Friday, June 26, 2009

Baby Legs!

So, while perusing the blogs of women at work, I came across a recomendation for a site called It is a website made by local Utah women that sells high end baby items at half the price. They have only one item a day and they only sell items once (usually). I love it!

I bought Nicole some Baby Legs leg warmers from the site. They are so cute!

Baby leg warmers are very "in" right now. I love them because it allows me to keep Nicole in just a onesie, but her legs can still stay warm.

I got the leg warmers for just a fraction of the cost that they normally are and it came with a set of three warmers. The pink/white/grey warmers are featured here.
Nicole seems to like them, or not mind them anyway, which is good to me.

But, she is still afraid of the camera.


Angela said...

We love Baby Legs too. My 4 year old still loves to wear them. They're great for protecting their knees when they start crawling too.

Laura said...

She does look so cute in them. But I still keep waiting for her to start dancing a flash dance when I see her in them.