Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Gobbler Day

This year for Thanksgiving, I will be baking pies! Now, I've baked a pie before, a pumpkin pie (with the close supervision/help of Matt), and that pie turned out fairly well, so I have some confidence in my baking skills. But, Marie and I are the only ones in charge of pies, so I feel that they really should be quite good. I've decided to do three different kinds of pie because Marie claims that she will be purchasing her pies rather than baking them and that is just not an acceptable pie. My pies will be the traditional pumpkin (which should be present at every quality Thanksgiving feast), apple (which can prove difficult with that top crust, so I will be doing a crumb crust), and chocolate pudding (because easy and oh so yummy). I think that baking might go better for me than it has gone in the past.

In the past I have not been allowed to bake things. I have a tendency to burn things or to sink things and my baking priviledges were therefore taken away. That is why I had a Lisa. Lisa did the baking of the cookies and other such oveny things (I'm afraid of the oven, it is a burn thing). But, now my Lisa has left me and I must venture out on my own and conquer my fears. Hence the pie making.

Thanksgiving will be at the Parents again this year and, unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) the marrieds will not be coming. Excellently, we snagged Darin and Deanne for Thanksgiving dinner. It is excellent because Deanne makes the best rolls ever. Her rolls are the best rolls I've ever had and there are always too few of them. I don't know how we snagged them on such late notice, but somehow we did and I am joyful. Anthon will also be attending the festivities with children in tow and this is also joyful as he has not yet come to a holiday dinner with us.

The best thing about Thanksgiving is not the food, it isn't the time with my family, it isn't the day after shopping, but rather it is the short work week. Three day work week is pretty much the best thing ever! Just one more day of work and then five days off. I love not having to work for the joy of sleeping in is sweet. Though, I am looking forward to day after turkey day shopping. Hello pretty things for Becky!

Side note: I did not get a PS3 and it is sad. I pine for me.

Happy Thanksgiving Blog viewers!


Mc said...

I will be Thanks Giving in Portland with -my- great grand pappy and older bro. Be jealous. I hear the turkey is to DIE for.

As for PS3...I settled for a sleek PS2 to hold me over. I believe in a year I will purchase a TV capable of 1080p resolution and acquire a PS3 to compliment it.

Oh, on a side note, I will be giving up WoW in January.


Becky said...

Mike giving up WoW? This is a momentous moment. I thought that this day would never come. Mike, I am so proud! Have you purchased FFXII yet?

Oh, and I am ... not... jealous of your portland adventure. But I do feel bad for Jake and Jill because they have to see you.

Seasons Greetings!

Marie said...

Some store-bought pies are good.
I plan on getting a good one.

Linda said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all my neices and nephews. Alas I shall spend the dayt with my father, (your grandfather)and my brother Ron in Palm Springs. It shall be a day filled with uncomfortable conversation (except for time spent with Ron)and a buffet dinner at the country club. I would rather eat some of your burnt pies Becky. Enjoy the day and send my love to everyone. Happy, Happy Turkey Day!!!!!

Becky said...

Now I'm jealous of Linda because she gets to spend Thanksgiving with Ron! Happy Thanksgiving Linda and Ron! Tell Grandpa Happy Thanksgiving as well. I miss you all! I have to admit that a country club buffet dinner does not sound that scrumptious. A Thanksgiving dinner should always be homemade.

Thanks for the post!

Mc said...

You know, I was down in Palm Springs last month and will be headed back out there in January. 'Course I don't know what kind of fancy country club you're going to. The one I went to lunch at was, like, millionaire estate...though technically it was in La Quinta. (Hideaway) Anyway, I remember EVERYTHING seems to close by 8 so I wouldn't stay there too long. Love ya Linda!

Anonymous said...

mmmm pie. Hey Linda lucky for you you added that "except for Ron" part! Happy Thanksgiving to all, and much love to all the young D's.

Goddess said...

First of all, I just met my niece, and she's the hottest baby in the world. Secondly, I must say, "Hey Mon, how about makin me some more of that righteous mac n' cheese this year?" I'm so proud of you.

Sarah said...

Turkey day was pretty rock awesome, the chidlins yelled and screamed like crazy...but other than that I felt we had yummy success. Meemee didn't even buy pie, she had her Antonio make cheesecake...and today on the blackest of Fridays Marie also woke up at an apalling 3:30 in the morining to get her lovely 42 in LCD flat screen tv, beautiful! The best part of all though would have to be the fact that I got a free TiVo...FREE TIVO! Oh and Ron and Linda I love you!

Justin said...

So Mike, when is the wedding? Only one thing could make you give up Wow. What's her name? :) You dog you!