Monday, May 21, 2007

Paint a Palooza

My lovely sister Marie and her fiance Anthon are attempting to finish remodeling a house whilst planning for a wedding. I think that they are mad because just planning a wedding in three months took up all of my time. I'm not sure how they are remodeling a house and planning a wedding in only two months in addition to going on a Europe trip. They are insane.
To help the engaged couple out in their crunch for time, Matt and I graciously offered our painting services. I'm not much with the manual labor and I'm even less with power tools, but I can paint. So, a painting I will go tonight. I have a feeling that it won't be as fun as watching the season finale to Heroes tonight, but it is a good deed.
I wanted to paint the rooms blue, green and purple, but Marie decided to go a different way. Lame.


Jasmine said...

What? How can she not want to go with blue, green, and purple?!? That is lame. I want to remodel. I watch a lot of shows like "Trading Spaces" or "Flip This House" and stuff. Ima achin' for some good cuttin'-up-n-puttin'-together-ing. It'll have to wait till Joel and I actually are able to buy a house. Maybe I'll put up drapes, like I've been wanting to, since we can't paint. Hmmmm...ideas.

Becky said...

I know! Marie went to the Parade of Homes and decided that all the rooms need to be the same color on each floor and that they have to be a neutral color. But, the color that we painted upstairs ended up looking kinda like a peachy color. Which was better than the burnt orange that was up there, but I think it will be the only real color in the house. Alas.
When I get my own house, it will be different. Less neutral, more color. If it is okay with Matt.

Jezzie said...

Matt's a boy. Paint it any color you want, and then tell him it's beige.

Mc said...

I hate color!

Jasmine said...

So true!! There are pretty much only 3 colors to boys.