Monday, April 30, 2007

By Wednesday I Can't Sleep

This is the very first weekend since I have been married that I have not been sick! It is definitely a time for celebration. I really enjoy being not sick. I also opted to not be around ill children this weekend in hopes that it would keep me healthy. Hopefully this works.

So, this week Matt and I went to Natalie's 80's themed Birthday party. Our little Natalie is 23 now, she is growing up so fast. Well, I went for the vest and tie look over t-shirt that girls seemed to be into in the 80's. I don't really see how it is attractive on anyone, but the 80's really weren't about being attractive. They were all about mismatching and wearing highly unflattering clothing. I don't love the 80's.
This week will hopefully be sunny so that I can wear my open toed shoes, skirts and capris. That is what spring is really all about.
Mother's day is coming up and I once again face the dilemma of what to get. Ideas welcome.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Season of Weddings

Well, this weekend I went to Rachel's wedding. I almost didn't make it there because I got sick on Friday morning when we were suppose to leave. Kelli and Karmen went on without us and then I started feeling better later in the day, so I dosed myself with Dramamine and we went anyway. The trip was miserable, but I was glad that I went.
Rachel looked beautiful and it was a pleasant ceremony on the beach. Getting married on a beach has to be one of the coolest things. It was cold though and I don't know how Rachel stayed warm with her elegant strapless gown. I guess her mind was on other things. The reception was fun, complete with Rachel and Tim acting like freaks and dancing like freaks and all that jazz. It was an atmosphere very geared to their personalities, which worked out really well. Baby came with us and she seemed to have joyous amounts of fun with her fiance Natalie.
The trip home wasn't nearly as bad as the trip there, I attribute this to the fact that I wasn't throwing up on the side of the road on the way home. I'm glad to be home, though I enjoyed the California atmosphere in Oceanside. Oceanside is a pretty place and it was mostly nice weather whilst we were there for one day.
In other news, there is another wedding on the front. Nefi and Rose are getting married this Thursday in Bountiful. I didn't realize that the reception was so very far away and I will try to make it out to see them. They will probably partake in one of our stunning regifted items. They are the items that Matt and I did not want and did not know how to return. Not because they were bad gifts, but because we have no use for them. Anyone with a wedding coming up can expect a regift from me. Hopefully I don't give back a gift to the same person who gave it to me.
Additionally, my lovely, older sister Marie is getting married. She just got engaged last week and I think that we can all agree in saying, "It's about time!" Anthon asked her in a really cute way and Matt and I got to be there to see it all. Her ring is gorgeous and much larger than mine, which I'm sure makes her a happy girl. Marie will be wedded on 7/7/7. Which is good for Johnny because then he can actually be there for one of his sister's weddings. I feel a little bad about not waiting for Johnny, but I feel that it is for the best. Johnny doesn't know Matt at all, so it will be funsies for him when he gets home. They can go golfing or something.
Well, those are all the weddings that I can think of right now, but I'm sure that more and more people will get engaged in the near future. Who knows, maybe Mike...someday. If any of my blog viewers have upcoming nuptuals, feel free to post about them.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wedding Pictures

Okay, so I haven't yet ordered my wedding pictures yet. I have Brochitis and I had the stomach flu yesterday. I wish that I could stop getting sick. Additionally, I'd rather like to not get two sicknesses at once again. That was pretty much the opposite of fun. Plus, I get Matt sick and there is just no good in that. A good 1.5 weeks of the 2.5 weeks that I have been married, I have been sick. That is just no way to start a marriage.
Right, back to wedding pics. Well, my pics are up on my photographer's website, so for now, if any one wants to view them, you can go here:
It is under Derington-Kimball wedding.
Here is hoping that I feel better soon and that I stop catching sicknesses from children.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Moving On

The parents have sold their house. The parents have sold their house and I'm sad. I'm sad because that house is home to me. Even though it is in the middle of nowhere and it takes 30 minutes to get there and I've hit my heel on the piece of wood sticking out at the top of the stairs about a million times, it is home to me and I love that house. I love that it is a cabin and that some of the rooms have names like "The Indian Room" because who has a room with that name? I love how big the yard is because the puppy can run like mad and the grass is usually lush and fun to play in. In the winter, there is so much snow, you could build an army of snowmen. Some of my most favorite memories occured in that house and without the house or Sarah there to remind me, we know that I'm not going to remember them!
For instance, Sumo wrestle mania of 2005, the dance competition complete with Shmala Shmadul and Mimon Cowel... yo yo yo yo yo yo yo.... Climbing in the window when I got home late because the front door didn't have keys to it yet. The tedious task of putting up and taking down the Christmas tree. The time that Sarah beat me in wrestling because she threw my head against the ceiling and made me say Uncle John. Sardines in the basement and not being able to find Johnny because he hides too well. Excessive amounts of pool with Johnny and Sarah where they make up their own set of rules and post them on the wall and then fight about it. Your Mom!.... Is right outside that window. Games, games, games/nerts/a little Sett over here. Chasing the puppy around the island and watching her freak out. Snowball fight in the yard where Sarah's and my fort really sucked and Mike and Johnny's was the awesomist. Uncle John biffing it in a foot race and breaking his thumb. The list goes on and on and on and unless you are Sarah, you aren't going to know what I'm talking about.
And, poor the Johnny doesn't even get to say goodbye to the house because he is all missionified! It is the only home that Jade has ever known and she might get confused and lost in the move. She might get really sad. And, what if the new house doesn't have a big yard? The new house is in Highland!?! What the heck is in highland besides Uncle Don? Lame. I haven't even seen this new house. It could be crap de la crappy for all I know. I blame the french for this! I hate the French!
Curse you the parents, curse you!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Honeymoon Over

Now my honeymoon is officially over since I am back at work today. Even though I didn't go anywhere foreign and the majority of my honeymoon was spent hanging out at the apartment, I miss it. I liked spending all day, every day with Matt, even if we were only watching 24 season three (excellent season). But, now it is over... Alas!
So, my sources tell me (or they are lying to me) that my reception was uber fun. It is difficult for me to know if this is true because I was so busy hobnobbing with my guests. I didn't even get to try any of the food that was served there, which was truly tragic. But, I hear that the food was good. Anthon should know best considering that he was eating for seven that night. But, I got to dance and smile excessively and see my Uncle Ron, so I was happy with the turn-out. Unfortunately, we ran out of food and we started serving cheesecake at 5 dollars a slice and the reception center charged me 500 extra dollars. I kinda hate them now. I do not recommend Somewhere Inn Time as a reception center.
So, the wedding is over and the honeymoon is over and I have to go on with normal life... living with a man. It is odd, yet really good thus far. We will see how long I retain this view, hopefully I will always think it a good thing. Life is different now that I have a husband to think about. But, I suppose that life is suppose to constantly be changing. I just hope that with each new change in my life, I am prepared to meet it... or throw things at it and run away fast. I love my husband.
Becky Kimball