Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Newer Tooth Update

I took Andrea's advice (thanks Andrea!) and I called Children's Corner. They got us in yesterday afternoon for a consult on Nicole's teeth. Can I just say that I love them already. The staff, the dentists and the atmosphere is totally geared toward kids and Nicole was a lot more comfortable there than she was at the previous place we went.

The dentist looked at her and was able to get xrays of her back teeth (something the other dentist wasn't able to do). We are going to try oral sedation for Nicole and hopefully that works for her. But, if she needs the IV sedation it is about $4700 cheaper to do it at this office than to go somewhere where we have to take her to a surgical center to put her out. But, we are hoping the oral sedation works.

Nicole is scheduled to get her tooth fixed on Monday morning at 7am (wow that is early!). I think that I will stay home with Dan while Matt takes Nicole in to get it done. Matt is really good at keeping a cool head in situations whereas I'm more of a worrier. Plus, Nicole is such a Daddy's girl, she will be calmer with him there.

So, until the tooth is fixed, it is plastic forks and softer food. She won't take bites of things right now because the tooth hurts her, so we just make sure everything is cut up small. I can't wait until this is all over. I hate to see my kid in pain.

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