Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Searched for Drugs

So, the other night, Matt and I were driving to his sister's (The Annelos) to babysit their baby when Matt exclaims, "Oh, I forgot my phone!"
"Do you need it?" I ask.
"Yes," Matt replies.
"Okay, well, lets turn around and get it," I say.
We turn around and head back to my place to retrieve his phone. As we are approaching my street, Matt passes the turn.
"Where are you going?" I ask.
"To work apparently," Matt says as he drives a little farther and flips a U-ey.
We proceed back toward my street and turn on to it. Upon approaching my complex, I see a car has run into the sign of the condos. Then, a police car flashes its lights and turns on its siren behind us.
"Oh, man (or something of a similar exclimation)," Matt says.
"No, no," I say, "they are not coming after us, they are going for that person who hit the sign."
"Nuh, uh," Matt says. "Look, he is following us."
"Okay, pull over."
We pull over in front of my complex and the cop pulls up behind us. The cop comes up to the driver's side window and asks for licence and registration. Matt gives it to him. The cop says, "I'll go check this out and then come back and tell you what this is all about."
"That was weird," I say. "What did he mean by, 'I'll come back and tell you what this is about?'"
"I don't know," Matt says.
"I don't think we broke any laws," I puzzle. "Is making a U-turn illegal and I'm just unaware of it?"
"Arg, I don't need this right now," Matt says in frustration.
The cop returns to the window and says, "Okay, your car's description has been linked with drug trafficking."
"Oh!" I exclaim.
"Is it all right if I search your vehicle?"
"Sure, of course," chorus Matt and I.
We get out of the car and the cop pulls out his flashlight and begins to search the car. He looks under the seats in the back and in the front seats and the glove compartment. He asks Matt to pop the trunk and begins looking in there.
"Is all of this stuff in here yours?" the officer asks.
"Yeah," Matt says.
"Can you come over here?" the cop says.
"Sure," Matt says. "Bec, you just stay there.
I remain on the sidewalk as Matt looks in the trunk with the policeman.
"What's this?" the cop asks as he pulls a brown paper bag taped to the roof (underside) of the trunk off.
"What the heck?!?" I exclaim.
"Who would put drugs in Matt's car?" I think as this bag is revealed.
"I don't know," Matt responds to the cops question as he takes the paper bag from him.
Matt rips open the paper bag and inside is a ring box.
"What is a ring box doing in the trunk of Matt's car? That is a really weird place to keep it," I think.
Matt opens the ring box and kneels on one knee in the snow. He looks at me and asks, "Rebecca Lynn Derington, will you be my wife?"
"This is a really inappropriate time to be proposing to me," I think. "We are being searched for drugs!"
I look at the cop and he is standing there smiling at me... I don't clue in. I look at the police car and there are two people in it with a video camera filming me... I pause.
"Oh! This is all planned!" I realize finally.
Turning my attention back to Matt, I see that he is still there on one knee, looking at me. Finally, my processing has completed as the snow continues to fall and I say, "Yes."
Matt stands and puts the ring on my finger (His knee is most likely very wet by this time). We hug and then we hear cheering. I look to my apartment complex (where the cheering is coming from) and see that a group of boys from an apartment have come out onto their balconies and are cheering for us. It was awesome!
Not only was I proposed to, but it happened in a very picturesque atmosphere with the snow falling and the pretty. Additionally, I was also cheered, and everyone knows that I like a good cheering when the cheering is for me (though it might have been for Matt, but from here on out, we can pretend like we are one person).
So, that is my proposal story. I was very happy and the ring is very pretty and I give serious props to my Matt face, though I am sort of bias considering I'm going to marry him and all.


Justin said...

What a sweet thing to do! (And tell Matt thanks for giving me the REAL drugs, they're a hoot!)

Umm...one thing, didn't he get your middle name wrong? And your first one? I'm pretty sure your first name is Becky, and your middle name is Chocolateseriestelevisionposteriorfanaticslimemonster. Or am I thinking of Sarah?

To congratulate you, I will do the unthinkable!! *drum roll please* I will return the DVDs of yours I've had since this summer!!! DUN DUN DUN!!!!!

Also, I'm the FIRST to post on here. That means I deserve more wedding cake than your sisters or teh Mike, and also Lisa. Oh, and Natalie. And you. More cake for Justin! Also, get married before August, because I will likely be moving, never again to return to Utah, and I must be there to eat said cake. :)

Congratulations again! I didn't knew you had it in you! :)

Becky said...

The date is March 24th, and most of my blog viewers are invited! If you want an invite, you will need to email me your address!

Where are you going to Justin?

Justin said...


Sarah said...

Tra la la, yeah, that was a rather awesome way to ask. And Justin...just you try and out eat me! All your babies is mine...ha ha, just kidding, no way.

Justin said...

I'm not even going to begin to consider what your statement implies.