Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Carving!

Matt and I went to Matt's cousin Scottie's Halloween party this weekend. DJ, Anne and the kids came too. It was a lot of fun and it is probably the only party that I am attending this year, so I am glad that I was feeling well enough to go.

It was a barbeque/pumpkin carving kind of party. With food and pumpkin carving, there is no bad. There was a lot of people there, mostly people that we don't know because we don't see Scottie and Renee that much, but it was fun to meet new people. I was not the only pregnant lady at the party, there were four other pregnant women there. There was a lot of pregnancy in the room, it was weird, but nice to not be the only person with a baby belly.

I found a seat on the couch during the party and I mostly parked there with Anne's daughter Lucy. She is getting a lot more fun as she is getting older. She is three months old now and she is smiling and laughing. Prior to now, she was a fairly fussy baby unless Mom was holding her. But, I may have just seen her on her bad days. She was fun to hold at the party though. She was a big hit. Anne left her on the couch for a while and people kept coming over and picking her up and playing with her. Eventually, she fell asleep on the couch.

Carlitos was being very much a little boy at the party. There was candy on all of the tables and he kept snatching candy and eating it. Or, trying to eat it anyway. He got a tootsie roll and he did not quite get how to eat it and he ended up drooling chocolate tootsie roll everywhere. It was really gross. But, he didn't learn his lesson and he kept going back for more toosie roll.

I don't have a picture of Anne, but she was there, trying to juggle Lucy, Carlitos and pumpkin carving. Matt and I went to the Pumpkin patch a couple weeks ago and we picked out some pumpkins to carve for the party. My pumpkin was a decent size pumpkin, but I didn't realize how very huge it was until we brought it to the party and it made all the other pumpkins look like miniatures. Matt's pumpkin was big too. I guess we just like big pumpkins.

Anne and DJ shared a pumpkin and they carved an unrecognizable cat thing. No one really got it until there was a light in the pumpkin. I don't have a pic of them though cuz it was taken on Anne's camera.

Before the party, Matt and I looked up pumpkin patterns online and free handed a pattern on each of our pumpkins. Then, we went to Walmart and got some of those cheap pumpkin carving kits. We didn't realize that the little blades that come with the kits would be no match for our ginormous pumpkins. We both broke a tool while we were carving. It took forever to carve my pumpkin! It didn't take very long to gut it because it was a fairly hollow pumpkin, but because I drew the pattern so large, it took forever to carve! Especially with those crappy little plastic tools. But, I thought that the pumpkins turned out well. I carved a mummy and Matt carved a scary wolfman lookin' face. The pumpkins are now hanging out on our porch and are the only decorations that I am doing this year.

The party was a lot of fun and I'm glad that we were able to go and that the fetus was very cooperative on Saturday.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

17 weeks

I'm at 17.5 weeks now. I don't think that my belly looks very different from 15 weeks, but it sure does feel different. I feel like I am getting bigger and bigger, but I know that it is actually a very slow process. I often just feel a lot heavier in front than I am used. It is that darn baby and all it's weight that it is adding on to me. It is like 7 oz now.

I'm feeling pretty good. I'm actually able to occasionally go out and about in the evenings for like an hour or two and I don't start to cry. Which is a huge accomplishment for me. I find myself being a lot happier and a lot more energetic. I still get tired really easily and go to bed WAY early, but I think that that is a small sacrifice. This stage in my pregnancy is definitely more favorite than that lamo first trimester. I don't know who invented the first trimester, but they just like to watch women suffer.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's a Kitten!

So, my wonderful brother Norm did my 16 week ultrasound yesterday. Mom, Marie, and Sarah were present for this ultrasound. Everyone wanted to be there when the sex of the baby was determined. Mom and Marie were early, like all good people should be and Sarah was a little late, so she wasn't initially present when we discovered the gender of the baby. But, I think she was still happy that she got to see the baby.

The first thing that I noticed when we saw the baby on the screen was that it was a lot bigger than the last time we saw it. The baby didn't have nearly as much room in there as it did before. A month ago, the baby was moving and flipping around inside of me, but this time, it hardly moved at all because it was all squished in there. It was weird how much it had grown. Norm measured it and the baby is still bigger than it should be. It is a week and a half bigger than it should be. Stupid Derington/Kimball genes.

So, the baby was being all shy at first and had it's back to us, but eventually it turned around and Norm was able to get a good shot of the bum and it's a girl! Matt and I are very happy. I'm excited because now I get to buy a bunch of girl stuff. Plus, girl babies are usually a lot cuter than boy babies and I really want my baby to be cute.

This ultrasound was a lot of fun because the baby was bigger and easy to see her features. Mom immediately started talking baby talk to the ultrasound machine and we were forced to make fun of her. Marie was freakin' out the whole time with a high squeaky voice, which only got squeakerier when the baby moved. I think that Matt and I were the most calm during the whole thing. We were just happy that she is healthy and growing strong.

After we were done, Marie had a surprise for us. She gave us a baby book for a girl. It is really cute and it has places where I can write about the pregnancy and put pictures of the baby and stuff. It is really cool.

So, congrats to all the winners who guessed right. Make sure to laugh at all the losers and make them feel bad about themselves.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Boy or Girl?

Well, next week we go to get the ultrasound that will hopefully determine whether we are having a boy or a girl. I say hopefully because, if the baby is shy, we might not be able to tell. But, now is the time to get your guesses in as to whether it will be a boy or a girl.

Matt thinks it is a boy.

I think it is a girl (don't tell Matt; he wants me to think positively).

Those who are correct will get to lord it over the very wrong people.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

15 Weeks

Happy Birthday Matt!

Tomorrow is Matt's Birthday and he is turning 30. A fact which he likes to keep hidden and I like to tell to everyone. So, Matt will be 30 years old when his first child is born and I will be 25, we still seem very young to me. But, compared to Norm, who has four kids at the age of thirty, we are very behind.

Matt's parent's were here this weekend, so we had a little celebration for him while they were here. Matt doesn't really like Birthdays or parties or anything like that, so we called the celebration a "Birthday Gathering." It was just all the Kimball's and Baby who were there to celebrate Matt and his growing age.

Matt told me that he wanted a lemonade Oreo ice cream cake for his gathering. When I heard about this "cake" I thought that he had made it up because it sounded really weird. But, Matt insisted that it was a real thing. So, I researched with some local ice cream places that make ice cream cakes, but it seemed that this cake still did not exist. So, I called Momma Kimball, and sure enough, she was the one who had made this cake for Matt. So, Momma Kimball helped me make him his lemonade Oreo ice cream cake. The cake wasn't really something that I would pick to eat because it was both sour and sweet, but Matt loved it.

So, we sang and ate cake and Matt opened his presents and that was about it. I got Matt a painting of Mt. Timpanogos for his Birthday. Every time we go to Towne Centre, Matt likes to look in this painting shop, so I went to that painting shop and bought him a picture for his Birthday. He keeps saying that we need more art in the house and less pictures of us, so this will start us on our way.

Friday, October 03, 2008

If Your Sleepy and You Know It

Matt and I went over to Anthon and Marie's last night for food and XBox fun. We haven't really gotten out of the house much in the first three months of my pregnancy, so now we are attempting to make plans and get out a little more. So, we decided to go to Ree's because they recently modded their XBox and it is awesome.

The trouble with going out in the evenings is that I'm tired because I work and grow a baby all day, so I'm exhausted by the time I get home and all I want to do is sleep. Additionally, we went over at like 6:30pm, which is right when I like to eat dinner and my body was mad at me when I didn't eat when it was used to. So, Marie made me some awesome Three Cheese Mac and Cheese right when we got there to tide me over until the burgers and dogs were done cooking. One point Marie.

We ate, and it was awesome because it made me feel better, then we set ourselves down in front of the XBox. We played some lame games like a snowboarding trick game, which none of us were really good at, and an ATV game, which Marie won every time. But, then we played Shrek, which turns out to be a pretty awesome game. I've gotten so caught up in the more "adult" video games like Final Fantasy and Car Racing, that I forgot how fun the themed and "kid-like" games could be.

We played Shrek for a long time and I was starting to get tired, so I asked Marie the time and she tried to lie to me and tell me that it was earlier than it was, but it was really like past 10pm. I should not stay up that late on a work night. I am just exhausted at work today. I'm almost non-functioning. But, we had a good time and I was glad that we got out of the house for a night.