Thursday, September 29, 2005


If you know about the movie, you should see the movie! Some peole don't know about it, they are forgiven, except that they should get out more because Serenity is everywhere, and they are therefore unforgiven!
SO!!! You must all go and see the movie. Stat.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Well the time is almost here at last, the day that all of me has been waiting for. Serenity. The movie. The motion major picture of one of my top three tv shows, Firefly. I will of course be attending the midnight showing, along with three guests, who are devoted enough to me to come at midnight, not as much devoted to the show as devoted to me. We're very pretty.
So it is getting very close now. Closer and closer as a I type this and it will be even closer when you read this. I hope the anticipation is killing you, but I hope you wait to die until after you have seen the movie because it will all be worth it. Promise.
So, yeah, go see the movie. I'll be Inara by the way, Nat helped me decide on an outfit. That is all.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Blah blah blah You're a dirty Whore

So, my blog has been out of commision and this is a test of the emergency broadcast system.
This is a test and only a test.
Do no be afraid, turn off your computer screen or change your name for your own protection.
Please refrain from eating your own hair.
Those in Utah and Davis counties need to beware because bees will shortly attack your dogs.
That is all.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Long time no blog

I can officially be banded from regular blogging schedules, seeing as how it took me so dang long to post. I blame it on the lack of internetiness and school. Those darn teachers continually are giving me homework, lame.
I too face the question that attacks the minds of many like little minors raking their picks into my brain in painful succession. WHAT TO WEAR?
The Serenity Midnight showing is on the 29th of September at midnight at Jordan Commons in Sandy and to all of the three people who read my blog, you should come.
But I do not know what to wear. I'm going to pull a Natalie and ask the trailing crowds.
1. Buy a pattern and fabric and wear an Inara dress that appears in the movie.
2. Wear an asian shirt, put chopsticks in my hair and call it done.
3. Go as Inara and wear nothing.
4. Go to DI, find a dress that doesn't fit, mess up my hair, and go as River.
5. Wear Some People Juggle Geese T

You must decided, devoted fans that are me.
Oh and go see Serenity, it kicks.