Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Babies, No Babies!

So, I've been hearing a lot about babies recently. There are babies in my family; there are babies that will soon be in my family; my friends are having babies; my friends are trying to have babies, and babies pretty much want to take over the world. I am torn in my ideas about babies.

Being Pregnant: The idea of being pregnant is both fascinating and frightening. It is fascinating because I think that it would be cool to have another person growing inside me and feel it grow into a little person. I also like the idea that it would be mine and I would have made another little person. The idea of a person growing from a little egg into a person totally trips me out in a cool way. But, the idea of being pregnant is also scary/revolting to me. Pregnancy makes you into a crazy person! You get sick and hormonal and fat. These things are just not a good combo. And, I hear that Pregnancy leads to birth.

Birthing: Yuck and ouch, no good can come from this.

Babies: The idea of babies is good if you have a very positive attitude. If my babies could be perfect, that would be great. A perfect baby would always be clean, would only need a diaper change twice a day, would never cry, would love to cuddle, would not bite, would sleep through the night, and would have lots of hair on it's head so that it would be cute. Unfortunately, I can't be guaranteed such a baby. But, such a baby is very appealing to me. I think that babies are purposely made really cute so that we don't hate them. But, the idea of having a little person, who is mine, to love sounds really nice. Plus, babies turn into kids and kids are even worse than babies!

Kids: Kids are a consequential result of babies. I think that we should make some sort of hybrid human that are always cute babies. Like those miniature dogs and cats. Only, the hybrid baby would be able to feed itself and be independent and stuff. Kids always seem to be sticky. Their faces always have some sort of food or glue stuck to it and they are always dirty. I often don't want to touch children because I don't know where they have been and they have foriegn substances on their face. Kids are so completely co-dependent and they are need you for stuff. Plus, they are really expensive. Kids also take up a lot of valuable time. That is time that I could be spending with Matt, who I like better than kids. Oh yeah, kids are loud! I don't know why they feel the need to scream all the time, but scream they do. I find it very annoying. I find it even more annoying when parents think it is completely okay to let their children run around wild while screaming. Kids do have their good sides, in that, they are sometimes cute and sometimes sweet. Plus, if you get smart or talented kids, you can be all proud of them. I'm just not sold on the benefits of the kid.

Once you have kids, you can't give them back like I did that puppy that got annoying. I hear that you have to keep kids forever! That is quite the commitment. Sometimes, when I'm thinking that I want children, I just remember that my life will no longer be mine once I have children. Any aspirations that I have for Matt or myself will most likely be put on hold if children are in existence. I do want children, and I do get a little jealous when I see other pregnant women, but I'm thinking that kids are just not the right thing right now.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Holiday Update

Christmas vacation was awesome! Matt and I went to Washington (with DJ) to see his parents. We pretty much sat around the whole time and played lots of games. It was a perfect Christmas. The best part was that when I put Matt in charge of packing the toiletries, he packed not only our stuff, but Sarah's. Sarah had stayed at our house the night before we were to leave for Washington and Matt packed her stuff with ours. We did not realize the mistake until we got a frantic/angry call from Sarah while we were at the airport that morning. I blame Matt entirely for this mistake. It just goes to show that I should have packed the bag myself. I thought that I was safe because I set out everything that was to be packed on the counter, but Sarah foolishly placed her bag of stuff right by the stuff to be packed. Good times.

After Christmas, Matt and I hit Walmart for those stellar "after Christmas" sales. We got a Christmas tree complete with decorations, skirt, lights, and garland for about $100. It was all 50% off. So, next year we will be decorating for Christmas. I am very excited. It will be my first Christmas with my very own tree and stuff. Apart from that construction paper tree that Annah and I had or the Harry Potter shrine of Lisa and Rachel's.

On New Year's Eve, we had a party at Kelli's parent's house. Matt and I were throwing the party, but we held it at Kelli's because of the superior entertainment oportunities. Matt and I's house is not yet decked out to be a party house. I've not yet even had a party at our house. I guess that will have to be what my Birthday is for. The New Year's Eve party went great! We had a good turn out with probably 20 people. There was Guitar Hero, the Wii, Pit, Air Hockey, Darts, Michael Jackson music videos, and lots of food. I think it was one of my best parties yet, and it didn't even have a theme! I guess themes aren't everything.

Hopefully, January will be slow for me. I think that I've had enough fun and entertainment for a while. I can now start to plot... or plan my Birthday party. All the cool people will be invited.