Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Curse you Mazatlan

So, remember that time that I got married last weekend and then didn't go on my honeymoon? That was good times. No, wait, the opposite!
So, Matt and I were ten minutes away from going out the door to go to the airport to catch our flight to Mexico, when suddenly (dramatic pause) I sat down and said that I felt sick. It was only but a second or two before I was rushing into the bathroom to puke out the contents of my stomach. Appetizing, I know! You know the euphoria one usually feels after vomiting? Well, I didn't feel that, I just kept throwing up. It was an awesome way to spend the first full day of my married life. So, after missing our shuttle to the airport, we/Matt decided that it would probably be best if we didn't go to Mazatlan whilst I had my face in the toilet. I was forced to agree because I was certainly in no position to travel. This distressed me though because when I was booking the tickets for our honeymoon, my travel agent asked if I wanted to purchase the insurance on our tickets and I declined because I believed that I was invincible and there was nothing that would stop me from going on my honeymoon. I hate when I am wrong.
Apparently, the last 23 years of my life and my being sick a not small amount of that time left my mind when I decided to not buy the insurance. In conclusion, we missed our flight to Mazatlan and we came home instead so that I could be sick in my own bed. I was quite devastated over not going on my honeymoon on my account, but, luckily, I married the most amazing man ever and he convinced me that it would be okay. That all the money that we lost on our non-refundable flight and hotel room does not matter. Oye. Luckily, my Aunt Ginnie is amazing and she got us a credit on our airline tickets, but I'm still disappointed. So, I will spend my honeymoon lounging in my apartment in Pleasant Grove. I think that Honeymooning in Pleasant Grove has got to be one of the locations that you put on that MASH game to be mean to someone else. I blame Sarah for this. I think she put that on one of my MASH games once.
Well, it all could have been worse. I could have been sick on my wedding day, or I could have been sick on the airplane, so it all turned out well in that respect. If only I hadn't been sick at all.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Becky Kimball Tomorrow!

I'm getting married tomorrow! And I couldn't be more excited. Well, I suppose that I could be, but I can't imagine it. The anticipation is unlike any I have felt before. This beats out the night before Christmas when I was a little kid, or the anticipation of a birthday or graduation or moving to Hawaii or vacation or anything! I had trouble sleeping last night because I was so excited. I kept waking up and thinking that it must be time to wake up, but upon looking at the clock I realized I still had hours and hours until I had to get up. And that is just for the day before the wedding! I'm not really sure how I will sleep tonight. This is all so weird to me! When I would say that my wedding was a month away or a week or 4 days, it all seemed real, but not really real, not like I would really be married. But, today, it is all starting to feel very very real. I'm going to be wed, married, taken, and thereby old!
I've been working toward this all of my younger life, I have been trying to do what is right and search for the perfect mate for me and I have finally found it and it is all just a little hard to believe. I've found the man that I am going to spend the rest of forever with and I'm really happy about it. The only person that I want is him and no one else and I'm happy about it, that trips me out a little in the best of ways.
Plus, I get the wedding that I really really wanted. Thanks to my wonderful parents and his, I was able to get exactly what I wanted for my wedding. I got the dress I wanted, the flowers, the location, the cake, the dinner, the everything! It is like a really awesome dream. I just can't imagine being happier than I am, but I know that my life with Matt will only get better as we start our life together.
Okay, so this is a really sappy post, but I don't care because I'm getting married tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

4 Days And a Birthday

Happy Birthday Marie!
Marie is 25 today! To celebrate, we are throwing an Old Folks home party, complete with old folks! Marie is going to make-up the people at the party as old people and she will be the only young one.
On a seperate note, it is four days until I get married and I'm finding it to be pretty freakin' awesome! I hope that this week goes by really fast so that I can be married all ready.

Friday, March 16, 2007

My Dog is Dead

I had a terrible dream last night and thus, I must share.

I dreamt that I was driving in Eagle Mountain on my way to my parents house. But, the road was blocked by multiple rocks that were placed across the width of the road. I was forced to stop my car so as to avoid the rocks blocking the road. I got out of my car and looked down the road and there seemed to be a crashed car and a ruckus. I went toward the ruckus and Baby was there, crying. I went to Baby and looked in the crashed car and Jade, our dog, was skewered on the emergency brake inside the car.

Baby recounted to me that the car had hit Jade and that Jade had gone through the windshield and had been skewered on the emergency brake. Jade wasn't dead yet though. She was bloody and skewered and sad, but not yet dead. So, Baby had put the rocks in the road to stop anyone else from coming down the road and potentially hitting the already wrecked car.

I was, of course, very sad that Jade had been so hurt. But, I was late to meet Matt for something. I called him, crying, and Matt wouldn't listen to me. He kept talking on and on about some party that he was at and I had to yell at him that Jade had been hit by a car. Matt was not understanding, he just kept asking me when I was going to meet him. This upset me even more because he wasn't sympathetic to my dying dog and how crushed I was.

Baby and I finally decided to remove Jade from the car, so we unskewered her and brought her to the house. Then, she was just regular Jade again, all happy and spastic, only she had a big hole in her mid section for the rest of the dream. It was very disturbing.

This whole dream made me reflect upon how much I love that puppster. She is a crazy, spastic, ball eating/fetching annoyance at times, but I love her. I would be really sad if she died, so I've decided that she must live forever! And, if she does decide to go against my wishes and die, Matt will have to be sympathetic because it just broke my heart that he didn't even care that my dog was dying. I think that Marie's kitties will have to live forever too. Not for me, but for her, she would just be a basket case if any of her kitties died.

Monday, March 12, 2007

12 Days and a Bridal Shower

I totally banked at my Bridal Shower this weekend! Mom threw me a very good party, I was so proud of her party throwing skills. Now I know that party planning skills are not learned, they are genetic. There were uber snacks at the party and festive purple plates and cups. I had a really good turnout. About half of the people that I invited showed up, so we had about 30 people there. We actually ran out of seats and people began sitting on the stairs.

Mom planned some Bridal games which included pre-asked questions about Matt that I had to answer. Baby had called up Matt and asked him questions about himself and I had to answer them correctly. I got about half of them correct. I like to think that I got the important ones right. I knew his name and birthday and the location of our first kiss and whether he would prefer to be killed by killer bees or a killer whale (coincidentally, he would rather be killed by a killer whale). When I got the answer wrong, I had to put a piece of bubble gum in my mouth. I do not like bubble gum. I like minty gum, but not the pink stuff. It was slightly gross.

The second game was called The Newly Wed Game and it involved matching candy to things having to do with weddings. For example, Ring Pop - Engagement Ring. I got starburst which matched with First Kiss.

Then, we did presents, which was uber fun! I love getting presents, especially when there are a lot of them. One of my favorite presents was a purple apron that Momma Ashton made for me. It is all fifties style and cute and stuff. I wore it the whole shower after opening it. I also got away with two fondue sets, three pizza pans, pots and pans (courtesy of Kellikins), and a pie plate with Kimball acided into the bottom. I got a bunch of other stuff, but I don't remember all of it. Matt and I spent Saturday choosing the gifts to return and putting away the keepers. I love being a bride!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ever Notice that All Government Buildings Smell the Same?

Matt and I went and got our marriage license yesterday from the Utah County Clerks office. We discovered that it is very easy to get married in the state of Utah. It doesn't matter who you are or if you are who you say you are. We got there and filled out all the paperwork and the worker put it into the computer and printed something out for us to sign and then just gave us our license. She didn't ask for ID or any proof of being an American or anything. We could have used completely different names and no one would have known! Well, Matt and I would have known and that would have prevented us from getting married, but I thought it very odd.

I am one step closer to getting married now. I feel like I am baby stepping to the wedding because it feels so very far away. But, at the same time it feels very close. I think that it feels close because I know that I still have a lot that I haven't done yet! And, even though I am checking things off of the list, I am also adding to it because I keep remembering other things that still need to be done. So, I live in conflict because I want the day to come sooner, but I also want more time to accomplish all the things that I still need to do.

Monday, March 05, 2007

18 days to Go

I am 18 days away from being married. MARRIED!?!

Frankly, this idea is exciting and trippy. I always knew that I would get married and I'm really excited to be married to Matt, but all the same it is a little weird. I will no longer be single and I will no longer live on my own and I will no longer be my own person. When people refer to me, Matt will be tacked on: "Are Becky and Matt coming?" "Matt and Becky voyaged north," they will say. Or, we may be referred to as The Kimballs, or(please let it not be so) The Marrieds. I really brought that last nickname upon myself seeing as Baby and I started calling the other, older, married siblings that. Darn you Baby!

I'm either losing part of my own identity or Matt and my identities are merging into this mutant Mecky or Batt. Neither of which are as clever as Sarah's made up Marie Anntonette (for Marie and Anthon) or my Fisheree (for Fish and Ree or Anthon and Marie). If we had a cool and fun to say nickname, at least it would be a little better. Like The Annelos; that is one fun to say nickname.

So, I ask you, my blog viewers who are oh so creatively inclined, what will we call me and Matt? Because I just can't settle for Matt and Becky. First of all, his name comes first in that little arrangement and second of all, it is lame.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Happy Belated

Happy Birthday to me. Or Happy Birthday when it was my Birthday. I decided to post pictures of MY Birthday in celebration of Mike's Birthday, which was a couple of days ago. So, wish Mike a happy belated birthday. We are all dressed up like superheroes.