Monday, July 23, 2007

Bought a House

Matt and I made an offer on a house last week and after a couple counter offers, our offer was accepted! We are now under contract to buy a beautiful house in west Provo. Permitting that the appraisal and the inspection go well, we will be permanent Utah residents as of Aug. 17th. I'm very excited, I love this house!
It is 1400 sq. feet, tri-level, .25 acres, and built in 1995. It has three bedrooms and 1.5 baths and two walk-in closets. I love a walk-in closet. I've had one for so long now, I don't know how I could go without one. It has a two car garage and brand new carpet all throughout the house. It has a full sprinkler system and beautiful landscaping.
There are many things which we would like to improve upon in the house, the first being a fence. I really want a puppy, so we need a fence first in order to get one. I told Matt that we should get a puppy or a baby and he chose puppy, go figure.
I'm very excited to have a house of my very own and not have to share walls with people ever again. Those will be good days.


Jasmine said...

I wish Joel and I could buy a house. Unfortunately, down payments on property in Southern California are way out of our tiny budget right now. Plus, we're still in transitory stages.

Funny, though, I've presented that option to Joel too: baby or puppy. Alas, no room for either right now. :(

Goddess said...

That's a great idea. I mean, if I told my parents I was getting either a puppy or a baby, I'm pretty sure they'd buy the puppy for me. I see free stuff in my future.

Becky said...

Good idea Lisa, you shoudl definitely try that tactic out.