Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Baby, Ree and Me Posted by Picasa
Derington Sisters in the fountainy forest. I think I'm either waiting for rain or marveling at the sight. Posted by Picasa
Making a wish Posted by Picasa
Almost all out Posted by Picasa
Marie and Fire Cake Posted by Picasa
Residents of 127 West Posted by Picasa
Pretty masked creatures. Strange, the one in the middle appears to have no eyes at all. Maybe it is because I'm standing next to Sarah, the bug eyed wonder. Posted by Picasa
Peek a boo Baby Posted by Picasa
The beauty and the beast Posted by Picasa
Birthday Girl Marie Posted by Picasa
Seriously disturbing Posted by Picasa
Go Timpview! Posted by Picasa
Quazimodo of the Masquerade Posted by Picasa
Who's my pretty Baby? Posted by Picasa
Becky in first draft of mask Posted by Picasa
Decorating Masks. Baby is behind the purple mask. Lisa has pretty wings. Posted by Picasa
Making Masks Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Board Game Rules Favor

Hello Friends,

I call out to you friends in hopes that you will do me a favor. Let me explain. I am doing a Folklore Project for my Folklore class on varying rules for popular board games. So, I am calling out to my friends, who I know will help me out here, to email me variations(rules that aren't in the rule book that comes with the game) they may have on rules to popular board games.
For example:
-$500 in the middle of the board, to be gotten by the person who lands on Free Parking, replenished after each recieval.
-$400 is recieved when a player lands on Go
-When a Zero is laid down, everyone passes their hand to the right
-When a yellow card is played, everyone must touch their head
-During Troup Transfer a player may only move their armies from one connecting country over.
-During Troup Transfer a player may move as many armies from as many country's as they want as long as the countries are connecting

I am looking for these kinds of things.
The games that I am looking for alternate rules include:

If you choose to be the bestest friend that I could ever want/have I would require the following information from you:
Home Region:
And your signature on the attached release form: (If you are one of my far away friends, then I would need permission to sign the form for you)
This information is for my teacher and the Folklore Special Collections file, to verify that you exist. It is standard folklore documentation.

Additionally, I would need:
The name of the game you have alternate rules on:
The rules (If you could include ALL of your alternate rules, it would be appreciated):
And if you have any story behind how the rules came about or background as to where you learned your rules (whether it be your older sibling or a friend and whether they were created to settle an argument or if you just don't know how they came about):

I realize that this is a lot of information to request from you, but I ask that you open your heart, find your inner child, give them a lollipop and then help me out in my project.
I thank all of you who decide to help me participate in this project and I shun the rest for three seconds and then get over it.

If you decide to participate, please email me back the any information you can provide.

Becky Derington

Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Marie

Happy Birthday Marie.
Today is the first anniversary of Marie's 25th Birthday. So wish her a happy Birthday and everyone who knows Marie is invited to her Masquerade on Friday at 8pm at Marie's!

Bring yourself and we'll provide the mask! Unless you have a cool mask, and then you provide the mask!

Sorry about the lack of postage, but I've been busy and you can really blame it on Jarom, or John, your choice.

And my blog is not lame. I would have put up pics of the Vegas trip, but Marie hasn't sent them to me. Darn her. Lets mock her for that after wishing her a happy birthday.