Monday, January 29, 2007

Is This Thing On?

I must be getting really boring because I've posted twice in the past week and a half and I only got four comments. It is truly a sad moment when one realizes that their life is not in the least entertaining.
I wish that I were quippy like Justin, then I think that people would listen to me, or they would at least make fun of me. Justin always seems to get the most comments off of his comments on my blog and it must be because of his quippiness or his strangeness.
Maybe I should be extremely sarcastic like Baby. Then people would think me funny and would laugh or be offended by most everything that I say. If I offend people, they will like me. I know this because Baby is so popular.
I know, I'll write everything and then caption (monotone) next to everything. It works for Marie when she is speaking, so I figure it can't be too different in print. People will respect me and believe what I say if I'm all monotone. Just look at Ben Stein, everyone thinks that he is really smart and it is because he speaks in a monotone voice, I just know it. Marie is a clever one she is!
Or, I can be completely random and make up words and write them randomly on my blog like Mike does. What does Dar mean really? Besides "to give." Of course, Mike's randomness does not get him comments. I should abandon being like Mike right.....Now!
I should just write about things that apply more to my blog viewers. Right now I'm all wedding and Matt and everything and none of my blog viewers care because they are neither a wedding nor Matt. Except for Matt who is Matt, but his commenting is seldom if ever.
That brings me to the purpose of a blog, or my blog to be more specific. Is the blog for me to spill my rantings, my ravings, my thoughts and events in my life? Or is it here to entertain and put on a show for others, hoping that I can gain the most attention of all the bloggers?
I would like to think that with the shanty amount of blog viewers that I have, the blog must be just for me.
Although, despite the low numbers of attendance of my blog viewers, they all seem to be very dedicated to me and my blog. This must mean that they really like me and care about my life. Or they are really bored and can't find something better to surf on the net.
Either way, I'm going to continue to put my words out there, even if there is no one to listen because I like to think that I am important and/or interesting.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Registering for Gifts

So, Matt and I registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond last night and I have to say that I am a registering pro. The sales lady woman explained to us what we were suppose to do and she told us that it would take us 2-3 hours to register. She handed us the scanner thingy and we went to. It was lots of fun! I got to pick colors for my bathroom and kitchen and living room and such and it was buckets of fun! I was in charge of the scanner thing and I just started scanning all sorts of things that I wanted. I didn't realize that there were so many things that I could possible need or want that I don't have. I've been living off of Marie for so long, that I forgot that most of the stuff in her condo belongs to her. Anyway, we are registering pros because what "should" have taken 2 hours, took us less than an hour. We are both very quick decision makers, so if we liked something, we scanned it and that was that.

The beauty of registering is that you can register for whatever you want, as many times as you want because people won't necessarily shop there for your gift anyway! In light of that, I picked out a bunch of stuff that I don't actually need:
-a pink KitchenAid (I want a kitchenaid, but not necessarily a pink one and I thought it was fun!)
-A waffle iron that is all self timed and turny like the ones in the caf
-a bread maker (because when am I actually going to make bread?)
-four bath mats (I'll have two bathrooms, but I couldn't pick between bath mats so...)
-A palm tree lamp (this was a Matt pick because it was so funny)
-An air purifier (this was in tribute to Ross)
-Three tablecloths (We only have one table, so I don't know what we will do with three table clothes)

The list goes on, but you get the idea.

In conclusion, registering is fun! I want to do it again. Luckily, I think that Matt and I will also register somewhere else for big furniture. Yeah!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Okay, I am once again going to retell my dream...

I dreamt that I was at my wedding reception, and I was very confused because first of all, it was in a cultural hall and most people know that I have a hatred of receptions in cultural halls. Secondly, I couldn't remember ever getting married, so I was confused as to why I was at my reception. I kept trying and trying to remember actual getting married, but I couldn't. Then, I was all upset because I felt like I had missed my wedding all together. Which is really tragic because you only get married once and I couldn't remember it.

I think that this dream is trying to tell me that I am going to get that disease that I can't spell that makes old people forget about things. And, it is also telling me that I darn well better appreciate that my parents gave me a substantial fund for my wedding so that I can have everything that I want. Additionally, it is telling me that Matt looks great in tails and he should wear them to our wedding.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm Just Sayin'!

So, puzzle me this Riddler...

I'm more than slightly annoyed as of late because of an individual that I formerly dated. This individual recently found out that I am engaged and decided to take the initiative to leave me a letter. This letter (nine pages single spaced, left on my car) entailed many things, as proven by the length, with the underlying point that the individual loves me, misses me and always hoped that my relationship with Matt was a rebound relationship and how do I feel about all this? And I'm just wondering, who the heck does that?!? Who writes an old flame and professes their undying love AFTER finding out that said flame is engaged! I would have to say that an engagement indicates a very big permanentness! What would prompt someone to think that I even care about them when I've got someone that I obviously love and want to marry? Absolute insanity if you ask me! Plus, really annoying!

Additionally, I am apparently being watched by this person. Inadvertently and supposedly unintentionally (according to the letter), but the individual is noticing when Matt and I come and leave my apartment and went to my graduation to watch me. That just gives me the freakin' hibbie jibbies! Now, I feel like I am being watched whenever I arrive at or leave my apartment! This morning I left my apartment to go to work and right when I stepped off my stairwell, I hear a car alarm or a car horn or some car noise, which I ignore until I get in my car, and then I look (discreetly) and it is the individual outside of their car. This occurs conveniently at the same time that I leave my apartment and the individual's car conveniently makes a noise right as I am in a position to look at the source of the noise! This is just too coincidental for me not to believe that it was not to draw my attention or to watch me more thoroughly! Or, maybe I am really conceited and think that everything revolves around me, but I can't help but think that I am being watched by the individual after I was told that I was being watched. I'm just sayin'!

Why is it that I always seem to get the crazy stalkerish exes? Do I have some sort of sign on me that says, "I'm easily manipulated, stalk me now!" because if I do, I would think that someone would let me know. Lisa, you know that it is your job to take care of me and tell me when I have toilet paper stuck to my foot, so I would think that you would let me know on this one. You are surely slacking your duties. Being stalked once, maybe twice is funny, but after that it just gets excessive! I don't understand the logic in it all. And, if you are stalking someone, you would think that you would want to keep it a bit more of a secret!

So, because the really long letter made me angry and annoyed and creeped out, I burned it and am choosing to ignore it and the sender despite the letter's plead for a response. If excessive ignorance doesn't do the job then I don't know what it is that I will do. I just want to marry Matt and be happy and be left alone and forget the stupidity of my past love interest choices. I just wish that I didn't feel like I was being watched and I really really can't wait to move! Luckily, I have Matt, who acts as my protector, confidant, best friend and husband to be.

So, again, I thank Justin for being one of the more sane people that I formerly dated. That Justin is just good people. He can lift a car you know.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Wedding Plan-a-palooza

Planning a wedding has to be one of the lesser fun things to do. It is time consuming and expensive and there are so many things to do that I needed a five page checklist to help me remember them all! I think that if I knew that it would be so much work, I might have done that whole eloping thing. Except that my family would kill me if I did that! These are the times that I wish I had Jennifer Lopez or Monica Gellar to do it all for me.

I'm glad to say that the date is set, the temple booked, the reception center found and the dress almost picked. I attempted to complete the most difficult parts of planning a wedding first because then I would not have to worry about it. Now all I have to do is find a photographer, florist, tux shop, invitation maker, and a bunch of other things that I can't even remember.

I think that the wedding part of a marriage has got to be the least fun part. I want to fast forward to the part where I'm actually married to Matt cuz that is going to be awesome. I'm extrodinarily happy and I think that that will get me through the wedding maddness.

So, my blog may be very wedding/Matt focussed for the next couple of months and you blog viewers who have a problem with that will have to deal! Or, throw a fit, either one.

Oh, and I would like to throw out a special thank you to Justin for not being a crazy psychopath. That is real nice of you Justin and I appreciate it!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Searched for Drugs

So, the other night, Matt and I were driving to his sister's (The Annelos) to babysit their baby when Matt exclaims, "Oh, I forgot my phone!"
"Do you need it?" I ask.
"Yes," Matt replies.
"Okay, well, lets turn around and get it," I say.
We turn around and head back to my place to retrieve his phone. As we are approaching my street, Matt passes the turn.
"Where are you going?" I ask.
"To work apparently," Matt says as he drives a little farther and flips a U-ey.
We proceed back toward my street and turn on to it. Upon approaching my complex, I see a car has run into the sign of the condos. Then, a police car flashes its lights and turns on its siren behind us.
"Oh, man (or something of a similar exclimation)," Matt says.
"No, no," I say, "they are not coming after us, they are going for that person who hit the sign."
"Nuh, uh," Matt says. "Look, he is following us."
"Okay, pull over."
We pull over in front of my complex and the cop pulls up behind us. The cop comes up to the driver's side window and asks for licence and registration. Matt gives it to him. The cop says, "I'll go check this out and then come back and tell you what this is all about."
"That was weird," I say. "What did he mean by, 'I'll come back and tell you what this is about?'"
"I don't know," Matt says.
"I don't think we broke any laws," I puzzle. "Is making a U-turn illegal and I'm just unaware of it?"
"Arg, I don't need this right now," Matt says in frustration.
The cop returns to the window and says, "Okay, your car's description has been linked with drug trafficking."
"Oh!" I exclaim.
"Is it all right if I search your vehicle?"
"Sure, of course," chorus Matt and I.
We get out of the car and the cop pulls out his flashlight and begins to search the car. He looks under the seats in the back and in the front seats and the glove compartment. He asks Matt to pop the trunk and begins looking in there.
"Is all of this stuff in here yours?" the officer asks.
"Yeah," Matt says.
"Can you come over here?" the cop says.
"Sure," Matt says. "Bec, you just stay there.
I remain on the sidewalk as Matt looks in the trunk with the policeman.
"What's this?" the cop asks as he pulls a brown paper bag taped to the roof (underside) of the trunk off.
"What the heck?!?" I exclaim.
"Who would put drugs in Matt's car?" I think as this bag is revealed.
"I don't know," Matt responds to the cops question as he takes the paper bag from him.
Matt rips open the paper bag and inside is a ring box.
"What is a ring box doing in the trunk of Matt's car? That is a really weird place to keep it," I think.
Matt opens the ring box and kneels on one knee in the snow. He looks at me and asks, "Rebecca Lynn Derington, will you be my wife?"
"This is a really inappropriate time to be proposing to me," I think. "We are being searched for drugs!"
I look at the cop and he is standing there smiling at me... I don't clue in. I look at the police car and there are two people in it with a video camera filming me... I pause.
"Oh! This is all planned!" I realize finally.
Turning my attention back to Matt, I see that he is still there on one knee, looking at me. Finally, my processing has completed as the snow continues to fall and I say, "Yes."
Matt stands and puts the ring on my finger (His knee is most likely very wet by this time). We hug and then we hear cheering. I look to my apartment complex (where the cheering is coming from) and see that a group of boys from an apartment have come out onto their balconies and are cheering for us. It was awesome!
Not only was I proposed to, but it happened in a very picturesque atmosphere with the snow falling and the pretty. Additionally, I was also cheered, and everyone knows that I like a good cheering when the cheering is for me (though it might have been for Matt, but from here on out, we can pretend like we are one person).
So, that is my proposal story. I was very happy and the ring is very pretty and I give serious props to my Matt face, though I am sort of bias considering I'm going to marry him and all.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Doesn't He See the Shiny Thing?

Currently waiting for something shiny. If you see something shiny that looks like it is mine, let me know because I've been expecting it.

*looks around*

Nope, nothing shiny there.