Thanksgiving. I called her an excessive amount of times about the trip and we took weeks prepping Nicole for the prospect as she is very anxious about any change.

And then, the curse happened. Dano got a double whammy of croupe and strep. The day before we were supposed to leave, we went to both the doctor and the ER with Dano because he was so sick. And we thought that maybe he would feel better fast and we could go a day late, but, alas, he did not. His fever persisted through Thanksgiving and we were forced to accept that the trip was not going to happen.

This happened last year too. Sarah came out for over a week for Christmas and the kids got the croupe and I got bronchitis and we did not get to spend hardly any time with her. I am cursed. Doomed to not spend time with my little sister!

So, we spent our Thanksgiving apart. I went to my parent's for dinner, then brought food home to Matt and the kids and then Matt left for his Mom's to have dessert. Even though it was a fairly crummy Thanksgiving with sick kiddos, it still was not the worst Thanksgiving ever.

I can only hope now that Matt and I will be able to plan some other get away to New Mexico to see Sarah and hopefully it will happen next time.