Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Tag

Okay, I've never done one of these "tag" things before because I usually have more intelligent/irrelevant things to talk about. But, it is Christmas and I'm the worst at keeping my blog up to date, so I'll try it.

Small disclaimer, here's the thing about Christmas for me, I have my traditions from my family and Matt has his traditions from his family, so we haven't really started our own family traditions. This year we are going to Washington to spend Christmas with his parents, so I will get to learn all of his family's Christmas traditions. But, we won't develop our own meshed traditions until we have a Christmas on our own. Who knows when that will be. So, my answers will be referring to my family traditions... minus Matt.

Wrapping paper or gift bag? I like to wrap the presents I give aways because then I can make them all pretty and festive with ribbons and sparkly bows. I thought I was a fairly decorative wrapper, but then I got a gift from Erin this year and she totally showed me up. I've decided that next year I need to buy much cuter wrapping supplies. I want everyone to marvel at my wrapping skills to the point that they don't want to open the gift because it is just too pretty. I'm not sure why I feel the need to be the best at everything.

Real tree or artificial? Artificial all the way! Real trees, though they smell good, are way too much of a hassle. You have to clean the needles off of your carpet and water it all the time and hope that it doesn't die before Christmas and they are really expensive and lame. Pass. This year, we actually have no tree because we are going to be away for Christmas and we didn't want to go and buy a tree.

When do you put up your tree? In my family, we put up the tree the day after Thanksgiving. Mostly because we have the day off work and therefore have time to do it. My parent's have a 12 foot tree, so it is quite the ordeal to put it up.

When do you take down your tree? Well, I usually help put up the tree and then opt out of helping to take it down. It is the perk of not actually having a tree at my own place. Gotcha there Mom.

Do you like egg nog? Egg nog is yummy if it is the low fat kind. The other kinds are much to thick and sweet for drinking.

Favorite gift received as a child? Bill got all of us girls pearl necklaces one year.

Do you have a nativity scene? I have exactly one Christmas decoration to my name and that is the Christmas ornaments that my Grandma Chipman gave to me. Unfortunately, I don't have a tree to put them on. So, they live in my extra closet.

Hardest person to buy for? Bill, because he buys everything he wants and claims to not want anything. So, we usually try to buy him things he needs or things that Mom won't let him buy himself.

Easiest person to buy for? Sarah because you can get her anything and she will love it! All I have to do is think about the things that I want and buy them for Sarah and I've gotten her the things that she wants. I wish that I picked Sarah's name every year.

Worst Christmas gift you’ve ever received? One year, when I lived in Hawaii, my boyfriend told me that he was waiting for my gift to come in the mail so he didn't have it for me before I went home from Christmas. I was a kind and patient girlfriend and said it was okay, expecting to get this unknown gift upon my return to Hawaii. Then, when I came back to Hawaii, he was odd and weird with me and kept avoiding me and a week later he broke up with me. I never got my supposed Christmas gift. I'm thinking that he never got me anything and never planned to. It was the worst because I put a lot of thought and effort into getting his gift for him. What a waste.

U.S. Mail or e-mail Christmas cards? I like receiving real mail, but I like giving email.

Favorite Christmas movie? How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the original cartoon version. Classic!

When do you start shopping for Christmas? The day after Thanksgiving.

Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Sure! If I get a stupid gift from a person a barely care about, then I save it for the next year and give away that stupid gift to another person that I barely care about. Eventually, I just stop giving gifts to people that I don't see often.

Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Dar dar dar... it's a real food!

White or colored lights? Those white/blue ones, not the ugly white/yellow ones.

Favorite Christmas songs? Oh Rest Ye Merry Gentlement by the Bare Naked Ladies.

Travel for Christmas or stay home? Travel! This year at least.

Angel or star on top of tree? Star? I don't know, I don't own ornaments yet.

Open presents Christmas Eve or morning? In my family, we open one present on Christmas Eve and then open the rest on Christmas morning. I usually liked to open my stocking on Christmas Eve.

Most annoying thing about this time of year? The traffic.

What I love most about Christmas? Spending time with my family.

So, now I'm suppose to tag this to people or something, but no one I know would actually do this but me because I'm kinda lame. So, I'm going to have to say Jasmine because she is the only one I know who consistently updates her blog. Other than that, I say feel free to answer any of the above questions that you feel like answering in the comments section.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Is it Christmas Yet?

I am excited for Christmas. This is mostly because I am taking a vacation for Christmas. Matt and I are going to Washington to see his parents for Christmas. I really like the idea of not working for 6 days and not cooking or doing house work for 6 days. That is just going to be a good time.
The best part of Christmas is the food and the not working. Sadly, I only get Christmas Day off as a holiday and I have to use my PTO for the other days that I have off. Suprisingly, I actually have days off. I haven't been sick in one whole month *knocks on wood.*
Matt is currently sick which is tragic for him and for me because I don't like seeing him sick. I wish that we both could be in good health all of the time. That would be nice.
This will be my first Christmas away from home and although I am excited to spend the time with the Kimball's, I will really miss my family. I like my family traditions and I like things to not change, but I am attempting to embrace differences. Eventually, Matt and I will have to create our own Christmas traditions that we will teach to our own offspring someday, but I am content to use our parent's traditions for a little while.
I didn't even decorate for Christmas at all this year. I figured that since we would be gone for Christmas, and since our only Christmas decorations are a set of ornaments that my Grandma Chipman gave me, that we would just not decorate this year. We have big plans to go and buy decorations at the after Christmas decoration sales. That way, we can get decorations for cheap.
I want to become one of those women who has decorations for every holiday and my house looks very festive every month (Natalie's Mom), but I'm just not sure if I have the patience for it. I want my house to look cool without any work from me. That would be great.
I've already finished all of my Christmas shopping. Yay! I went last weekend with Erin and I got it all done in a four hour shopping trip. It was quite fun. I like shopping for other people because it is like guilt free shopping. Matt still has a little shopping to do, but that is for gifts for me, so I'm not allowed to go with him. I know how much he hates shopping, so I am not surprised that he has put this off as long as possible.
Christmas is the best.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Whoopsi Doodle

I love/hate the snow.

I love the snow because it is all cold and frozen and pretty and fun to play in. But, I hate the snow because it makes driving a pain and it is all cold and frozen and wet. Plus, snow creates ice. Ice, is mean/evil, unless it is cooling my drink.

And, don't even get me started on how ice means ice picks. There will be no ice picks. (Trotski anyone?)

So, today, as I was walking into work, my foot happened to fall on a patch of ice and it slipped. At first, I thought I was going to fall, but I happened to get my other foot under me and temporarily steady myself. Unfortunately, that other foot also stepped down on the same patch of ice and quickly slipped as well. I still had hope of keeping my feet as a did a Goofy on ice foot slide maneuver, but, in the end, the ice got the better of me and I fell on my butt. Now, normally, this would not be so bad because I didn't fall too hard and I caught myself on my hand. (Gravel Hand!) But, the smokers who smoke in the Gazeebo at work caught the whole thing. They were all concerned and "Oh, are you okay," which I guess is better than laughing, but it was still embarrassing. It is one thing to slip on the ice while you are alone and have no one see it and it is another to have people see your not so graceful fall. If my fall had been graceful, I think I would have been more okay with it, but it was all slidy and awkward with limbs flailing everywhere. Needless to say, I hate snow.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Black Friday

So, I didn't intend to go shopping on Black Friday, but the prospect of good deals teased me into joining the crowds. I haven't done any real shopping (unless you count Walmart) in a very long while. I enjoy shopping and I enjoy getting great deals on stuff even more. So, Matt and I ventured over to Towne Centre on black Friday.

Matt has been wanting me to have "real" tennis shoes for a while now, so we purchased some Pumas for me when we hit Famous Footwear. Apparently, ballet shoe Sketchers aren't "real" shoes. Matt says that Sketchers really aren't good for any physical activity. So, I was banned from choosing them as my tennis shoe even though they were a lot more cute than any of the other shoes that I saw there. I admit that I needed some good exercise shoes so that I have adequate footwear on those rare occasions that I actually decide to be active. Unfortunately, Marie and Anthon saw my new shoes as an opportunity to try to get me to play raquet ball with them. I don't have anything against raquet ball in that you have to move around and exercise, it is more the being hit with the ball that turns me off from the sport.
Whilst shopping, I was able to pick up some of the Christmas gifts on my list of people to buy for. Even though Christmas is still a month away, it is nice to have some of my shopping done. I think that the hardest Christmas shopping will be buying for Matt. I have ideas on what to get him, but I have to find time away from him to actually go and buy gifts and then I have to find a way to hide them in the house so that he doesn't discover them early. This being married and living in the same house with someone while hiding gifts is all new to me. Secrets to hiding gifts are welcome.
Matt and I went to Best Buy because they usually have pretty good deals on TV on DVD on black Friday, but we didn't get there until 2pm. By 2pm, all of the good stuff is gone or the time sensitive sales are over. Alas! Next year I will have to shop earlier. Earlier means more crowds, but it is worth it to get all the seasons of Smallville on DVD for $20 a piece.
Shopping on Black Friday was a success, but I still have much Christmas shopping left to do. Now all I have to do is actually have the money to go shopping. Curse a mortgage payment and financial responsibility!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving Already

I'm apparently the worst blogger ever. It has almost been a month since I last blogged. I'm the worst. It is almost Thanksgiving and November is almost over. It is trippin' me out.

I would report on my life goings ons, but nothing has really been going on. I go to work, I come home, Matt and I cook dinner and then we watch TV. It is all very thrilling.

I have taken up a new hobby. My friend Elyse, from work, is teaching me to crochet. I was tired of the same two scarves that I wear most everyday and I wanted to make myself a new one. So, I bought some yarn and a hook and Elyse taught me how to crochet. I've crocheted four scarves now and I'm always looking for a new stitch to learn. It is nice to have something to do with my hands when I have to sit and be quiet in places. I get a lot of crocheting done during church because I can crochet and listen at the same time. It is a pleasant new hobby that I have taken up. Plus, I get pretty new scarves and things when I finish with a project.

For Thanksgiving this year we are going to the parent's cabin in Park City. We are spending the night on Wednesday and eating Thursday afternoon. All of the brothers and sisters as well as many of the nieces and nephews will be there so it will either be really fun or really annoying. We are driving ourselves so that we can leave at any time.

I'm excited for the time off work for Thanksgiving. Not that work is difficult or time consuming, but sometimes it can be really annoying. Like this meeting that wouldn't end yesterday. It was beyond annoying and the speaker spoke so very slow and by the end I was about ready to scream. I don't like working late to accommodate for a meeting.

Hopefully, life will get more interesting in good ways. If not, I hope that it stays blissfully boring.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Kelli had a very fun Halloween party last Saturday. We searched for pumpkins in the yard and then carved them. I found the illustrious white pumpkin and received a stellar prize. Because my pumpkin was white, I decided to carve it into Strong Sad. It was awesome. I should probably take a picture. Matt carved a bear holding a shark. Kelli is pretty much awesome at throwing parties.

(Normally, I would insert a picture here, but blogger hates me)

We also played Guitar Hero and DDR. Unfortunately, I have discovered that Erin is not only better at Guitar Hero than me, but she can also waste me at DDR. Curse her and her superiority!

Rachel and Tim showed up near the end of the party and they looked hilarious. Tim was some old man basketball player and Rachel was a ref. Ever the life of the party, they were very entertaining. (insert pic of Rach and Tim, curse you blogger!) It was good to see them again. There is a rumor that they will be moving back to Utah. *crosses fingers*

The party was a lot of fun and a good way to celebrate Halloween. Kelli did a really good job even though she had to live up to Becky and Natalie Halloween parties of years past. For the actual Halloween this year, Matt and I will be very boring. We are going to stay at home and give candy to trick-or-treaters. I have never actually done this before. Usually, I skip that bit and go and play on Halloween. But, this year we have a house and stuff and Halloween is on a week night. We will probably just watch a scary movie or play a lot of Zelda. I love my Wii.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Take a Chance on Me

So, I've got the "Take a Chance on Me" song stuck in my head this morning. If any of you watched The Office last week, you will understand why. The sad part is that I don't even know all of the words, so the chorus just keeps replaying in my mind. Stupid Andy

I am feeling much better this week than I did last week. I'm still nausiated and sick, but I'm less sick and I call that improvement. Being sick for a month is definitely not the funnest thing ever. I think that the funnest thing ever was probably sky diving. But, I don't think I should be sky diving whilst sick.

So, Matt had a Birthday last week. It was uneventful, just how he likes it, but the conclusion is the same and he is now 29! Yay for him. He is only one year away from 30 and oldom. Though Matt is like 5 years older than me and stuff, I still think of him as my age. Mostly because I'm married to him and I'm my age, so I feel like he is too. Strangely, DJ (Matt's brother) who is actually my age, I feel like he is much younger. But, I blame this mostly on Dj's silliness.

Additionally, I am happy to say that I am cured of my small dog syndrome. For over a year now I have been wanting a small dog for a pet. A month ago, right when I was starting to get sick, Matt and I got a small terrier dog. We had her for one week and I was really really sick and we were always going to the hospital and such so we gave back the dog to the shelter where we got her. But, in that weeks time, I realized how annoying and not fun a puppy is. They are nothing but trouble and work and really really smelly. I have no desire to get a small dog any longer. In fact, I have no desire to get a dog at all. I think that Matt and I will just not be pet people. Pets are a lot of work. If we ever do get a dog, it will be an old/pre-trained dog that does not mess on our brand new carpet.

Monday, October 01, 2007

So, so, so very Sick

I have been so very sick for 14 days now. It started with nausea and the regular not feel goods and it has escalated to lots and lots of pain and not goodness. I've been to four doctors, three emergency room visits, one camera down my throat procedure and had lots and lots of prescriptions given to me and they still do not know what is wrong. I've missed almost two weeks of work, for which I am not being paid and that is really sucky.

Sorry I haven't blogged, but until I figure out what is wrong with me, I probably won't blog again. I'm headed back to my "specialist" doctor today and hopefully, there will be more useless speculations done. The doctors keep saying that it may be the gallbladder, even though all the tests done come back negative for the gallbladder. I have no idea what will happen, I am just so very tired of being sick.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

SeaWorld Honeymoon

We fed the seals at SeaWorld. Matt thought that we were feeding him. The seals were all very anxious to get fish. The birds were more anxious though as one flew out of the sky and hit me in an attempt to steal my fish out of my hand. It was pretty much the best part of SeaWorld.

More pictures of us in very similar poses and very similar places. But, they aren't the same picture, they are different.

SeaWorld Continued

We really liked the sharks at SeaWorld. We got to go through the shark tube and it was all sharky. This is Matt standing by the shark/manta ray tank.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

80s Party!

Well, Erin threw her 80s party and I helped. We all dressed up 80s and looked truly terrible. My dress emulated something that an old lady in the 80s would wear on a night out on the town. I felt that it was appropriate.
We played Guitar Hero 80s, Battleship, Mystery Date, Connect Four, and Name that Tune 80s. All fun throw backs of the 80s. I didn't do well on the games that required 80s knowledge because I'm just not that old. Surprisingly, the Brisk sisters seemed to know an awful lot about the eighties despite their young age. This leads me to believe that they are vampires that are hundreds of years old and they never age and have excellent memories. It seems to be the only explination.
Most everyone dressed up, including Alan, discluding Steve. Alan is the new favorite because he came in costume and brought a boombox. Doesn't get much better than that. Even Jordan, Sarah's boy came in costume. We were forced to shun Steve. He brought it upon himself.
The party was rockin' and we all had a lot of fun... I think. Matt fell asleep at the end and had to be taken home, but I'm pretty sure that he had a good time anyway. I was just glad that he was on my team for Name that Tune 80s because I know nothing about 80s music and he knows more than nothing. He's awesome. See below for some totally excellent pics.

This is one excellent picture of me and my man. And, Erin and her sis with very eighties jewelry.

Elyse went very rocker hair 80s. We were all so proud.

Name that Tune

We played Name that Tune, 80s addition. My team won, mostly due to the efforts of Cynthia. But, in this picture it appears as if Alan is disgusted by something that Steve has said. Or, maybe he just doesn't want to look at Steve... ever.

Silly, big haired, cow headed Erin.

Blanket Dress

My Baby Back Ribs and Matt using my dress as a blanket. I guess that a large shapeless dress sometimes comes in handy.

Here is my Kellikins and Jordan and Sarah eating massive amounts of chips. I love that bow that Kelli is sporting on her lacy shirt.

Steve and Leslee

Alan may have an archaic boombox on his shoulder, but at least he has given up his flock of seaguls hairdo.

Alan and Cynthia.

Makeup Time!

We may have played dress up with Jeff. But, he totally asked for it and the eyeliner brings out his eyes. Gotcha there Jeff. Ignore the fact that I make funny faces when I'm applying makeup on other people.

Rocker Jeff played me in Guitar Hero 80s and I lost a lottle. He is definitely more of a rocker than I am. I attribute it to his eyeliner.

Here is Caitlin rockin' out... or lounging out. And, this is Sarah watching Jordan play Battleship like a dutiful girlfriend.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Convertible Driving

We rented a Mustang Convertible to cruise around Florida in and Matt loved it. I enjoyed driving with the top down in the sun, but I didn't enjoy how it messed up my hair. Matt really enjoyed driving the Mustang a little too much. Yes, we did get pulled over, but luckily, the cop went to the same high school as Matt and we got out of the ticket.

Dinner at Carrabas

We had dinner at Carrabas one night on the honeymoon. The food was excellent. We walked in and there was a huge line waiting to be seated, but we were seated right away. It made me feel all special.

Weddings We've Been To

Well, these are pictures of us at a couple weddings that we've have been to in the last few months. We drove to California for Rachel's wedding in April. And, then Sarah and I were bridesmaids at Marie's wedding in July. It has been a wedding filled summer. And, with Mike's upcoming wedding, it is going to be a weddingy year.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Matt and I are moving on Saturday the 18th! We just moved four months ago into our current apartment, so it is a bit of a pain to be moving again so soon. But, we are moving into our house, so it is a lot more exciting of a move than moving into the apartment was.
I won't miss having to go up three flights of stairs everyday. I won't miss neighbors to share walls with. I won't miss lady who smokes in the stairwell or kids who play in the stairwell. Living in an apartment pretty much sucks all around. Houses are awesome!
So, we get to pack all week long and try to find places for the boxes that we pack. The apartment is a little full right now as we have Johnny and Sarah and all their stuff living with us. It really isn't so bad, it is just going to be very cluttery for the next week. I will take deep breaths though and try to get through it. Matt has been amazing; he was packing this weekend as I layed in bed sick. It is pretty much awesome having a proactive husband.
We close on Wednesday and will start moving boxes over in our cars on Thursday. Then, on Saturday, we will move all of the furniture. We will start around 9am for any and all those who want to pitch in and help us move. (hint hint to siblings in the area)
I've decided that I'm very excited for this move.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Boredom Continued

Here I am again, at work, with nothing to do. It really is not as much fun as one would think it would be. When I worked at Makau and had nothing to do, I played games online or watched all the strong bad emails or something. But, those sites are blocked at Dentrix, as is messenger. It is truly tragic.

I've decided to just write a style guide for all of our manuals here at Dentrix and that will occupy my time for a little while. Though it is not all the thrill that it sounds like, it is something to do so that I appear busy.

Yesterday, Baby came over and we got pizza and watched Freedom Writers and Bridge to Terabithia. I really enjoyed Freedom Writers though it was a typical "teacher makes dumb/messed up kids into smart kids with unique teaching methods" film.

I thought that Bridge to Terabithia was an interesting film, but Baby and Matt hated it. I know that it was based off of a book and probably made a lot more sense in the book. I found it to be an entertaining film with an interesting idea, but it took a weird turn 3/4 of the way through the movie and I didn't really like it after that.

Much like Bridge to Terabithia was Premonition. I had a fairly interesting premise and was going okay despite the inconsistencies and then, 3/4 of the way through, a new plot line was introduced and it was very confusing. It was like the film makers didn't know why she was having premonitions, so they just made something up at the last minute and then ended it. It was lame. Stupid Sandra Bullok.

Tomorrow Matt and I are going to see Borne Ultimatum. Hopefully, it is more awesomer than the movies we have seen recently.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bored Now

Okay, so things are more than a little slow at work today. In fact, I really have nothing to do. I haven't really had work for two days, but I've been keeping it on the DL so that I don't get givem made up work. I've been trying to find work for myself to do, but it sometimes is really boring. For instance, yesterday I spent three hours looking at fonts and trying to decide what would be a good standard for the Dentrix manuals. As entertaining as fonts are, it is a true challenge of the underachiever to make that last for three hours.

I think that I will milk the font thing for at least half of the day today though because there really isn't much going on. Plus, Erin isn't here and my boss isn't here, so, that is a large majority of the team that is just gone.

Normally, in times like these, I would watch Homestarrunner or some tv on my computer, but alas that such things have been banned from the department. So, I thought that I might blog. But, unfortunately, I type too darn fast and this has only taken me like five minutes to write. Curse my excessive writing skills!

The truly ironic part, or maybe it is just the unfair part, is that Matt is super busy at work as of late. Especially today, today he has to stay at work until 8pm because it is a working night. This means that not only do I get to be bored at work, but after work I get to go home and be bored some more. Maybe I'll clean to ebb the boredom. Ha! Na, I'm not gonna clean.

These are the times that I miss messenger. When I had messenger at Makau (against rules) I was able to just chat with my friends during slow times. And, my computer wasn't facing a hallway, so it was a lot easier to get away with stuff. Now, both of my computers are visible from the very populated hallway and the HR staff here are often compared to natzis. They like to patrol the hallways to make sure that everyone is working. It is a little bit funny. And, it only occurs on the third floor in the east section because that is where they higher ups offices are. I think that it is truly lame that my department got stuck on this floor in this location. When we grow out of our cubicles, I'm hoping that they move us.

Well, I've got some serious non-working to do, so I ought to depart. Sigh.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Honeymoon... For Real This Time

So, Matt and I are going on our honeymoon, for real this time... hopefully. We are planning on going to Orlando, FL for a week at the end of August.

I realize that this news is not as exciting as Mike getting married or Marie finally getting doors in her house, but it is big for me. I'm all very excited to actually take a trip on an airplane and everything with my Matt-face for the first time. I think it will be buckets of fun without the parasital Mexicoyness.

Nothing much else going on right now. We are still in the process of buying our house. The inspection was yesterday and it went really well! We are hoping to get closed on this as soon as possible so that we can just be done and move in. I love realestate agents by the way. I would hate this process even more if I had to do all the calling back and forth and the paperwork myself. I think we would never buy a house if we had to do all the work ourselves. That is why we pay other people to do it for us!

Oh, and I miss Lisa. She should most likely ditch work and come see me.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I Simpsonized Matt and I today. I think that we make a very pleasant looking yellow couple. Plus, Matt comes with drinks. How cool is that?

If you would like to Simpsonize yourself, visit,

Of course, the resemblence cannot be exact because we are not yellow and stuff. But I think that the gist is there. I think that Matt's is a little more accurate than mine.
Now that I've been simpsonized, I'm totally ready for the movie.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Mike is Engaged

Mike got engaged this weekend and we are all very excited for him. He is engaged to Lisa Frisbee and she is just an excellent pick for him! We were all hoping that this would happen because Lisa is a very cute girl with fun earrings and Mike just would have been stupid to let her get away.

I think that, with time, we will all come to love Lisa more than Mike. We will invite her to family events and tell Lisa that she can bring Mike too if she wants.

Reportedly, Lisa's ring is an Emerald of unknown cut, and carrot. The ring itself is of unknown metalic material. I'm hoping for more information on this, but I'm not knowing if I will get it.

There is no set date yet, but Mike hopes to marry in a foriegn country. I am against this idea, but I don't necessarily get a say. Curse that Mike.

Congratulate Mike and Lisa in the future bliss.

Bought a House

Matt and I made an offer on a house last week and after a couple counter offers, our offer was accepted! We are now under contract to buy a beautiful house in west Provo. Permitting that the appraisal and the inspection go well, we will be permanent Utah residents as of Aug. 17th. I'm very excited, I love this house!
It is 1400 sq. feet, tri-level, .25 acres, and built in 1995. It has three bedrooms and 1.5 baths and two walk-in closets. I love a walk-in closet. I've had one for so long now, I don't know how I could go without one. It has a two car garage and brand new carpet all throughout the house. It has a full sprinkler system and beautiful landscaping.
There are many things which we would like to improve upon in the house, the first being a fence. I really want a puppy, so we need a fence first in order to get one. I told Matt that we should get a puppy or a baby and he chose puppy, go figure.
I'm very excited to have a house of my very own and not have to share walls with people ever again. Those will be good days.

Harry Potter Sir!

Okay, I spent the weekend reading Harry Potter and I have a lot to say about it, but I don't want to spoil those who have not yet finished it. So, I'm going to wait one week to write my questions and speculations that I have developed before posting to be generous to the slower readers. *coughs Baby back ribs*
But, I would just like to say that the spoiler that I read before reading the book was completely untrue. Dumbledore cannot talk to Harry through the chocolate frog cards. Don't let those fake spoilers get you!
The book was awesome, everyone should read it in the next week so that they can read my blog and awe in my awe-y-ness.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Marie is Married

Marie is married. This is both awesome and strange. Awesome because it is about time! And strange because she and Anthon had been dating for so long, the transition will be a difficult one to adjust to. But, I think that it is a very good thing.

The wedding and reception went really well on Saturday. I think that most everything turned out as she had planned it. It was a little like chaos when trying to get Marie ready and the two girl children as well, but it worked out okay. Marie looked beautiful and the reception center looked beautiful and things turned out very well. I was so very tired by the end of the day though. I think that being a bridesmaid is more work than being a bride on the day of the wedding.

I'm very sick of children now. After children at the wedding and children at my parents' house on Sunday, I'm done. On Sunday I went to the parents and I started playing life with all the siblings, but after two hours of an incomplete game and children screaming and going wild and not being able to calm down, I was done. But, despite this, I had a pleasant Sunday.

Ree and Anthon will be gone for most of the week. I get the pleasure of moving them into their house while they are gone. How gleeful for me. I have to start being mean to people so that I don't help them with things.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Too Long

It has been WAY too long since I have posted. I have no one to blame but myself.
I have excellent news, I have been healthy and not sick for three weeks now! An accomplishment for me since I have been married. I'm hoping that I can go the whole month of June without taking a sick day. We will see how that goes.
The parents and the sisters were in Europe for two weeks and I got the pleasure of not going and taking care of the cats while they were gone. I like cats because they are so low maintenance. I go and feed and clean the litter box and then they take care of themselves. No fuss. One day they did get mad at me for feeding them late, but I think that they forgave me in the end. I also got to assemble and mail Marie's wedding invitations and bridal shower invitations. That is how lucky I am.
In the absence of the parents, Grandma Moses was watching the parents' house and Jade. It was very funny because she kept me updated on what was going on at the parents house. It seemed that everything seemed to go wrong while she was there and Matt and I went to help her fix it. It was just small things like the doors kept blowing open or the floor needed to be vacuumed or it was too cold and she didn't know how to work the thermostat. But, the funniest thing was that she got to spend all day with Jade and Jade would just lay by her and look at her and Grandma hated that the dog kept looking at her. Twas funny that it bothered her so much.
Additionally, Johnny came home from the mish this weekend. Matt and I went to see him on Sunday, but Johnny was watching the US Open and had no time for us. He is gone for two years without golf and I thought it would cure his addiction, but such things were not so.
Matt and I went to Colorado this weekend to visit his Grandpa. It was lots of fun because Matt's Mom and sister Anne and little Carlitos were all there. We got to spend a couple days with the family and got to see his Grandpa. It was quite enjoyable. Little Carlitos is so cute and so pudgy that I just wanted to squish him. It is interesting that I get more nephews since I am all married and such. More babies for me to squish! But, after spending a weekend with a baby there all the time, it just solidifies how much I do not currently want children. They are very high maintenance. I can barely take care of me and Matt, let alone another little person.
Well, that is all for now. Hopefully it doesn't take me so long to write again... we'll see. With Marie's wedding coming up and all my bridesmaidly duties, you never know how much of my time it will consume.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend!

I love three day weekends! They have the best elements: no work, time with Matt, and more sleep. Plus, it was fairly sunny, but not too hot this weekend, which is only a bonus!
Matt and I attempted to go swimming in our pool yesterday, but it was, alas, closed until June 1st. Which I think is completely lame. It should be open now while children are still in school and not likely to swim. I don't like to be around excessive amounts of noisy children, so I wouldn't want to swim if they were at the pool. They make all sorts of noise and splash and are really annoying. Someday I will get over my annoyance of children, someday...
I also got the pleasure of making Marie's Bridal Shower invitations on Saturday. I went up to Mom's and we made them using our stellar scrapbooking skills. We made 70 of them and it took 3 hours. When I made mine I only had to make 60, I don't know why Marie has ten more friends than I do, but I think that I should be jealous. I had almost 35 people come to my bridal shower and I hope that Marie has an equally good turnout because... Presents!
Matt and I had Kristi (Matt's sister) and her roomates over on Saturday and we played excessive amounts of Wii. It really is the funnest of the new systems out there. I find myself often playing Zelda because it is awesome! Kristi and roomates seemed to really like Wii sports. Everyone was able to play because we recently bought two additional controllers for the system. Which was two-fold pleasant because we now have four controllers and we used the last of our Target gift certificates. Now I have no reason to go back to Target, yay!
Sunday I made my first crockpot meal and my very first roast. Mom and Bill gave us one fourth of a pig that they had slaughtered, so we had a roast to make and I decided to make it in my new spandangled crockpot that Norm and Rand gave us. It was surprisingly easy. Just chop and put in crockpot, season, and turn on. We went to church and came home and dinner was ready. It was really yummy and I was happy with the turnout. It is like I am learning how to cook. I also bought the ingredients for this recipe that I found on Jasmine's blog and I will attempt to make it later this week. Someday I'll be able to cook without Matt's supervision, someday... The other day I attempted asparagus unsuccessfully. They did not taste stellar.
Kelli came over on Sunday and played board games with us. I missed board game playing because we have been playing video games soo much recently. Back in the day, I had Lisa and Nibs to supply me with constant board game playing buddies. I haven't played Settlers in who knows how long. Count how many months Lisa has been gone and that is how long it has been since I've played Settlers. That is too long! Matt and I have to find a super game playing couple without children. Children complicate the process.
In conclusion, it was an excellent weekend and I look forward to my next holiday, which, regretably, is not until July. Sigh.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Paint a Palooza

My lovely sister Marie and her fiance Anthon are attempting to finish remodeling a house whilst planning for a wedding. I think that they are mad because just planning a wedding in three months took up all of my time. I'm not sure how they are remodeling a house and planning a wedding in only two months in addition to going on a Europe trip. They are insane.
To help the engaged couple out in their crunch for time, Matt and I graciously offered our painting services. I'm not much with the manual labor and I'm even less with power tools, but I can paint. So, a painting I will go tonight. I have a feeling that it won't be as fun as watching the season finale to Heroes tonight, but it is a good deed.
I wanted to paint the rooms blue, green and purple, but Marie decided to go a different way. Lame.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I love my Wii. We got our Wii last week and it has been lots of entertaining fun. We bought our Wii in a bundle, so it came with two Wiimotes and Nunchuks, and five games. My favorite game has been Zelda the Twighlight Princess. It reminds me a lot of the old 64 Ocrina of Time Zelda game, but with better graphics and more options. There is so much more you can do with the Wiimote because it senses your movement. At first I thought that this would be annoying because I'm a lazy person and I don't want to be standing up and swinging my arms around while I'm playing my video games. But, it turns out that it is much more sensitive and I barely have to move my hand to make it recognize the movement.

My favorite multi-player game is Cooking Mama Cook Off. It is a cooking competition game where you go through every step of making a dish. Unfortunately, the translation from Japanese to English wasn't done very well and the instruction are very vague and sometimes not comprehendable. This leaves the player wondering what it is that they are suppose to do. Which makes for fun funny fun. Matt and I have learned that this is a trial and error kind of a game.

I wish that I had more multi-player games so that Matt and I could play together more. I think that we will be purchasing Mario Party 8 at some point. But, all the best games are single player. I wonder why that is. Back on the old Marios, Mario and Luigi could play together as a team or in a wild race to escape/kill bugs and things and get the most coins. I think that was Mario three on the super nintendo, but it is difficult to remember. What happened to those days?

Well, I'm enjoying my Wii and nothing else really fantastic is going on.

Friday, May 04, 2007

No Europe for Me

I've been jealous a lottle of people going on trips. My whole fam damily, or those that matter, are going to Europe, a trip I planned on going on, but I am not going. Not-regretably, I opted to get married and go on a honeymoon rather than go to Europe. Unfortunately, I was a dingus and got all sick and didn't go on a honeymoon. So, I miss Mexico and Europe. I'm sad/jealous. It really makes me want to go on a trip because I didn't get to go on my honeymoon and I don't get to go on the Europe trip that I planned on going on for two years. It is frustrating. These are the times when having to think about someone else in all your life planning really stinks. Pre-marital bliss, I could just go on vacation on a whim because I had the finances and the gusto to go. It is an adjustment that I'm attempting to make. I love being married, but I also love vacationing. I love Matt more than vacationing though. I just want to get out of Utah and go somewhere. Our brief stint in California for Rachel's wedding was nice, well it would have been nicer had I not been ill. Maybe I'm allergic to traveling and that is why I keep getting sick right before trips. I would love to go to Hawaii. I miss it soo much and I want to go back and visit and see my school and the beach and an ocean that isn't grey. Ugh, well, I'm just making myself more upset thinking about it.
At least I will have a Nintendo Wii to play with in two weeks. I want to play the new Zelda game. After playing Norm's Wii last night whilst watching his kids, I want mine even more. Waiting, waiting, waiting... Waiting sucks.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Gilmore Girls and Fox must Die

Gilmore Girls has to go. After the sad attempt at an episode this week, I've realized that I want it to end. I think another season or even a have season would only prolong its misery. First of all, when did Rory become this really annoying sad face? Her character has changed a lot through the years, the most in this last season and it is weird to see her not succeed and be sad about it. She usually has a plan and a back up plan and a plan after that. And, with her whole "operation finish line" with Paris, she should have had lots of options in front of her. Additionally, I like that Lorelei is moving toward the not hating of Luke, but this is a very strange transition that they are doing. I was not impressed by the writer's feeble attempts to show the additional characters of the town in a motley sort of way. It was as if they were just stuck in waywardly while the real plot laid elsewhere. Okay, rant over.

Fox must die because it cancelled Drive, the new Tim Minear series that was begun in the middle of the year at a really odd time in a Monday night spot. The show was poorly advertised and began on a Sunday night before moving to Monday and only ran three episodes before Fox cancelled it. Fox doomed it to fail before it even began! It was as if they had an extra time slot to fill for a few weeks, so they created a show that they could kill. The show was actually really interesting. It was a different idea with actors that I liked and skilled writing. But, in the Fox like way, it has been cancelled... Fox needs to suck less.

It is almost summer, which means that it is almost time for my shows to take a break. I'm not really sure what I will do with myself. I guess I could pay more attention to my husband, but that sounds like a lot of work. I will have to play my new board games and the Wii that I will inevitably get. The Wii looks like buckets of fun and I want one for husband and me. Matt ordered one and we will hopefully get it in a couple weeks. Hopefully...

Monday, April 30, 2007

By Wednesday I Can't Sleep

This is the very first weekend since I have been married that I have not been sick! It is definitely a time for celebration. I really enjoy being not sick. I also opted to not be around ill children this weekend in hopes that it would keep me healthy. Hopefully this works.

So, this week Matt and I went to Natalie's 80's themed Birthday party. Our little Natalie is 23 now, she is growing up so fast. Well, I went for the vest and tie look over t-shirt that girls seemed to be into in the 80's. I don't really see how it is attractive on anyone, but the 80's really weren't about being attractive. They were all about mismatching and wearing highly unflattering clothing. I don't love the 80's.
This week will hopefully be sunny so that I can wear my open toed shoes, skirts and capris. That is what spring is really all about.
Mother's day is coming up and I once again face the dilemma of what to get. Ideas welcome.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Season of Weddings

Well, this weekend I went to Rachel's wedding. I almost didn't make it there because I got sick on Friday morning when we were suppose to leave. Kelli and Karmen went on without us and then I started feeling better later in the day, so I dosed myself with Dramamine and we went anyway. The trip was miserable, but I was glad that I went.
Rachel looked beautiful and it was a pleasant ceremony on the beach. Getting married on a beach has to be one of the coolest things. It was cold though and I don't know how Rachel stayed warm with her elegant strapless gown. I guess her mind was on other things. The reception was fun, complete with Rachel and Tim acting like freaks and dancing like freaks and all that jazz. It was an atmosphere very geared to their personalities, which worked out really well. Baby came with us and she seemed to have joyous amounts of fun with her fiance Natalie.
The trip home wasn't nearly as bad as the trip there, I attribute this to the fact that I wasn't throwing up on the side of the road on the way home. I'm glad to be home, though I enjoyed the California atmosphere in Oceanside. Oceanside is a pretty place and it was mostly nice weather whilst we were there for one day.
In other news, there is another wedding on the front. Nefi and Rose are getting married this Thursday in Bountiful. I didn't realize that the reception was so very far away and I will try to make it out to see them. They will probably partake in one of our stunning regifted items. They are the items that Matt and I did not want and did not know how to return. Not because they were bad gifts, but because we have no use for them. Anyone with a wedding coming up can expect a regift from me. Hopefully I don't give back a gift to the same person who gave it to me.
Additionally, my lovely, older sister Marie is getting married. She just got engaged last week and I think that we can all agree in saying, "It's about time!" Anthon asked her in a really cute way and Matt and I got to be there to see it all. Her ring is gorgeous and much larger than mine, which I'm sure makes her a happy girl. Marie will be wedded on 7/7/7. Which is good for Johnny because then he can actually be there for one of his sister's weddings. I feel a little bad about not waiting for Johnny, but I feel that it is for the best. Johnny doesn't know Matt at all, so it will be funsies for him when he gets home. They can go golfing or something.
Well, those are all the weddings that I can think of right now, but I'm sure that more and more people will get engaged in the near future. Who knows, maybe Mike...someday. If any of my blog viewers have upcoming nuptuals, feel free to post about them.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wedding Pictures

Okay, so I haven't yet ordered my wedding pictures yet. I have Brochitis and I had the stomach flu yesterday. I wish that I could stop getting sick. Additionally, I'd rather like to not get two sicknesses at once again. That was pretty much the opposite of fun. Plus, I get Matt sick and there is just no good in that. A good 1.5 weeks of the 2.5 weeks that I have been married, I have been sick. That is just no way to start a marriage.
Right, back to wedding pics. Well, my pics are up on my photographer's website, so for now, if any one wants to view them, you can go here:
It is under Derington-Kimball wedding.
Here is hoping that I feel better soon and that I stop catching sicknesses from children.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Moving On

The parents have sold their house. The parents have sold their house and I'm sad. I'm sad because that house is home to me. Even though it is in the middle of nowhere and it takes 30 minutes to get there and I've hit my heel on the piece of wood sticking out at the top of the stairs about a million times, it is home to me and I love that house. I love that it is a cabin and that some of the rooms have names like "The Indian Room" because who has a room with that name? I love how big the yard is because the puppy can run like mad and the grass is usually lush and fun to play in. In the winter, there is so much snow, you could build an army of snowmen. Some of my most favorite memories occured in that house and without the house or Sarah there to remind me, we know that I'm not going to remember them!
For instance, Sumo wrestle mania of 2005, the dance competition complete with Shmala Shmadul and Mimon Cowel... yo yo yo yo yo yo yo.... Climbing in the window when I got home late because the front door didn't have keys to it yet. The tedious task of putting up and taking down the Christmas tree. The time that Sarah beat me in wrestling because she threw my head against the ceiling and made me say Uncle John. Sardines in the basement and not being able to find Johnny because he hides too well. Excessive amounts of pool with Johnny and Sarah where they make up their own set of rules and post them on the wall and then fight about it. Your Mom!.... Is right outside that window. Games, games, games/nerts/a little Sett over here. Chasing the puppy around the island and watching her freak out. Snowball fight in the yard where Sarah's and my fort really sucked and Mike and Johnny's was the awesomist. Uncle John biffing it in a foot race and breaking his thumb. The list goes on and on and on and unless you are Sarah, you aren't going to know what I'm talking about.
And, poor the Johnny doesn't even get to say goodbye to the house because he is all missionified! It is the only home that Jade has ever known and she might get confused and lost in the move. She might get really sad. And, what if the new house doesn't have a big yard? The new house is in Highland!?! What the heck is in highland besides Uncle Don? Lame. I haven't even seen this new house. It could be crap de la crappy for all I know. I blame the french for this! I hate the French!
Curse you the parents, curse you!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Honeymoon Over

Now my honeymoon is officially over since I am back at work today. Even though I didn't go anywhere foreign and the majority of my honeymoon was spent hanging out at the apartment, I miss it. I liked spending all day, every day with Matt, even if we were only watching 24 season three (excellent season). But, now it is over... Alas!
So, my sources tell me (or they are lying to me) that my reception was uber fun. It is difficult for me to know if this is true because I was so busy hobnobbing with my guests. I didn't even get to try any of the food that was served there, which was truly tragic. But, I hear that the food was good. Anthon should know best considering that he was eating for seven that night. But, I got to dance and smile excessively and see my Uncle Ron, so I was happy with the turn-out. Unfortunately, we ran out of food and we started serving cheesecake at 5 dollars a slice and the reception center charged me 500 extra dollars. I kinda hate them now. I do not recommend Somewhere Inn Time as a reception center.
So, the wedding is over and the honeymoon is over and I have to go on with normal life... living with a man. It is odd, yet really good thus far. We will see how long I retain this view, hopefully I will always think it a good thing. Life is different now that I have a husband to think about. But, I suppose that life is suppose to constantly be changing. I just hope that with each new change in my life, I am prepared to meet it... or throw things at it and run away fast. I love my husband.
Becky Kimball

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Curse you Mazatlan

So, remember that time that I got married last weekend and then didn't go on my honeymoon? That was good times. No, wait, the opposite!
So, Matt and I were ten minutes away from going out the door to go to the airport to catch our flight to Mexico, when suddenly (dramatic pause) I sat down and said that I felt sick. It was only but a second or two before I was rushing into the bathroom to puke out the contents of my stomach. Appetizing, I know! You know the euphoria one usually feels after vomiting? Well, I didn't feel that, I just kept throwing up. It was an awesome way to spend the first full day of my married life. So, after missing our shuttle to the airport, we/Matt decided that it would probably be best if we didn't go to Mazatlan whilst I had my face in the toilet. I was forced to agree because I was certainly in no position to travel. This distressed me though because when I was booking the tickets for our honeymoon, my travel agent asked if I wanted to purchase the insurance on our tickets and I declined because I believed that I was invincible and there was nothing that would stop me from going on my honeymoon. I hate when I am wrong.
Apparently, the last 23 years of my life and my being sick a not small amount of that time left my mind when I decided to not buy the insurance. In conclusion, we missed our flight to Mazatlan and we came home instead so that I could be sick in my own bed. I was quite devastated over not going on my honeymoon on my account, but, luckily, I married the most amazing man ever and he convinced me that it would be okay. That all the money that we lost on our non-refundable flight and hotel room does not matter. Oye. Luckily, my Aunt Ginnie is amazing and she got us a credit on our airline tickets, but I'm still disappointed. So, I will spend my honeymoon lounging in my apartment in Pleasant Grove. I think that Honeymooning in Pleasant Grove has got to be one of the locations that you put on that MASH game to be mean to someone else. I blame Sarah for this. I think she put that on one of my MASH games once.
Well, it all could have been worse. I could have been sick on my wedding day, or I could have been sick on the airplane, so it all turned out well in that respect. If only I hadn't been sick at all.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Becky Kimball Tomorrow!

I'm getting married tomorrow! And I couldn't be more excited. Well, I suppose that I could be, but I can't imagine it. The anticipation is unlike any I have felt before. This beats out the night before Christmas when I was a little kid, or the anticipation of a birthday or graduation or moving to Hawaii or vacation or anything! I had trouble sleeping last night because I was so excited. I kept waking up and thinking that it must be time to wake up, but upon looking at the clock I realized I still had hours and hours until I had to get up. And that is just for the day before the wedding! I'm not really sure how I will sleep tonight. This is all so weird to me! When I would say that my wedding was a month away or a week or 4 days, it all seemed real, but not really real, not like I would really be married. But, today, it is all starting to feel very very real. I'm going to be wed, married, taken, and thereby old!
I've been working toward this all of my younger life, I have been trying to do what is right and search for the perfect mate for me and I have finally found it and it is all just a little hard to believe. I've found the man that I am going to spend the rest of forever with and I'm really happy about it. The only person that I want is him and no one else and I'm happy about it, that trips me out a little in the best of ways.
Plus, I get the wedding that I really really wanted. Thanks to my wonderful parents and his, I was able to get exactly what I wanted for my wedding. I got the dress I wanted, the flowers, the location, the cake, the dinner, the everything! It is like a really awesome dream. I just can't imagine being happier than I am, but I know that my life with Matt will only get better as we start our life together.
Okay, so this is a really sappy post, but I don't care because I'm getting married tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

4 Days And a Birthday

Happy Birthday Marie!
Marie is 25 today! To celebrate, we are throwing an Old Folks home party, complete with old folks! Marie is going to make-up the people at the party as old people and she will be the only young one.
On a seperate note, it is four days until I get married and I'm finding it to be pretty freakin' awesome! I hope that this week goes by really fast so that I can be married all ready.

Friday, March 16, 2007

My Dog is Dead

I had a terrible dream last night and thus, I must share.

I dreamt that I was driving in Eagle Mountain on my way to my parents house. But, the road was blocked by multiple rocks that were placed across the width of the road. I was forced to stop my car so as to avoid the rocks blocking the road. I got out of my car and looked down the road and there seemed to be a crashed car and a ruckus. I went toward the ruckus and Baby was there, crying. I went to Baby and looked in the crashed car and Jade, our dog, was skewered on the emergency brake inside the car.

Baby recounted to me that the car had hit Jade and that Jade had gone through the windshield and had been skewered on the emergency brake. Jade wasn't dead yet though. She was bloody and skewered and sad, but not yet dead. So, Baby had put the rocks in the road to stop anyone else from coming down the road and potentially hitting the already wrecked car.

I was, of course, very sad that Jade had been so hurt. But, I was late to meet Matt for something. I called him, crying, and Matt wouldn't listen to me. He kept talking on and on about some party that he was at and I had to yell at him that Jade had been hit by a car. Matt was not understanding, he just kept asking me when I was going to meet him. This upset me even more because he wasn't sympathetic to my dying dog and how crushed I was.

Baby and I finally decided to remove Jade from the car, so we unskewered her and brought her to the house. Then, she was just regular Jade again, all happy and spastic, only she had a big hole in her mid section for the rest of the dream. It was very disturbing.

This whole dream made me reflect upon how much I love that puppster. She is a crazy, spastic, ball eating/fetching annoyance at times, but I love her. I would be really sad if she died, so I've decided that she must live forever! And, if she does decide to go against my wishes and die, Matt will have to be sympathetic because it just broke my heart that he didn't even care that my dog was dying. I think that Marie's kitties will have to live forever too. Not for me, but for her, she would just be a basket case if any of her kitties died.

Monday, March 12, 2007

12 Days and a Bridal Shower

I totally banked at my Bridal Shower this weekend! Mom threw me a very good party, I was so proud of her party throwing skills. Now I know that party planning skills are not learned, they are genetic. There were uber snacks at the party and festive purple plates and cups. I had a really good turnout. About half of the people that I invited showed up, so we had about 30 people there. We actually ran out of seats and people began sitting on the stairs.

Mom planned some Bridal games which included pre-asked questions about Matt that I had to answer. Baby had called up Matt and asked him questions about himself and I had to answer them correctly. I got about half of them correct. I like to think that I got the important ones right. I knew his name and birthday and the location of our first kiss and whether he would prefer to be killed by killer bees or a killer whale (coincidentally, he would rather be killed by a killer whale). When I got the answer wrong, I had to put a piece of bubble gum in my mouth. I do not like bubble gum. I like minty gum, but not the pink stuff. It was slightly gross.

The second game was called The Newly Wed Game and it involved matching candy to things having to do with weddings. For example, Ring Pop - Engagement Ring. I got starburst which matched with First Kiss.

Then, we did presents, which was uber fun! I love getting presents, especially when there are a lot of them. One of my favorite presents was a purple apron that Momma Ashton made for me. It is all fifties style and cute and stuff. I wore it the whole shower after opening it. I also got away with two fondue sets, three pizza pans, pots and pans (courtesy of Kellikins), and a pie plate with Kimball acided into the bottom. I got a bunch of other stuff, but I don't remember all of it. Matt and I spent Saturday choosing the gifts to return and putting away the keepers. I love being a bride!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ever Notice that All Government Buildings Smell the Same?

Matt and I went and got our marriage license yesterday from the Utah County Clerks office. We discovered that it is very easy to get married in the state of Utah. It doesn't matter who you are or if you are who you say you are. We got there and filled out all the paperwork and the worker put it into the computer and printed something out for us to sign and then just gave us our license. She didn't ask for ID or any proof of being an American or anything. We could have used completely different names and no one would have known! Well, Matt and I would have known and that would have prevented us from getting married, but I thought it very odd.

I am one step closer to getting married now. I feel like I am baby stepping to the wedding because it feels so very far away. But, at the same time it feels very close. I think that it feels close because I know that I still have a lot that I haven't done yet! And, even though I am checking things off of the list, I am also adding to it because I keep remembering other things that still need to be done. So, I live in conflict because I want the day to come sooner, but I also want more time to accomplish all the things that I still need to do.

Monday, March 05, 2007

18 days to Go

I am 18 days away from being married. MARRIED!?!

Frankly, this idea is exciting and trippy. I always knew that I would get married and I'm really excited to be married to Matt, but all the same it is a little weird. I will no longer be single and I will no longer live on my own and I will no longer be my own person. When people refer to me, Matt will be tacked on: "Are Becky and Matt coming?" "Matt and Becky voyaged north," they will say. Or, we may be referred to as The Kimballs, or(please let it not be so) The Marrieds. I really brought that last nickname upon myself seeing as Baby and I started calling the other, older, married siblings that. Darn you Baby!

I'm either losing part of my own identity or Matt and my identities are merging into this mutant Mecky or Batt. Neither of which are as clever as Sarah's made up Marie Anntonette (for Marie and Anthon) or my Fisheree (for Fish and Ree or Anthon and Marie). If we had a cool and fun to say nickname, at least it would be a little better. Like The Annelos; that is one fun to say nickname.

So, I ask you, my blog viewers who are oh so creatively inclined, what will we call me and Matt? Because I just can't settle for Matt and Becky. First of all, his name comes first in that little arrangement and second of all, it is lame.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Happy Belated

Happy Birthday to me. Or Happy Birthday when it was my Birthday. I decided to post pictures of MY Birthday in celebration of Mike's Birthday, which was a couple of days ago. So, wish Mike a happy belated birthday. We are all dressed up like superheroes.