Monday, June 29, 2009

Baby Steals Update!

Baby Steals is featuring a Hooter Hider today. If you don't have one of these and you have a baby, you should get one! They are awesome. It provides privacy while nursing and baby can't pull the covering off because it loops around your neck. Baby Steals is having a fantastic deal today on these. They go fast and they are only available for one day, check it out.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Baby Legs!

So, while perusing the blogs of women at work, I came across a recomendation for a site called It is a website made by local Utah women that sells high end baby items at half the price. They have only one item a day and they only sell items once (usually). I love it!

I bought Nicole some Baby Legs leg warmers from the site. They are so cute!

Baby leg warmers are very "in" right now. I love them because it allows me to keep Nicole in just a onesie, but her legs can still stay warm.

I got the leg warmers for just a fraction of the cost that they normally are and it came with a set of three warmers. The pink/white/grey warmers are featured here.
Nicole seems to like them, or not mind them anyway, which is good to me.

But, she is still afraid of the camera.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Nicole Pictures

So, after posting about myself last time, I decided it was time to return to Nicole. So, this is my Nicole picture post.

Here is Nicole in her new dress that Grandma Kimball gave to her. It is almost too small for her, so I'm glad that I put her in it before she grew out of it.

Nicole does not smile when the camera is on her. And, you will notice the burp cloth behind her head because she likes to play spit ups while she is laying on Mommy and Daddy's bed. I think she knows how much we like spit ups on our bed.

The other day I fohawked her hair while we were sitting on the bed together. She didn't really want to smile for the camera, but she did make all sorts of weird faces. Two of her faces are featured here.

Here is Nicole in another dress that Grandma Kimball gave to her. It is yellow and pretty.

This is what happens when Daddy changes Nicole's diaper.

Bath time! Nicole is still loving her bath time and she gets better and better at making sure that she doesn't dunk herself. She hasn't figured out toys in the bath yet, but that is because she is still trying to figure out how to use her hands. All she can do right now is get them to her mouth to suck on.

And yes, I have a very chunky baby.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Working is Lame

So, I'm all back at work now. Work is so completely lame! I've been back for a week and a half, which means that I only have two and a half weeks left, but it feels like forever. Because I am only working for a short period of time, there is not much for me to do at work because they can't put me on any of the long term projects. Which means that I have been editing documents for the last week and a half. Editing is not bad because it is extremely easy, but it is also very boring. Editing doesn't really require very much brain power, so it is boring. I've taken to listening to audio books while I'm editing so that the time passes faster.

My wonderful mother is watching Nicole while I am back at work. I am so grateful that she is able and willing to watch Nicole. I would hate it if I had to leave Nicole at some day care during the day. She is my precious baby and I want her to be as spoiled as I like to treat her. Grandma spoils her plenty, which I love.

After working for just this short period of time, I have a new respect for Dads. Dads leave their kids and wife every day and go off to work. That is one of the hardest things to do! I cry every morning that I have to leave Nicole because I don't want to leave her. I just want to spend all my time with her and take care of her. It is really difficult for me to leave her every morning. Matt is so wonderful for working every day since Nicole has been born. I don't know how he has handled it so well. I am so grateful that Matt has a job that will allow me to be home with my baby.

Before the baby was born, I wasn't sure if I would like being home all day. I was so used to working all day that I thought that I would be bored. I am far from bored! Nicole is constantly entertaining me. Whether I am taking care of her or if we are just playing together, I love being with her all day. I thought that I would want to continue working somewhat because I went to all the trouble of getting my education and finding a profession that I loved, but I find motherhood more fulfilling than any job than I have ever had. I know that I want to spend the rest of my life raising my babies and taking care of my husband. It is the most rewarding and exciting job that I have ever had, I love it!

So, I endure these next two and a half weeks of work and try to enjoy these last days with my coworkers, but I anxiously anticipate the time when I can be home with Nicole again. I hope that this post about me, not Nicole suffices and makes my elder brother happy.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baby Blessing!

Nicole was blessed last Sunday, June 7th. It was really an unexplainably happy moment to see/hear my husband bless our daughter. The power and gift of the priesthood is a wonderful gift given to us. It was heart warming and beautiful to hear a blessing given to my daughter from my Heavenly Father through my husband. I don't remember everything that was said, but I do know that Nicole is one lucky little girl.

We borrowed a blessing dress from my sister-in-law Jill for the blessing. I considered buying my own, but they are really expensive and she only wore it for 2 hours. She looked really beautiful in the dress though.

It is the same dress the my nieces Amara and Keira wore when they were blessed. It is all long and flowey and completely impractical for any extended period of time. It was difficult to even hold Nicole while she was wearing it because it was all long and slippery. But, she bore it well and tried to eat the dress multiple times.

I put her in the dress right before we went to church and quickly got some pictures of her in it with the afghan that I made for her. Unfortunately, I made the blanket before she was born and didn't realize how impractically big the blanket is. It is way to big to wrap Nicole in and becomes more of a hinderance than a help. So, it is just a backdrop for pictures for now.

I got a picture of me and Nicole because I don't have many of those. She looks better in this pic than she did in the previous pic of me and her. I keep telling her to raise her chin to hide the double/tripple chin that she is sporting.

After the blessing, we had everyone come over to our house for some food. I did not realize that sooo many people like us. We had almost 60 people in our little home. All the seats were taken, AND there was barely any room to stand. So, most people were standing while eating.

We made three pork roasts in the crock pot and pulled the pork and added BBQ sauce so that we would have little pulled pork sandwiches. Anne, Marie, and my Mom all brought salads too, and I made a fruit salad, so I thought that we would have plenty of food. But, I didn't count on the number of people showing up that did. I didn't even get to taste some of the salads because I was slow to go and get food.

Mom and Dad Kimball came down from Washington for the blessing and stayed with us. It was wonderful to have them here. We miss them a lot and it stinks that they live so far away. It makes me grateful when they come and it makes me grateful for having my family so close by.

Grandma and Grandpa Kimball also came for the blessing from St. George. We didn't expect them, but we were glad that they were able to make the trip up. We hardly ever get to see them and we love it when they are here. We will get to see them again in July for the Kimball family reunion.

The blessing went really well and it was good to see everyone. It was just crazy to see everyone at one time. The children got a little crazy in our basement during the party and Benner and Carlitos pulled our curtains out of the wall.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

New Mobile!

We got a new mobile!

So, I finally got a mobile for Nicole's crib. It plays Beethoven, Bach, and some guy who's name starts with a 'C.' It also plays Nature sounds and Womb sounds. It also projects cartoon animal pictures into the canopy. And, it comes with a remote control, so I can turn it on and off from bed without having to get up. I love it!

When I first showed Nicole the mobile, she was a little confused. But, after a little while of looking at it, she really likes it. It is nice because I can set her in her bed to play and she has a good time.
At night, I turn on the womb sounds and she settles down and goes to sleep. I love the new mobile. But, despite all the money that I spent on the mobile, Nicole still loves the ceiling fan more. She laughs and smiles and babbles at the fan every time I set her down on my bed. Oh well.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

2 Month Appointment

Nicole went in for her 2 month appointment yesterday. I am happy to report that I have a very fat baby. Nicole weighed in at 13 pounds 4 ounces. She is the 95% for her weight. Her head size is also in the 95%. She is 23 inches long and in the 75% for length. She is healthy and growing fine, which makes me a happy mom.

Nicole also got her shots yesterday. She was very brave. She only cried for a few minutes after the shots, but it broke my heart. I don't like to see her hurt. She had trouble sleeping last night. She was up and fussing every 15-30 minutes. Which means that I was up too. I'm very tired today! She has a little fever today, but the doctor said that would be normal after the shots. But, it makes for a cry face baby.

She is such a good baby and rarely cries, so it is odd for me when she cries a lot. I'm very tired, but I know that she is feeling worse than I am, so I am just trying to make her as happy as possible. Just another new phase of being a mom.