Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I Simpsonized Matt and I today. I think that we make a very pleasant looking yellow couple. Plus, Matt comes with drinks. How cool is that?

If you would like to Simpsonize yourself, visit,

Of course, the resemblence cannot be exact because we are not yellow and stuff. But I think that the gist is there. I think that Matt's is a little more accurate than mine.
Now that I've been simpsonized, I'm totally ready for the movie.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Mike is Engaged

Mike got engaged this weekend and we are all very excited for him. He is engaged to Lisa Frisbee and she is just an excellent pick for him! We were all hoping that this would happen because Lisa is a very cute girl with fun earrings and Mike just would have been stupid to let her get away.

I think that, with time, we will all come to love Lisa more than Mike. We will invite her to family events and tell Lisa that she can bring Mike too if she wants.

Reportedly, Lisa's ring is an Emerald of unknown cut, and carrot. The ring itself is of unknown metalic material. I'm hoping for more information on this, but I'm not knowing if I will get it.

There is no set date yet, but Mike hopes to marry in a foriegn country. I am against this idea, but I don't necessarily get a say. Curse that Mike.

Congratulate Mike and Lisa in the future bliss.

Bought a House

Matt and I made an offer on a house last week and after a couple counter offers, our offer was accepted! We are now under contract to buy a beautiful house in west Provo. Permitting that the appraisal and the inspection go well, we will be permanent Utah residents as of Aug. 17th. I'm very excited, I love this house!
It is 1400 sq. feet, tri-level, .25 acres, and built in 1995. It has three bedrooms and 1.5 baths and two walk-in closets. I love a walk-in closet. I've had one for so long now, I don't know how I could go without one. It has a two car garage and brand new carpet all throughout the house. It has a full sprinkler system and beautiful landscaping.
There are many things which we would like to improve upon in the house, the first being a fence. I really want a puppy, so we need a fence first in order to get one. I told Matt that we should get a puppy or a baby and he chose puppy, go figure.
I'm very excited to have a house of my very own and not have to share walls with people ever again. Those will be good days.

Harry Potter Sir!

Okay, I spent the weekend reading Harry Potter and I have a lot to say about it, but I don't want to spoil those who have not yet finished it. So, I'm going to wait one week to write my questions and speculations that I have developed before posting to be generous to the slower readers. *coughs Baby back ribs*
But, I would just like to say that the spoiler that I read before reading the book was completely untrue. Dumbledore cannot talk to Harry through the chocolate frog cards. Don't let those fake spoilers get you!
The book was awesome, everyone should read it in the next week so that they can read my blog and awe in my awe-y-ness.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Marie is Married

Marie is married. This is both awesome and strange. Awesome because it is about time! And strange because she and Anthon had been dating for so long, the transition will be a difficult one to adjust to. But, I think that it is a very good thing.

The wedding and reception went really well on Saturday. I think that most everything turned out as she had planned it. It was a little like chaos when trying to get Marie ready and the two girl children as well, but it worked out okay. Marie looked beautiful and the reception center looked beautiful and things turned out very well. I was so very tired by the end of the day though. I think that being a bridesmaid is more work than being a bride on the day of the wedding.

I'm very sick of children now. After children at the wedding and children at my parents' house on Sunday, I'm done. On Sunday I went to the parents and I started playing life with all the siblings, but after two hours of an incomplete game and children screaming and going wild and not being able to calm down, I was done. But, despite this, I had a pleasant Sunday.

Ree and Anthon will be gone for most of the week. I get the pleasure of moving them into their house while they are gone. How gleeful for me. I have to start being mean to people so that I don't help them with things.