Friday, May 04, 2007

No Europe for Me

I've been jealous a lottle of people going on trips. My whole fam damily, or those that matter, are going to Europe, a trip I planned on going on, but I am not going. Not-regretably, I opted to get married and go on a honeymoon rather than go to Europe. Unfortunately, I was a dingus and got all sick and didn't go on a honeymoon. So, I miss Mexico and Europe. I'm sad/jealous. It really makes me want to go on a trip because I didn't get to go on my honeymoon and I don't get to go on the Europe trip that I planned on going on for two years. It is frustrating. These are the times when having to think about someone else in all your life planning really stinks. Pre-marital bliss, I could just go on vacation on a whim because I had the finances and the gusto to go. It is an adjustment that I'm attempting to make. I love being married, but I also love vacationing. I love Matt more than vacationing though. I just want to get out of Utah and go somewhere. Our brief stint in California for Rachel's wedding was nice, well it would have been nicer had I not been ill. Maybe I'm allergic to traveling and that is why I keep getting sick right before trips. I would love to go to Hawaii. I miss it soo much and I want to go back and visit and see my school and the beach and an ocean that isn't grey. Ugh, well, I'm just making myself more upset thinking about it.
At least I will have a Nintendo Wii to play with in two weeks. I want to play the new Zelda game. After playing Norm's Wii last night whilst watching his kids, I want mine even more. Waiting, waiting, waiting... Waiting sucks.


Goddess said...

Would it help if I said "Europe, shmurope--that place stinks"?

Mc said...

I went to europe once.


Becky said...

Just rub it in Mike. Are you coming out for Marie's wedding?

Jasmine said...

I've never been to Europe either. In fact, I too traded in the opportunity to go there (study abroad in London for theatre--would have been frickin awesome!!) to get married. I like to remind Joel of that fact from time to time, just in jest. ;)

Justin said...

I've been to Europe...TWICE!! I ARE TEH GREETEST!!

You should just not get sick, you big dummy.

Also, I am on a trip right now, I LIVE IN A ZOO!! Check it out!

And...I play video games!

I also saw Spider-Man 3 on opening day during the DAY, and I'm going to write about it where I write about movies!

HAHA!! Once again I have advertised my blogs on yours!! MUAAHAAHAA!!!

Mc said...

I will be at the wedding and I will be accompanied by a wonderful woman. Lisa's coming too.

Becky said...

*Does the dance of joy* Yay! Mike plus one is tons of fun! So, what's the scoop on Lisa? Maybe I should just read her myspace.

Mc said...


I don't understand.