Thursday, February 16, 2006

Becky's Prom

Well, as most of you know, these are the pictures from my twenty second Birthday party. I held a prom. Marie thought of the theme because she is like a genius and stuff and she also provided the house because she has best sister tendencies.
Prom went very well. People came all shnazzy and some date-ified. Natalie was our Dj for the night, providing us with fun filled dancing songs like "Dancing Queen," "The Macarena(sp?)," "Thriller," and my personal favorite, "I believe in a thing called love (is that the title?)" Well it was great dancing music anyway. Jarom also helped in the music department, but it was the Natalie Dj show when she arrived. I think that everyone liked the music, I know I did. I danced and danced and attempted to dance.
There was also a brief game of Twister which Mike won, of course. He is devilishly good at Twister because he tries to move you off the board, taking every spot that you want. Of course he was twistering against a bunch of girls in Prom dresses, so he really had the advanatage. Or that is what I tell myself as I recall falling to my loss in Twister.
The food was great (thanks the parents!), the drinks were great (thanks Anthon!). But the cake was fantabulous! In the shape of a fish with life savory goodness on top. Jill is the bestest cake maker that I know! Marie and Anthon enjoyed finishing off the cake I heard. My favorite was the one scented candle that I had to blow out. That was rockum sockum and so much easier to blow out than the nine candles I attempted to blow out on my castle cake.
We did presents and I got all sorts of stuff: books, movie, body butter (which by the way, doesn't taste like real butter), nail polish, glittery goodness, hair accessories, a gift certificate, a cd, and lots more stuff. I was very spoiled this year.
Post presents there was the crowning of the king and queen of Prom. Surprise surprise, I won. Well, I was the birthday girl.
More dancing.
Jacob and Amara started dancing with each other at one point and it was like the cutest thing I ever did see! I love my niece and nephew! Amara was the princess of the prom because she had a pretty tiarra.

Oh and we did the limbo. Mike won, but he always wins. I think we play just hoping that this time, Mike will split his pants. Alas that it did not work this year.
After much dancing, we played Whose Line games. It was good fun, everyone participated, whether willingly or not. I think my favorite game was Party Querks because I was able to figure out who was at my party within a few seconds of their arrival. Mike was a Victoria's Secret Model, I think, and Karmen was the mice from Cinderella. I don't remember who the first party guest was because I guessed their character so quickly. It was good fun and Sarah and Mike hosted the games because they are fun and loud and they just like doing it.
It was a good birthday. I had buckets of fun. I think it matches last year's Clue party. I'm glad that everyone who came, came. I hope everyone had a good time. But how will I out-do myself next year? I better start planning now.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Don't mess with the Derington sisters! Posted by Picasa
Limbo, limbo, limbo Posted by Picasa
Anthon is soo good at limbo! Posted by Picasa
Joint Limbo! Posted by Picasa
Mike, the limbo champ. We really only play because he loves it so much Posted by Picasa
Posed limbo Posted by Picasa
Posed limbo. It doesn't even make it look like I am good at limbo. And I don't suck! Posted by Picasa
All of the ladies of the party. I'm in back and the most important Posted by Picasa
Stonebridge Girls Posted by Picasa
Marie and Anthon Posted by Picasa
Becky and LIsa Posted by Picasa
Meemee and Baby Posted by Picasa
The Derington's Posted by Picasa
Jake and Jill, so pretty Posted by Picasa
Mom and Bill Posted by Picasa
Jacob and Amara dancing together, they were so cute! Posted by Picasa
Party guests and Becky dances with Amara Posted by Picasa
Me dancing with Jacob Posted by Picasa
Me and the Princess of the Prom. She was just so darn cute! Posted by Picasa
Bill and Becky Posted by Picasa
Me and my Mommy Posted by Picasa
Becy and Baby Posted by Picasa
Becky just moments after being announced Prom Queen Posted by Picasa
Becky with all of her gifts. Posted by Picasa
Jill made me cake in the shape of a fish for the "Under the Sea" theme. It was beautiful and delicious! Thank you Jill! Posted by Picasa