Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Is it Wednesday?

Okay, so I made a bit of a flub in timing when challenging my blog viewers to a blog off. I forgot that this was my first week at Dentrix and that I would be one busy little bee. Only not a bee at all because I'm not fuzzy, yellow, an insect and I don't think that I have a stinger. Something that is more like human worker rather than bee. Moving on...
So, I was a little delayed in inviting and giving rights to my two challengers (Mike and Justin). But, Mike has accepted and Justin is pending. I will take a little bit to actually post my Blog Off post, but I will label it "Blog Off" so that all know that it is the competing post. I may post lesser, non-good, non-competing posts, but they are not my excellante one.
I encourage my competitors to also label their posts in some way as "Blog Off" posts.
Additionally, I agree with Justin that the content of the post can not be a reaction to a previous post.
Oh, and bloggers, don't abuse your priveledges and change things you are not to change on the blog like templates and stuff.

In other news...
I'm thoroughly enjoying my new job and I have been kept very busy. I'm doing a "learn as you go" kind of approach. I'm learning the software as I right about it. Additionally, I'm getting a crash course in InDesign. My InDesign knowledge is very beginner and I'm trying to learn fast all the features. I actually really like the program and if I actually had personal electronic layout needs, I would totally want it for me. But, seeing as I am layoutless, I'll be content with doing it at work.
I think one of the best things about my new job is that I have two computers to do my work. It pretty much rocks.

Oh, and I recently returned from my Washington trip. I think I took like two pictures (bad me for not taking more) I will post them someday... maybe. The vacation was good, but the driving was less than fun. I think that I will stick to flying for my next adventure.

I love my Baby, that is all.


Becky said...

Hmmm??? What? No one has posted here.

Marie said...

Makau has an InDesign course.

I could steal it for you.

Justin said... appears I was


Becky said...

You can't delete what was never there! Oh, and no need to steal for me, though it is very generous of you. Makau's courses take too long to watch. I don't have that kind of excess time. Help files are the way to go!

Sarah said...

Hey! I love my Baby too! Coincadence?! I think NOT! Oh but Baby, I'm coming to your home to sleep over on be prepared for a Sarah...I said be prepared...! -_-

Becky said...

Thanks for the reminder! I almost forgot! Oh, and the lovely Lisa will be joining us. She is pretty and in town.

Marie said...

Lisa, I miss you!!!

And I won't be in town this weekend to see you!


Goddess said...

What?! NOOOOOOO!!! Why Marie, why must you leave?