Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I Just Had a Memory

I just remembered something that I haven't really remembered before now. I remembered the pool in Minnesota. And now I am going to share this memory with my blog because I fear that if I don't write it down, I will forget it.
I remember that us kids would get dropped off at the pool, I usually went with my then best friend Jamie Calverly. The older kids i.e. Marie, Jake, Norm, and Mike would come to, or maybe it was that they would go and I would come to. I don't think I was allowed at the pool without them.
Anyway, I remember the parking lot and how it was hard and gravely and hurt my bare feet as I walked up to the front of the pool building. Why I didn't wear shoes to the pool, I don't know. All the girls would get to the pool by going through the girls locker room. It was dark and the floor was brown. There were comunity showers.
I think that there were two seperate doors, one for the main pool and one for the kiddy pool. I was really little, so I would be sent to the kiddy pool. It was never any fun without my friend Jamie. I would just sit in one foot of water and watch through the fence my brothers and sisters having lots of fun.
When I got older I remember I was able to go to the big kid pool. There was a pool slide that all the kids were going down and having fun doing it. I got into my head that I wanted to go down too. But when I got to the top, I didn't really want to, but the kid behind me pushed me. I wasn't ready and I think I swallowed water or got really scared or something. But I remember sitting on the side of the pool crying and a lifeguard came and got me and brought me inside and sat me on the freezer (they sold icecream at the pool) and gave me free icecream to calm me down.
I was sitting there crying and then I remember that Marie was there. She comforted me, called my Mom and got her to come and get me. I just remember sitting there on the freezer and Marie was so nice to me. I don't remember many times that Marie was really nice to me as a kid, mostly she was annoyed with me, but I remember that she sat with me until my Mom came. It was nice.
That's all I remember about the pool. Although I hear that there is an infamous story of how Marie got stuck on the high dive. I hear that is a good one.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas

Christmas it comes!
Christmas is almost here and I for one am excited. I have large plans to go to my parents, make a strange combination of foods that don't match for Christmas dinner, open presents, do that stocking thing, watch really old/really bad christmas movies, and spend bunches of time with my family.
My favorite Christmas memory is one year, not to long ago (because lets face it, I can't remember that far back) Me, Sarah, Marie, Mike and Johnny pushed both of Sarah's big queen beds together and we played It Came To Pass until the wee hours in the morning. We just kept playing and playing and then we all fell asleep on the beds. Except Mike who is weird and I think left in the middle of sleeping. It was fun/bondalicious.
So, share your Christmas memories, or for my Jewish friends out there (I could have Jewish friends, you don't know) your Hanakah memories.
Merry Christmas to the eight people who read this blog. You all rock sticks and stones.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Happy One Year Aniversary My Blog

It has been a year of blogging and I feel very accomplished. I didnt' keep it as updated as I would have liked or as Natalie would have liked as she constantly rebuked me for not blogging enough, but I blogged. I, Becky Derington, am out in the internet. I have made my mark. Granted, only like 8 people have seen the mark, but still I feel accomplished.
In celebration of this momentous anniversary I've decided to highlight special moments of the blog, enjoy!
Goddess said...
Gee, I don't know, my only plans so far consisted of being felt up at a corn maze, and well, that's done.
Marie said...
BringYourOwnBoyYou can't have mine.Anthon's taken.Stop trying Becky.
Nat said...
What!! I love dashboard Antonio! I like him to dance for me....*sigh
Becky said...
I'm sorry, goddess, EK and Justin have all been doomified. It is just to bad for them.
Marie said...
I'll be the one who looks like me.
Blah blah blah You're a dirty Whore
So, my blog has been out of commision and this is a test of the emergency broadcast system. This is a test and only a test.Do no be afraid, turn off your computer screen or change your name for your own protection.Please refrain from eating your own hair.Those in Utah and Davis counties need to beware because bees will shortly attack your dogs.That is all.
It goes on my list of reasons why I hate BYU. Slowly killing students, one stair at a time.
Nat said...
KILL BYU! KILL BYU!!! I mean.....yay BYU!
Goddess said...
Marie, you are cool for having a house and for letting us use it.Becky, you are cool because you are one of the bestest people I have ever met in my life. I love you better than cow cheese and Nutella.
Sarah said...
I hope the above person gets shot while driving a car, and because they are shot, and still not dead they run into a large pole, bashing their head against the winshield and causing major brain damage. But they are still alive at this point and the pole falls over onto the car, crushing every bone in their body. Still not dead when the car explodes in a fiery inferno. Still not dead at this point but hurting majorly as the person who first shot them realizes that they have not finished the job and takes their time in reloading and shooting them down. That is what the above person deserves for desecrating Bec's blog with this dumb crap.
Marie said...
Rachel's a robot.
Becky said...
No because taunting me with cookies is evil.
Justin said...
I will be the nasty neighborhood grumpy old man who is always trying to run over Marie's cats. In fact, I'll start right now. BABY!!!!*vrrooooomm!!** MUA HAA HAA!!In all actuality, I will probably die when I am 28 because they decide that rather than make cars and shoes in my size it is easier and cheaper to just shoot me cuz hey, bullets are cheap.
Sarah said...
Mwahahahaha *Rubs hands together in delight* this is just my game considering I have known her the very longest and probably spent more time with her than anyone that isn't named Marie.*Blast**You act like nobody knows*"that's what you get for showering""you're fired""katzaa""you're outta the family""hey everybody, look at my dance!""well i woulda if you hadn't a snagged it""don't call me a freak ya fag!""get your 12s in""and ya plant it""look at the yellow bears!""your mom (insert previos statement)""your mom's right outside that window""What if the kitties were right outside that window going ka-tssssss""ka-tssssss *finger motion*""whosa wittle baby""whosa my baby"
Rachel said...
That is really cool. How did you do that..cuz I want to do that too. I want a evil manifest version of myself!
Justin said...
I adopted Evil Manifest Rachel. *pets the Evil Manifest Rachel* Want a cookie? Hmm? Who wants a cookie little manifested evil Rachel??....wait a second, this isn't Evil Manifested Rachel, it's my backpack. Crap! Cookie crumbs in my genetics textbook! And there's chocolate all over my polymerase chain reaction electrophoresis gel!! GRR!! ARRGH!!***********Hey kids, today's show talked about the dangers of cookies. Remember, use cookies responsibly and under adult supervision. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle! GO JOE!!!
Justin said...
Ok, so the Toby sight is back up, but the guy hasn't made a cent since March I don't think. And now, I'm officially changing camps. I want Toby to die. And if people pay me $7,000 by June 29, 2005 (that's right, we can get the drop on the people trying to save him) then I will go and kill Toby on June 29th, and rob the other guy of the glory of the kill. Heck, maybe I'll kill that guy too and take the $28,000 he's managed to steal, and then I'll kill any cats I see on the way to and from killing Toby. I guess I would have to choose a different name then www.killtoby.com, something more like www.killeverythingneartobyandthenkilltoby.comor something. Yep, it's a Justin's Killing Rampage, and it's all yours for just $7,000. That's so cheap? Come on, I'm practically giving this rampage away! I'm like Discount Rampage Wearhouse over here!
Can Someone hit me with a Car Please?
Is there such a thing as ridiculously tired? It seems that that is what I am, ridiculously tired. I sleep at night at least a good 6 1/2 to 7 hours and then on weekends I get even more sleep because I sleep in to unspeakable hours and yet I am still exhausted. I don't think there is ever a way to catch up on sleep. I will forever be tired forever. I'm just waiting for that day when I wake up and there is no grogginess or impending doom of the day to come, but rather a light and elated feeling. But alas that that has not occured as of recent. I feel that someone should be blamed for this and it is the sandman. Either he is using too much sand on me or not enough and he should really be beaten into submission like that one time on Power Puff Girls. But there are no more Power Puff Girls because Sarah dyed her hair purple and Bubbles is lost to us. I hope you are happy Sarah!Well maybe what we really should do is have an audition for new superheros to save me from the sandman. So take a number, get in line and strut your superheroey stuff.
Becky said...
That is exactly what I mean. So get out your pen and paper and take these down. *cracks whip*
12:11 PM
Nat said...
OUch! *cries silently*
12:37 PM
Erika said...
Wow Im glad I dont have music you want....
Rachel said...
I met Joss Whedon too! He came over to my apartment when you guys weren't looking.
Joss Whedon and Summer Glau walked into our theater! Joss freaking Whedon, the writer/director of our movie was in the theater with us. Shocked! All I could do was stand there with my mouth wide open while pointing frantically and trying to clap. I'm sure it was an amusing picture
Becky said...
YOUR MOM DRAWS THE BEST! Oh wait, was that an actual compliment? Your Mom withdrawn.
I have come to the conclusion that Tall Minds means so much more than I could have ever fathomed at the creation of this blog. Not only does Tall Minds act as an aspiration for all to learn and expand their minds, and intellect, but it also signifies that those who blog here are marginally smarter than those who do not blog here.
Becky said...
You have all failed me with your talks of "love" now we must burn you all in sacrifice to the heathen St. Valentine Gods. I hope you are happy!
Marie said...
Rainbows are gay.
Becky said...
Seth Green is always going to be one hot leprachaun!
Spiro said...
The ones I usually hear the most are as follows, in no particular order.- The Stalker- "Please let me go, I won't tell anyone about your cabin in the woods."I think I shouldn't post anymore.
Anonymous said...
Once upon a time there was flower. Her name was Sally and she was envied by all the other flowers in...... the place where all the other flowers were. Sally was beautiful and she had the sweet aroma of angels that had just taken a shower with some sort of soap that smelled really good. Everyday people would stop and admire Sally in all of her glory and sometimes those people would die. Not because of the flower, but just because people die sometimes of natural causes or car accidents.I can't help but to be reminded of Sally's story when I look at this maternity dress and I think to myself....someday Rachel....someday.
Nat said...
I think to have a moment like this you needa) a flowy dressb) a small section of grapesc) A fand) some sort of cheesy music like "A theme from a summer place"
Anonymous said...
In my many many years on this big, endless, spinning sphere we call earth, i've found that the only thing that we as a human beings can truly hold out any hope for is tagless shirts. I mean sometimes this life is cruel and unforgiving and you're left with no one and nothing to count on....until now. Thanks to Haynes I now have something to live for. Something to smile about again. That soft, tagless, cottony goodness has done wonders for my soul. I can't tell you how many days I sat alone in the dark in my basement, desperatley wishing to leave the house, but unable to..daunted by the task of having that disgusting tag ravage the back of my neck. So there I sat...used, violated and I needed a losenge. So, Becky I guess what I'm trying to say is...keep your chin up, things always get better and buy tagless shirts.
Nat said...
Can I just say...Fishes! Fishes were all over the road! Help me Becky, Help!
Nat said...
I like scorn!
Becky said... Amen Sista! (Literally.)

Saturday, December 03, 2005

It is now 11:40pm

It is almost midnight and I sit here in the BYU library, just 20 minutes before closing and I ask myself, "Why?" and then I remember that I have two papers to write in one day and I decided to sleep in and go to the library late, but then I decided to go shopping and go to the library really late. And here I sit with no papers written because the library closes later than I anticipated, and no way to print off my research because I have no cash to pay for the prints.
So now I get to go home and write a half researched paper on Gertrude in Hamlet and her dramatic role in the drama. Procrastination is a full time job.
I had every intention to start these papers two weeks ago, but every time I went to do it, an overwhelming not wanting to came over me. I don't know what that is all about but I'm paying for it now. Oh I'll get my papers written, on time and everything. But I have a feeling that I am not going to like the process. And these aren't even my last papers of the semester, oh no. I have two more after this. I hate school and more specifically BYU.
7 more months to graduation. I tell myself that all the time and someday I may actually believe myself, but if I don't well then whatever.
Well the library just gave me my 15 minute warning and then they have begun to play this really scary music that makes you want to run and hide. And it is really loud. So I think it is time to go. I hope that your weekends were just as productive as mine.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Finals. I'll write again post finals. Tragedy, I know.

Monday, November 21, 2005

No Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving approaches and we are suppose to ask ourselves what it is that we are thankful for. And as I attempt to contemplate this I find I have a lot to complain about, but I don't think about all the things that I am 'grateful' for. So, I am going with my first instinct and instead of listing things that I am thankful for, I am listing things that I am not thankful for.
  1. The WB when the sound is off or it does that bloopy thing and I miss a couple seconds of my show.
  2. People who call me between 7 and 9 pm. You must all know by now that I WILL be watching my shows.
  3. 6-8 page papers
  4. Sharing the freaking Gospel. Darn you brother Jorgenson and your excessive happiness.
  5. Nights not being long enough for me to sleep or class being too early and waking me up.
  6. Accutane
  7. BYU parking
  8. People talking during Smallville
  9. StarWars (I mean really, what was the universe thinking when that happened?)
  10. Frosted car windshield and no gloves

Okay, now you have my current bottom ten. Lets hear yours, if you have them. What are you ungrateful for?

Monday, November 14, 2005

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Here are the pics from my Halloween party this year. Thanks to all who came, I had fun and I hope that you had fun too. Enjoy the pics! Posted by Picasa
Me in all my piratey glory. Posted by Picasa
Me, showing off my costume that Mommy Ashton made for me. She did a really really good/fast job. Posted by Picasa
Nat, Me, Lisa, and Rachel in our piratey fashion. Posted by Picasa
Captain Rachel and her wenches! Posted by Picasa
Miranda is a tree, Norm is a doctor, I am pirate, Mike is Luke (notice the non smile), Marie is Lana Lang, Anthon is Clark Kent (It was a night of WB), Jake and Jill are just pretty.  Posted by Picasa
The Deringtons, and Anthon. Posted by Picasa
Close up shot. We are pretty Posted by Picasa
Jennie as an elf, me, and Lisa as my wenchy buddy. My Hawaii friends with the exception of Stephen who could not make it due to work. Alas. Posted by Picasa
Me and my nieces and nephews. Millie is a ballarina, Ben is a monkey, Haley is a giraffe, Amara is Tinkerbell, and Jacob is Buzz Lightyear. They were sooo cute! Posted by Picasa
Me brothers and sisters. Posted by Picasa
Me and Nemo. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 03, 2005


Has it come at last?
Will cold air blow?
Are memories of sunny days past?
Will it snow?
Will my heart ache for what once was?
Or will it beat without pause?

Will confrontations be mended?
Will I be torn?
Can a family be blended?
Will I mourn?
How can thankfullness be found?
My heart continues to pound.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I sail! Out on a boat, in the lake. Ahoy!

Okay really, I don't sail. I toss my cookies over the side like no one else can though! I should get a trophy for being best at that. And it could have my name on it and sparkles. But, I do love "What about Bob?" It is a good movie with great values. Or it is a funny movie that cracks me up, either one.
Other really good movies:
  • Lord of the Rings, all three
  • Serenity
  • Harry Potter 1&2
  • Fifth Element
  • Spiderman 1-2
  • X-Men 1-2

Chick Flick

  • 10 things I hate about you
  • You've got mail
  • Never Been Kissed
  • Ever After


  • Phantom of the Opera
  • Titanic (It's a classic!)
  • ...Dramas are hard to think of


  • What about Bob?
  • Clue
  • Noises Off
  • Labrynth
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  • Napolean Dynamite

Okay, I can't think of any other dramas, but there are lots of good movies out there. Share, share.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Okay, after much debate and tribulation, I've decided that for Halloween I will be a pirate. But not just any pirate, oh no, a sexy pirate. Because what is a pirate without sex appeal? Not a pirate at all I submit!
Unfortunately, my ward party is this Saturday and I do not yet have my costume made, although I finally bought the pattern and the fabric. So, I am subsituting my last years costume for my ward party. I was a vampire last year, and a darn hot one at that. So, it will be nice to reuse the costume, makes me feel like I get my moneys worth.
I pretty much love Halloween, it is pretty much one of my favorite holidays. I love everything about it, I love pumpkins, I love carving pumpkins and eating their inards. I love corn mazes, haunted houses, dressing up, parties, the cold chill weather that comes with the month of October. Oh, and I love the candy.
So, what is your Halloween costume this year? What is your favorite part of Halloween? What are your Halloween plans?

Friday, October 07, 2005

The Best Things in Life Are Free

Some eighties song artist said it best: "I want money!" I realized today as I was reviewing my accounts. I don't have money. "How is this possible?" I ask myself, and then I reply to myself, "Because, you have too many bills." "Oh" I reply. And then I skip down my debt infested path. I've decided that it is too difficult to pay for a phone, a car, an apartment, food, and accutane. Something has to go. I'm thinking that the only expendable item on that list is food. Tragedy really, I always liked eating.
Well I guess the eighties should have lasted longer so that I could sing my crazy, techno, pop-money hit without feeling the complete dufus. Maybe, if I'm really lucky, I'll find $100 in my back pocket. Finding money in my pocket has to be one of my all time favorite things. That and Ben and Jerry's half baked. Too bad I had to give up food, otherwise I would go and get some. But if I find that hundred bucks, then it is Ben and Jerry's ahoy.
Until that time, I hope money finds it's way to you.

Thursday, September 29, 2005


If you know about the movie, you should see the movie! Some peole don't know about it, they are forgiven, except that they should get out more because Serenity is everywhere, and they are therefore unforgiven!
SO!!! You must all go and see the movie. Stat.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Well the time is almost here at last, the day that all of me has been waiting for. Serenity. The movie. The motion major picture of one of my top three tv shows, Firefly. I will of course be attending the midnight showing, along with three guests, who are devoted enough to me to come at midnight, not as much devoted to the show as devoted to me. We're very pretty.
So it is getting very close now. Closer and closer as a I type this and it will be even closer when you read this. I hope the anticipation is killing you, but I hope you wait to die until after you have seen the movie because it will all be worth it. Promise.
So, yeah, go see the movie. I'll be Inara by the way, Nat helped me decide on an outfit. That is all.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Blah blah blah You're a dirty Whore

So, my blog has been out of commision and this is a test of the emergency broadcast system.
This is a test and only a test.
Do no be afraid, turn off your computer screen or change your name for your own protection.
Please refrain from eating your own hair.
Those in Utah and Davis counties need to beware because bees will shortly attack your dogs.
That is all.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Long time no blog

I can officially be banded from regular blogging schedules, seeing as how it took me so dang long to post. I blame it on the lack of internetiness and school. Those darn teachers continually are giving me homework, lame.
I too face the question that attacks the minds of many like little minors raking their picks into my brain in painful succession. WHAT TO WEAR?
The Serenity Midnight showing is on the 29th of September at midnight at Jordan Commons in Sandy and to all of the three people who read my blog, you should come.
But I do not know what to wear. I'm going to pull a Natalie and ask the trailing crowds.
1. Buy a pattern and fabric and wear an Inara dress that appears in the movie.
2. Wear an asian shirt, put chopsticks in my hair and call it done.
3. Go as Inara and wear nothing.
4. Go to DI, find a dress that doesn't fit, mess up my hair, and go as River.
5. Wear Some People Juggle Geese T

You must decided, devoted fans that are me.
Oh and go see Serenity, it kicks.

Monday, August 29, 2005

208 Stairs

The first day of school is suppose to be exciting with a dash of fear. You are suppose to get to class a little late, get the syllabus and do a little meet and greet in each class. Today did not go as planned for me.
I got up early, so that I would be ontime to class, leaving me adequate time to find my class and find a parking spot. I had pre-found a parking lot that would be ideal for my needs, and then this morning happened. The first thing I tried to do was take 800N that was my first mistake. There is no left turn light on this intersection of 8th and Univ. so the line was a block long to turn and it wasn't really going anywhere fast. So I flip a U-y and head up Bulldog toward campus. Only to find traffic just as horrendous. I then finally reach my pre-arranged lot only to find it long past full and almost impossible to escape from. So, I go in search of an additional lot and traffic is stopping me and there are pedestrians everywhere, so I see a Y lot, as my parking pass designates, and I pull in to find it almost full, but I get a spot at the very back. I then cross the street to find my way to campus from this foreign lot. I see stairs going up a hill toward campus and I know that it is the only way to get up there unless I want to make a serious backtrack 1/2 mile. So I start going up the stairs from hell that do not seem to end, going slower than all the other students that are hopping up the stairs two at a time... HOPPING!!! I get to the top of the stairs and I can't breathe, I go for the inhaler, EMPTY. This is just wrong. I try to breathe anyway and it ends up with lots and lots of coughing. I get to my first class still out of breathe and for the first half an hour of class I am coughing every two to three seconds because my lungs are dying for an inhaler.
I go to my next class and I find myself once again faced with stairs, 37 to be exact, and they were just as unpleasant as the first set, if 118 steps shorter. I survive this, but my lungs remind me that they hate me. Next class, on the third floor, up another set of 15 stairs. Then not only do I have to come up these stairs, but I have to go back down. That means that I really took like 416 stairs today.
I don't remember what my teachers said or if I have a paper due tomorrow, I remember that everyday for the next four months, I am going to have to go up and down 208 stairs.
It goes on my list of reasons why I hate BYU. Slowly killing students, one stair at a time.

Friday, August 26, 2005


Today is a beautiful day and not because it is Lisa's Birthday, because it isn't, that was a few days ago. But rather because today is Lisa's Birthday party. That I am throwing for her and she is going to have lots of fun or death will threaten her existence.
Because I love Lisa like a fat kid loves cake, I decided that I should throw her a Birthday party, celebrating her existence and her whorishness. The whorishness is only thrown in because it was decided to have a Moulin Rouge themed party complete with dressing up and chocolate dipped strawberries.
Cuz really, what is better than a chocolate dipped strawberry? I ask you this. And if you have no reply to this, then ignore it and run away fast.
Lisa is finally 21. She has entered the age of gambling and drinking, only neither of those things will be done at her party, sorry to disappoint.
Side note, if you weren't invited to the party, then that is because Lisa hates you and doesn't really want you to come because she made up the guest list, but if you were invited to the party, then you are an elitest and you should rub it in the face of others.
Turning 21 is a momentous event and should always be followed by a party. Most people don't believe in throwing themselves a party, they merely believe in sulking. I say no to that! I throw myself parties almost every year because I like myself more than most everyone else.
Well, Lisa has been a good friend to me, been with me through thick and thin, messy and sometimes clean, through television obsessions and stress brought on by spanish and through it all, she has been a shining beacon of Lisa.
And I would like to thank her for being herself and always being able to quote movies better than I can. I rely upon her for that and she has done it splendidly. Well, Lisa, I couldn't get all of your friends to come to the party, seeing as how they live in other states.
But I'm going to be there and that is what is important. See ya'll or most of ya'll there.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Probably Shooting Myself in the foot but...

Okay, so Mike and I went to my brother Jake's house on Saturday and then on Sunday I find out that both he and Jill are out of their minds sick with the stomach flu. So, Mike and I think that we are going to inevitably get sick as well. And we decide that we will watch me because I will most likely be the first to befall the dreaded sickness because my immune system sucks beyond the telling of it. Then, Mike calls me last night to tell me that I am feeling sick, which I am not, but he is. So Mike is sick with the stomach flu and I am not. Quary.
So, do I expect to get sick in the very near future? Click my heels and tap my toes because my immune system apparently rocks? Or do I do the noble thing and nurse my sick brother back to help, thereby insuring my sickness to come?
Right now I'm dumbfounded that I have lasted this long without getting sick. It is always me that gets sick, ask anyone. And I seem to always get sick on a holiday because I have the luck that during my vacation, I will inevitably get sick and therefore not be able to enjoy my time off. With school less than a week away, I think that it will be my luck that I would get sick the last week of freedom, thereby disenabling me to spend my last week in funville. Not that I had fantastic plans or anything, but what could have been...
Justin reported sickness tonight and I remain unsickified. I felt a little nausiated yesterday, but had some ginger tea(of the herbal variety) and all was well. How is it that I am not sick? I wonder if Nancy has been infected as well...

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Booster Bash

I never posted about Booster Bash.
And I never will.
Pictures of the Bash below.
Me and Mercedes McNab. She is a very little person. Posted by Picasa
Me in front of Sunnydale High School Posted by Picasa
Me and Claire on the bus to the Key Club to see Kane and Common Rotation in concert. This is the only picture on the trip that I like of myself. Posted by Picasa
Best picture ever! Me, Clare Kramer and Julie Benz. They just got done doing a Q&A and me, and one other guy were the only ones who got pictures. They are so tiny, but very cute women. Julie Benz cracks me up! Posted by Picasa
This is Me, Monique, and Kitty at the notorious "Froggy Party" which wasn't hosted by Froggy and neither did Froggy attend. Everyone drank and I watched it was boring. Posted by Picasa
This is me at Sunnydale High trying to do a Giles tree smash without actually having to run into the bug infested tree. Ignore the girly hand going on there. Posted by Picasa
Here is Claire and I sporting our T-shirt and boose that we won by doing the scavenger hunt. Only two people entered and we were first out of two. I gave the Vampire Wine to Natalie, if you ever want some Translvanian imported wine, see her. Posted by Picasa
Here is Claire (My Booster Bash Buddy) and me at the dance the first night. She's slightly british, but don't fault her for that, fault her for the fact that she now lives in Texas. Posted by Picasa
This is me at the Cemetary where much of Buffy is filmed. Morbid much? Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 15, 2005

Vegas Baby!

Went to Vegas this weekend and had buckets of fun. Me, Mike and Marie saw Blue Man, which I had seen twice before, but it was just as good seeing it the third time. The best part was Mike's reaction to everything. Classic. He was laughing and hollering and singing and it was a pleasant evening. I also saw the most amazing show that ever was. It is Cirque Du Solei's new show at the MGM, Ka. It is like no other Cirque Du Solei that I have ever seen. It was all martial arts and really different, complete with snow and shadow puppets. I would see it again, I would see it five times and it would be new every time because there is just so much to look at. It was amazing. In conclusion, I like Vegas, I love my parents for taking me, and I love my brothers and sisters for being chums to hang out with.
I have realized that in my family, all of us siblings are very close. We are friends and we like hanging out with each other and even choose to do it of our own accord without parental forcing. My sisters and I are very tight knit. I don't know what I would do with out my two best friends of Marie and Sarah. I get along pretty well with the sister in laws too. Jill and I are good friends. I scrapbook with her once a month and I see her for vampire game as well. I like being chumy with siblings. I dislike contention, and I can't imagine my family being one of those ones where the siblings go and get married and only talk to each other on Christmas and Easter. No thanks, me, Sarah and Marie have a plan. We are going to live together in our old age after our husbands have died and Marie will have cats and Sarah will have imaginary friends and I will have food. It is a good plan.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Kelli, Clare Kramer, and me. She is very little, but nice. Funny story, the day before this she was wearing a sun dress and the strap broke. It was funny because the same thing happened on the set of Buffy. She shouldn't wear straps. Posted by Picasa
Me and Seth freaking Green. How flipping cool is that? Posted by Picasa
Me and Adam Baldwin. I'm standing next to Jayne! He's my favorite. Posted by Picasa
Me and Ron GLASS! Ignore the doublechinniness. Posted by Picasa