Thursday, August 27, 2009


A few weeks ago, Matt won a little money in a game of HORSE. We then used this money to go on a date and buy a toy for Nicoley. We bought her an exersaucer. This is a toy shaped like a saucer with about a million toys on it.

(I actually almost got a smile. It looks different than her regular camera face anyway.)
We got it used off of KSL, but it is in good condition. At first she was really afraid of all the toys and cried when I put her in it.

But, after a few weeks she is starting to like it. She is still unbalanced and hasn't figured out that if she puts her feet down she can turn herself. She still lifts them up and tries to let them dangle, making her all wobbly in the seat.
But, she has started to play with the toys and likes it for about 20 minutes. But, that is 20 minutes that I have to blog. I think that it was a very good purchase.

(Another almost smile pic. Alas that my head is in the way.)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Lisa!

It was Lisa's Birthday yesterday, so I invited her over for dinner and cake. That was the idea anyway. Matt made dinner and it was delicious! Steak sandwiches and grilled potatoes are always a good choice.

I was in charge of the cake. I decided to make a chocolate and peanut butter cake, one that I have made before. But, it didn't turn out the way that I remember it. The cake was just so crumbly! When I began to cut the layers, they just crumbled apart. I attempted to reassemble them and fix it with frosting, but then I didn't have enough frosting for the top and sides of the cake and I ended up with this.

This is by far the ugliest cake I have ever made. But, it did taste really good. Lisa told me that my cake had a "sweet spirit."
We had fun playing games and such though, so I call the night a success despite the caketastrophe.
Nicole as afraid of the camera as ever. Someday I will get a good picture of her... someday.
What a fatty!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Fun Week

Well, this week was a pretty fun week. But, alas I don't currently have any pictures of my adventures because my camera ran out of batteries and I didn't bother to buy new ones. So, all my pics are on my camcorder and I haven't figured out how to get them onto my computer yet.

Last Saturday, Matt, Nicoley and I went with Anne and Carlos to the Bean museum. We were suppose to go to the dinosaur museum at BYU, but it was closed, so the dead animal museum it was. Nicole was not impressed by the animals, but Carlitos and Lucy had a blast.

Tuesday, we went to the actual dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point with Anne and Carlos. It was 2 dollar tuesdays and it was PACKED! I probably would never go again on a tuesday. Way too crowded, thereby making it less fun. Nicoley was again not impressed by the dead animals.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Nicole and I got to make lunch for Johnny and Krista. Krista was stressed with finals this week, so I volunteered to do lunches for them. I had to come up with healthy, nondairy foods because they are on a specific diet.

On Thursday, Nicoley and I went up to my Mom's house to scrapbook a little. I usually scrapbook with my Mom or Jill, but they are very busy, so I went by myself. Nicoley was tolerant for about two hours and then she had had enough of scrapbooking. But, I enjoyed myself. Strangely, there was no door on the house when I went there. I hope they have found a door since then.

Friday, we went to the pool with Jake and Jill. It was fun to just sit in the shallows with Nicole and enjoy the pool. We tried to avoid all crazy splashing children because Nicole does not like water on her face. It was fun to watch Jake go down the big slides with his kids. What a riot! We didn't swim long because Nicole is only tolerant of the water, she doesn't really like it.

Friday night Matt and I finally got out after Nicole went to bed and we went bowling. I have discovered that I am a terrible bowler and Matt is pretty good. We played four games and I never broke 100. But, it was fun to be out on our own for an hour. Kristy watched the babes while we were out and she woke up after we left, had a blowout and cried for 45 minutes. I didn't leave her with milk because I didn't think that Nicole would wake. She usually sleeps really well. Poor Kristy! She was a trooper though and didn't even call us frantic.

Today is Saturday and we plan to go to a family BBQ here's hoping that my fun week survives.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Four Month Checkup

(We were buying big storage bins and this sticker was in the bin. Nicole takes safety seriously!)

Nicole got her four month checkup this week. Which included new stats and more shots. She did not care for the shots. She was a grumpy girl for a couple of days.

Head: 95%
Height: 27 inches 95%
Weight: 15.5 pounds 90%

I have a biggun for a baby! I'm glad that I have a chunky healthy baby though. I prefer this to a baby who can't gain weight. I am very blessed.

Things she has started doing:

She can roll over from her stomach to her back most of the time. Sometimes she just gets frustrated and cries until we roll her over.

She likes to make cute gurgly sounds in the back of her throat.

She has learned how to pull the tabs on her diaper and likes to undo her diaper.

She is fascinated with her toes. She loves to lay on her back and pull her feet up to her face.

She loves to pull hair. Daddy has taught her that game. She thinks it is great fun. I don't much like it though.

We love our little girl and are happy that she continues to grow strong.

To Vegas to Vegas to buy a fat Pig

So, last week Sarah was suppose to go to Vegas with her boyfriend, Mom, and Bill. But, the boyfriend bailed the day of. We will not give reasons nor names to protect the not so innocent. So, Nicole and I took the place of he who must not be named and we packed up and went to Vegas!

It was a nice relaxing trip with not too much going on. This was only due to the fact that Bill was working. Had Bill been available, I'm sure we would have gone and done a lot more stuff. He does not like to waste time on vacations.

Nicole did surprisingly well on the drive down because we left near her bed time, so she slept for like 4 hours of the trip. The drive back was a different story. It was in the middle of the day when she is really fussy and she was not happy about sitting in her carseat for six hours. But, we survived! It was the longest trip that she has been on thus far. I'm sure that it will be even more difficult to travel with her when she is older, so I must enjoy this time while it lasts.

Our first day in Vegas, we lounged around because it was 115 degrees outside. I don't know who would ever want to live in that desert! It was so blazing hot that I thought the baby would get heat stroke from being outside too long. So, the only thing that we did that day was go to an indoor outlet mall. Mom bought Nicole a new swimming suit because she has grown out of the one that Grandma Kimball bought her. Mom also bought Nicole some clothes for winter. It was fun to just shop with Mom and Sarah for a little while. Then, Nicole got tired and didn't want to ride in the stroller anymore and wanted to be held forever. Those are the times when I wish that I had brought my baby carrier.

That night, we took Nicole swimming in the outdoor pool at the condo we were staying at. They had really cool pools with sand on the bottom so you feel like you are in a real ocean. Except that even at 8pm at night, it was still 100 degrees outside!
Nicoley seemed to like the pool. She handled it a lot better than the last time we took her swimming. She accidently dunked her face in the water though and then she was done with swimming.
The next day we went to the Belagio to look at the newest flower exihibit and then we went to the Venetian to look at the canal shops. Nicole didn't care much about the Belagio, but she loved the lights in the canal shops. She kept staring at the ceiling that is painted like the sky. I wish I had pictures of this, but alas, my camera battery died. You will have to visit Sarah's blog if she ever posts.

Our last day we decided to go and see a movie because that is an indoor activity. It was Nicole's first movie theater experience. We saw a matenee, so there was only one other person in the theater, which was good so that I could tend to Nicole and not feel too bad while she cooed at the screen. She did surprisingly well during the movie. Too bad that the movie wasn't very good. I don't recommend The Proposal.

It was a fun little trip and I'm glad I went. Unfortunately, I am still trying to get Nicole back on schedule.