Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Family Pictures 2016

We started getting family pictures taken about three years ago. Why did we wait so long when we have been married for 9 years and our oldest child is 7? Because up until 3 years ago, we couldn't afford name brand yogurt let alone the luxury of family pictures. So, this blog has been littered with those photos that we took three years ago before I was even pregnant with the twins. Now, we are lucky enough that we can afford to get family pictures, which we did, two weeks ago.

Our friends, the Myricks took the pictures for us; Jessica Myrick (https://www.facebook.com/JesMyrickPhotography/)to be more specific as she took the pictures and her husband assisted. And by "assisted" I mean that he watched the kids that were not in the pictures and was on "twin watch" to ensure that they didn't run out in to the street.

I love this one of Scott picking his nose. Classic Scott.
 We took the pics in downtown Provo at the Startup building, which I had only been to once before when I was checking out a Pokemon Go party. When Pokemon Go first came out, we were one of the millions that downloaded the app and it was super fun for a little while until it kept crashing and crashing and crashing. And then the Provo Library got rid of their Poke stops and I was super sad and stopped playing. And now I don't play it. It was junking up my phone and slowing it down and rarely worked. I will wait for a better update to come and maybe for a time when I have a more powerful phone that can handle such apps. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, family pictures.

This is what it was like for "just kid pictures;" Scott running toward me and Logan trying to escape as well.
 We did not get a good picture of just the kids because the twins would not stay with the older kids to pose. They continually kept trying to get to Matt and I. Alas. But, we got some good ones of all of us, so I was not disappointed with the outcome. I shall now provide you with some of the best shots and some of the funniest shots.

 We were lucky to get a good shot of Nicole as she would not stop jumping for the picture. She really wanted a jumping picture for some reason and kept jumping out of the frame like a silly. I guess it is a kid thing.

 Dano was amazing, of course, and all of his shots were good. I had a hard time just picking one that I liked. He is blessed with being patient enough to get his picture taken and being gorgeous all the time so he looks good in all the pictures. He is my easiest child by a large margin.

They held hands for like three seconds and Jessica was able to capture this moment that I will count as a cute, sweet moment even though they ran away one second later.

 This was the best Logan shot. There were a lot of good shots of Logan. He is also very photogenic and is a smiley little man. Scott on the other hand...

 This is the best shot of the twins together. I think they look so cute! Even though Scott is not smiling, he is looking at the camera and in my book, that is a big win.

Me chasing the twins and trying to herd them in the right direction as they run away.

Me guiding the twins in the right direction for our next location for shots.

 Look at these handsome men! I made all these guys, it is true. I am taking credit for their cute looks.

This is our best Scott shot. He is actually smiling which is like, "wow." Scott gives rare smiles, but we handed him the car keys and he got really happy about it.

 Matt and I got a bunch of pictures taken of the two of us. Most of them turned out really good, but I picked just one to show you here so it doesn't look like I am too vain... even though I kinda am.

Lastly, Jessica took some shots of just me, most of which I did not like. I guess I am vain and very critical of myself. I am a tangled web of confusion. Matt declined getting singles of himself because that is his way and he doesn't really like the whole getting his picture taken thing.

Overall I was so pleased with the results of the pictures even though it was comical trying to wrangle the twins and take their pictures. But Jessica is amazing and we were done with pictures after only an hour. So, we are done with pictures for another year and I am hoping that next I look even better than I am this year. Women look better with age right?

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Laura said...

As far as the women look better with age thing...true...up to a certain point. Then we decline. I certainly don't look better than I did 20 years ago. But that is part of the circle of life. You learn to find contentment with who you are.

Hey you should take running after twins pictures more often. You look like a headless twig. 

Love all the pictures! You all look amazing. Jessica is so good at capturing good shots. You got some really wonderful pictures of each kid too. And I especially love the ones of my beautiful daughter. Now I want to come over and see them all.