Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Slap my hand now!

Hey look! I am taking up space on Becky's blog, go me! Aren't you proud Becky? I am actually posting a comment on your blog. I really have nothing else to say here...besides bye maybe.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Phantom of the Opera Spoilers

Although my Baby didn't really want to see it, last night she, I, Marie, Mom and Erika went to see Phantom of the Opera (the movie). I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It was climactic, artistic and the musical elements were right on par with the live musical. I think that the movie version only enhances the musical because in the musical, although it is live and thrilling in the theatre setting, does not allow for the personal and upclose vision of the characters. Facial expression, intonation and body language are able to be expressed and viewed in the movie whereas in the play things are muchly exagerated for the large audience. The script in the movie was slightly changed from the musical, but it did not detriment the quality of the movie, only added to the background knowledge and plot. The music was moving and phenominal, it wasn't the same as the live musical because in there you have the orchestra down in the pit and you can actually feel the music, but it was still very scary and stirring.
The upclose setting of the movie and the ability to see the actors faces and expressions helped me to better understand the plot because I never really understood why the phantom had power over Christine, but in the movie you are able to see that it is this whole religious experience for her. The phantom has not only been her mentor for many years, but he is a reminder of her father so he has that enchanting/sensual pull on her. Which only leads to my revelation on the Beautiful and the Sublime. I have two theories on this. It is obvious that the Phantom is the representation of the sublime as he is both awe inspiring and terrifying, yet you cannot take your eyes off of him, just as Christine cannot seem to either, even though his face is distorted. The Beautiful can be viewed as either Christine or Raul, depending on the the take that you want. Christine is a woman and has the small delicacy going on for her, following the lines of Burke's definition, but Raul can also be viewed as the represenation of the Beautiful as he in comparison to the phantom is more womanly as he has smooth features. This can also be taken in respect of their love for one another. In the scenes with the phantom and Christine it is a very sexual and Black Sabath sort of experience, whereas the Raul/Christine scenes are more romantic with the singing on the roof and the twirling and the snow. More could be written into this, but it is just an interesting observation. It of course could also be applied to many works of literature, Beauty and the Beast...
I was very torn for the entire movie as to which man I wanted Christine to be with. I felt for the phantom and despite his hideous face he has an awesome voice that rifles my obsession with Ewan McGregor and you feel for him. He loves Christine and is merely misunderstood and a little bit demented because he is obsessed with her and kills people, but besides that, he is just exciting and dead sexy (minus the face). Raul is so girly and romantic, it gets a bit too sappy at times and although he fights for Christine and all that, he cannot offer her what the phantom is offering her, with the singing and the genius that he is. But Raul can offer her a normal life and you can see that she is totally in love with him. But I was so happy that Christine did kiss the Phantom at the end because if she left without kissing the phantom, that would be so harsh because he taught her and was such a big influence in her life as she grew up. And I was glad that they had her go back to him and give him the ring.
On a seperate note, why did Christine die first? In order of age, I thought that Madam whatsherface was the oldest, then the phantom, then Raul, then Christine. The youngest of them all dies first? That doesn't seem right, appropriate for the story, yes, but it still bugs me practically. And why does Madam whatchmacallit look younger than Raul in the black and white scene? And what was up with the picture at the end and the candle? Was there a picture at the beginning and I missed it? And how cool was it when the phantom jumped up on that statue on the roof and sang to the sky? Scary Much?
Anyway, it was an awesome movie, I want to see it again so that I can get a better feel for it and notice things that I didn't notice the first time.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I'm blogging Becky. See me blogging?

Through The Window
rain splatters the window lightly
It's dew touching the green, green grass,
As the fog covers from above, a thick blanket.
Amid the evergreen covered peaks,
Small wispy clouds hover, waiting.
The wind carries a scent of rainbows.
Too far away the rainbows lie,
In a canyon of jungles.
The small stones on the beach are polished to brightness,
Where the sun shines too harshly.
The clouds will block the sun,
While the fog wraps the green grass in eternity.
But the rainbows will not come,
For the wind must come first.
It tries to blow away the clouds, the fog.
They will not let it, they are too thick,
Even though with the sun comes rainbows.
The world is seen through the window
rain splatters the window lightly
Okay, so I had this other poem I was going to put on here, but I figured it was just too long to have two. Unlike my dear sister I do not have the talent of saying things straight out, so this will have to do. If you can even discern what the shmeck it means that is, maybe I'm not as symbolic as I would like to think. Anyways, comment if ya have that sudden urge deep iside yur belly to do so, and have a very merry christmas, or as we say in Navajo Indian, Merry Keshmish!

To boldly go where no dwarf has gone before.

So here's the thing. Our mission statement says that this site is "For those of us who are brighter, smarter, prettier and taller than all the rest of you dwarfs out there!" Now, naturally, I agree with the first part, but what if we happen to be those dwarfs out there, yet are still brighter, smarter, and prettier than all those giants, I mean, other people out there?

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Calling All Becky Fans!

The time has come to cast your vote. Some are new, some are reletively old to the blog that is mine and I wanna know what it is that you want to hear about. I could blog and blog about me until my ears fell off but that would be gross and doesn't make any sense at all. So, as my adoring fans I want to cater to you. What do you want to hear and chat about? Your options are as thus:
Random thoughts and ponderings of Becky
Current events
Buffy and all things James Marsters
Strange polls like "If you had three wishes but couldn't wish for more wishes, what would they be?"
Funny Stuff (I don't know what this would entail, but it would be funny! Dangit!)
More comments from the team members who are not Becky (Ahem, Sarah,Lisa and Marie!)
Or you can write in your own topic that you want to hear about.
I'm here for you my fans and I'm here to please. I'm merely trying to give the people what they want, so what the heck do you want?
Thank you for you consideration,

Monday, December 20, 2004

Are We There Yet?

You know those times when everything is emotionally, mentally, and physically draining. That was this weekend for me. I'm so tired. I'm tired of feeling overwhelmed, tired of school, tired of crying, tired of working, and tired as in sleepy. Oh and small children on a road trip is never a good idea. I've decided that I'm either not having kids or not going on roadtrips with them. I guess we'll just have to see which one wins out through time. What do you do when everything falls in? How are you suppose to take one foot and place it in front of the other without that numb feeling that seems to arise to keep from feeling down? I know that all these feelings pass, but do they have to be so unfun? Can't life be easy? Can't there be singing and dancing and skipping through the daisies? If life was a musical I think that it would be both interesting and entertaining. And think of all the money that would be saved on entertainment because you could just go out into the street and see and the entertainment you could ever want. Breaking out into song is always fun, but if abused can become annoying. Of course all those who can't or don't sing very well will only ruin it for the rest of us. Alas.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Calm After the Storm

Finals are over. Its like a miracle. I don't have to worry about tests, papers, or classes. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my mind and I can finally think straight because I'm not thinking about the massive amount of things that I need to be doing. That feeling of peace. I love it. If only life were always that easy. Then life wouldn't be challenging or exciting, but it would be easy. Of course I choose to be all stressed out because I choose to go to school. So I guess I get what I asked for. I have only one thing to say, "One more semester of Spanish and I'm DONE!"

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

"Phebes you might know this, you know weird stuff. What is the boiling point of the brain?"

I'm at that point. That point where you know that if you think too much and too long and if you have to think just a little bit more, then your brain will just ooze out one of your ears because it has had too much. This is the consequence of finals. Who thought of finals anyway? Who said, "Oh I know, all the tests for college courses should be spread out over one weeks time at the end of the semester so that students can have lots of stress and an overload of information!"? This boggles me, I mean do the professors really expect the final to be our best work when we are stressed out to whazoo with all the other things for other classes that we have to do? This is ludacris to me! Even though I spelled the word wrong, it still applies. I think that finals and BYU in general is created to make people fail and then feel really bad about failing. It has to be otherwise they wouldn't create this torture device called finals that stupid students willingly admit themselves to. I'm a stupid person, that is all there is to it.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Fopah on the part that is not me

Last night it came to my attention, while watching the DVD of one Oakland convention, that what has seemingly been blamed on Becky for missing the "James Shirt lift" in the tape, is not actually my fault! Dun dun dun. If you turn to the copies yourself, you will notice that before James does the shirt lift, he is talking about doing nude scenes on Buffy and being without clothing, you will also notice that it was I, Becky, who asked him this question and therefore led him to do the shirt lift. It can therefore be concluded that I was not holding the camera and filming while I asked him the question because that would be weird, and it therefore must be concluded that it was in the hands of another person. In reflection of the seating at the convention, we know that Natalie spent the majority of her time during the Saturday Q&A in the aisle by the stage, which means that the camera was in the hands of none other than Kelli Wilcox. Dun DUN DUN! Which means that it is her fault and not Becky's that the filming of the "James shirt lift" was not done. I rest my case. I hope that all of you who had prior to this moment blamed Becky feel very very bad!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

School hard, expanded

Hard? Hard?!!!! That doesn't even begin to describe it. Everything's in a huge big old mess, actually about 3 huge big old messes that make me want to eat ice cream so I can make them all float away. Ice cream's like drinking--it doesn't help anything in the long run, but it can solve all your problems when you're doing it.
Hi. In case you didn't notice, I am new to this site. If you don't know who I am by username, you probably don't know me, so there's really no point in trying to figure it out. Now, I'd love to stay and chat with my new-found bloggerees, but unfortunately, I'm already going to be at this here library until, like, 12. And really, for what? Grades? Grades are just ways of categorizing people, labeling them. DOWN WITH LABELS! Buh-bye now.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

James Marsters, How can you ask for more?

I am thrilled and excited to announce that I, Becky Derington, will be attending the Houston 2005 Slayer con, which will be headlining James Marsters. It is a glorious day in Beckyland. (Yes there is such a land, I made it up right now!) I bought my Gold tickets yesterday and on April 1-3 I will be in Texas hob nobbing with the stars of BTVS. I find this to be a moment of reflection as to how unwisely I spend my time and money, and then I think 'James Marsters' and begin to drool. Not only will James be at the convention, but he will also be holding a concert. I am so thrilled and excited, as I'm sure all of me are. Amber Benson will also be at the convention, which is awesome because she hardly does conventions outside of England. And Andy Hallet (Lorne) will appear as well and hopefully sing. All who think I'm a geek, raise of hands.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

School Hard

Here's my take on school:
You pay to go to school to learn, and it is a grueling process that takes up the first 25 years (or so) of your life. You actually pay to do homework, to spend your time in classes that you may or may not hate, but if given the choice you would probably not be there. You pay for books, school supplies, and random activities that you can go to for extra credit at school. You put yourself through this whole unfun process, and for what? To get a job someday that you may hate and probably won't get paid well for until you've worked there for a good 10 years. At school you work your butt off so that you can be done and work your butt off somewhere else. It is this whole vicious cycle thing and it's just not even cool. It could be this whole government scam, you don't know! In sumation, school is hard and for those of me who are going to be in school forever and then teaching school for the next for ever, I know I will never escape school. What a sad sad life I lead.