Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Zoo!

Not too long ago, Nicoley was watching Your Baby Can Read and they started talking about the zoo. Nicole turned to me and said, "Mommy have I been to the zoo?" I said, "No." And then in her cry voice she said, "I've never been to the zoo!"

So, last weekend, it was warm enough that we decided to take a trip up to the Hogle Zoo. Nicoley was so excited to go and see the animals. It was still pretty cold at the zoo, but we wore coats, and a lot of the animals were inside.

Dan spent the whole time in the stroller, but he was happy enough in there. He was able to see everything, stay warm, and take a little nap.

Nicoley got really excited that they had chickens and peacocks just wandering around the zoo. Every time she was one, she said, "Hi chicken!"

Nicoley saw other little kids playing on this big elephant statue and then she wanted her picture taken with it. But, she did not want to ride the elephant's trunk, it was a little too scary for her.

Nicoley's favorite part part was the monkeys. Probably because the monkeys are all active and fun to watch. It is less fun to watch a turtle sitting in a tank.

This monkey loved Nicole's gloves. It followed her glove wherever she put it on the glass and Nicole loved it!

This is a blurry photo of Nicole and a gorilla.

This lemur was at the top of a tree in a cage full of monkeys and he looked like he was king of the monkey's. He also looked like he was meditating, so we took a photo.

Matt took this picture of this bird in the aviary. Nicole was not interested in the aviary. She just wanted to roll around on the ground.

It was super sunny outside so everyone without sunglasses had a hard time keeping their eyes open for pictures.

They had a little playground and we stopped there last, after we had been at the zoo a couple hours and Nicole was at her breaking point. She played on the playground for a very little bit, but then she started to cry because she was super tired.

I was super tired too. I started to feel sick on Friday night, but I decided to ignore it push through the day at the zoo. After the zoo, we went to Ruth's diner in emigration canyon. It is a diner that we saw featured in Diners Drive Ins and Dives. It was a really yummy diner and the kids loved their mile high biscuits.

So, now Nicole can say that she has been to the zoo. I no longer feel like I am neglecting my child from experiencing valuable life things. It was fun and thankfully short. We would definitely go again.


Marie said...

Has she asked to go again? I took Damon when he was younger, but he didn't really care about any of the animals yet. I think it would be fun to bring him now because he would probably make all the animals signs when he saw them. We should go together next time.

Sarah said...

The zoo! how fun. Looks like Nicoley loved it. So glad she's no longer being deprived. We should go together next time...oh wait...