Friday, February 03, 2012

Dan Dan He's My Man

Dan has me totally enthralled. I love my Dan so much. When I knew that I was having a boy I worried that I wouldn't bond to him like I did to Nicole because Nicole is my little girl, it was so easy for us to bond. But, a little boy? What do I have in common with a little boy? I don't even like other people's little boys. They are rowdy and loud and messy and like bugs. Yuck!

But, then I had Dan and he was perfect. He looks at me with his amazing blue eyes and smiles at me with those dimples and I melt because he is my little baby boy.

I love his little personality. He will snuggle me one second and the next second be giving me pats. Patting is how Dan shows affection because Matt always pats Dan's back when he holds him. He loves to point out my nose and give big open mouth kisses on my cheek.

Dan is so adventurous, which at times drives me mad because he climbs up on things, falls, and bonks his head. He is fearless and uncoordinated, which results in a lot of bonks. I suppose this is what it is to have a little boy. Nicole was not very adventurous and she didn't get into nearly as many things as Dan does, but Dan is not the little drama queen that Nicole was/is.

They are so very different, but I love them both so much. Two very different personalities, two very different little people, but I love them both for their uniqueness.

Dan has started clapping and saying, "Yay!" And it makes me smile every time. Such a simple thing, clapping hands, but it brings me such joy to see him do it.


Laura said...

It is amazing how each child is so different but you can love each one just as much as the other. You can also appreciate the uniqueness of each child. That's what being a parent is all about. Just think the uniqueness of all of Heavenly Father's children...and he still loves and appreciates each one of us. Amazing isn't it?

Marie said...

Little boys are the best! Of course that's all I know, but we have some good ones!