Thursday, September 13, 2007

SeaWorld Honeymoon

We fed the seals at SeaWorld. Matt thought that we were feeding him. The seals were all very anxious to get fish. The birds were more anxious though as one flew out of the sky and hit me in an attempt to steal my fish out of my hand. It was pretty much the best part of SeaWorld.

More pictures of us in very similar poses and very similar places. But, they aren't the same picture, they are different.

SeaWorld Continued

We really liked the sharks at SeaWorld. We got to go through the shark tube and it was all sharky. This is Matt standing by the shark/manta ray tank.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

80s Party!

Well, Erin threw her 80s party and I helped. We all dressed up 80s and looked truly terrible. My dress emulated something that an old lady in the 80s would wear on a night out on the town. I felt that it was appropriate.
We played Guitar Hero 80s, Battleship, Mystery Date, Connect Four, and Name that Tune 80s. All fun throw backs of the 80s. I didn't do well on the games that required 80s knowledge because I'm just not that old. Surprisingly, the Brisk sisters seemed to know an awful lot about the eighties despite their young age. This leads me to believe that they are vampires that are hundreds of years old and they never age and have excellent memories. It seems to be the only explination.
Most everyone dressed up, including Alan, discluding Steve. Alan is the new favorite because he came in costume and brought a boombox. Doesn't get much better than that. Even Jordan, Sarah's boy came in costume. We were forced to shun Steve. He brought it upon himself.
The party was rockin' and we all had a lot of fun... I think. Matt fell asleep at the end and had to be taken home, but I'm pretty sure that he had a good time anyway. I was just glad that he was on my team for Name that Tune 80s because I know nothing about 80s music and he knows more than nothing. He's awesome. See below for some totally excellent pics.

This is one excellent picture of me and my man. And, Erin and her sis with very eighties jewelry.

Elyse went very rocker hair 80s. We were all so proud.

Name that Tune

We played Name that Tune, 80s addition. My team won, mostly due to the efforts of Cynthia. But, in this picture it appears as if Alan is disgusted by something that Steve has said. Or, maybe he just doesn't want to look at Steve... ever.

Silly, big haired, cow headed Erin.

Blanket Dress

My Baby Back Ribs and Matt using my dress as a blanket. I guess that a large shapeless dress sometimes comes in handy.

Here is my Kellikins and Jordan and Sarah eating massive amounts of chips. I love that bow that Kelli is sporting on her lacy shirt.

Steve and Leslee

Alan may have an archaic boombox on his shoulder, but at least he has given up his flock of seaguls hairdo.

Alan and Cynthia.

Makeup Time!

We may have played dress up with Jeff. But, he totally asked for it and the eyeliner brings out his eyes. Gotcha there Jeff. Ignore the fact that I make funny faces when I'm applying makeup on other people.

Rocker Jeff played me in Guitar Hero 80s and I lost a lottle. He is definitely more of a rocker than I am. I attribute it to his eyeliner.

Here is Caitlin rockin' out... or lounging out. And, this is Sarah watching Jordan play Battleship like a dutiful girlfriend.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Convertible Driving

We rented a Mustang Convertible to cruise around Florida in and Matt loved it. I enjoyed driving with the top down in the sun, but I didn't enjoy how it messed up my hair. Matt really enjoyed driving the Mustang a little too much. Yes, we did get pulled over, but luckily, the cop went to the same high school as Matt and we got out of the ticket.

Dinner at Carrabas

We had dinner at Carrabas one night on the honeymoon. The food was excellent. We walked in and there was a huge line waiting to be seated, but we were seated right away. It made me feel all special.

Weddings We've Been To

Well, these are pictures of us at a couple weddings that we've have been to in the last few months. We drove to California for Rachel's wedding in April. And, then Sarah and I were bridesmaids at Marie's wedding in July. It has been a wedding filled summer. And, with Mike's upcoming wedding, it is going to be a weddingy year.