Monday, June 18, 2007

Too Long

It has been WAY too long since I have posted. I have no one to blame but myself.
I have excellent news, I have been healthy and not sick for three weeks now! An accomplishment for me since I have been married. I'm hoping that I can go the whole month of June without taking a sick day. We will see how that goes.
The parents and the sisters were in Europe for two weeks and I got the pleasure of not going and taking care of the cats while they were gone. I like cats because they are so low maintenance. I go and feed and clean the litter box and then they take care of themselves. No fuss. One day they did get mad at me for feeding them late, but I think that they forgave me in the end. I also got to assemble and mail Marie's wedding invitations and bridal shower invitations. That is how lucky I am.
In the absence of the parents, Grandma Moses was watching the parents' house and Jade. It was very funny because she kept me updated on what was going on at the parents house. It seemed that everything seemed to go wrong while she was there and Matt and I went to help her fix it. It was just small things like the doors kept blowing open or the floor needed to be vacuumed or it was too cold and she didn't know how to work the thermostat. But, the funniest thing was that she got to spend all day with Jade and Jade would just lay by her and look at her and Grandma hated that the dog kept looking at her. Twas funny that it bothered her so much.
Additionally, Johnny came home from the mish this weekend. Matt and I went to see him on Sunday, but Johnny was watching the US Open and had no time for us. He is gone for two years without golf and I thought it would cure his addiction, but such things were not so.
Matt and I went to Colorado this weekend to visit his Grandpa. It was lots of fun because Matt's Mom and sister Anne and little Carlitos were all there. We got to spend a couple days with the family and got to see his Grandpa. It was quite enjoyable. Little Carlitos is so cute and so pudgy that I just wanted to squish him. It is interesting that I get more nephews since I am all married and such. More babies for me to squish! But, after spending a weekend with a baby there all the time, it just solidifies how much I do not currently want children. They are very high maintenance. I can barely take care of me and Matt, let alone another little person.
Well, that is all for now. Hopefully it doesn't take me so long to write again... we'll see. With Marie's wedding coming up and all my bridesmaidly duties, you never know how much of my time it will consume.


Jasmine said...

I want a kitty!!! Alas, no room for a litter box in our box of an apartment. :(

Brother said...

You squish babies? I hate babies!!

Goddess said...

You used the word "twas". Good job.

Becky said...

Brother? As in Brother Bear? I curse you with a baby filled future!

Brother said... in "I'm going to destroy the world!"

Becky said...

With your bare hands? You must be strong?!? Or tall!

Brother said...

Yes and....yes.

I also have a benefit plan. So if you help me, you can receive these benefits through the plan.

Justin said...

What kind of benefits do you get? Is NOT DYING considered a benefit now?

...Well, I guess it is. Sure beats the "Surviving nuclear holocaust to be torn apart by wolves instead" benefit that I had signed up for initially.

Becky said...

But why do the wolves survive the nuclear holocast too? Did the wolves build a wolfy bomb shelter?

Brother said...

No, its called a 'Den'. And it just so happens to be; It was the best song in the world!


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