Monday, March 05, 2007

18 days to Go

I am 18 days away from being married. MARRIED!?!

Frankly, this idea is exciting and trippy. I always knew that I would get married and I'm really excited to be married to Matt, but all the same it is a little weird. I will no longer be single and I will no longer live on my own and I will no longer be my own person. When people refer to me, Matt will be tacked on: "Are Becky and Matt coming?" "Matt and Becky voyaged north," they will say. Or, we may be referred to as The Kimballs, or(please let it not be so) The Marrieds. I really brought that last nickname upon myself seeing as Baby and I started calling the other, older, married siblings that. Darn you Baby!

I'm either losing part of my own identity or Matt and my identities are merging into this mutant Mecky or Batt. Neither of which are as clever as Sarah's made up Marie Anntonette (for Marie and Anthon) or my Fisheree (for Fish and Ree or Anthon and Marie). If we had a cool and fun to say nickname, at least it would be a little better. Like The Annelos; that is one fun to say nickname.

So, I ask you, my blog viewers who are oh so creatively inclined, what will we call me and Matt? Because I just can't settle for Matt and Becky. First of all, his name comes first in that little arrangement and second of all, it is lame.


Goddess said...

Beckam. You have to really want to see it.

Sarah said...

My favorite is definitely Macky. There's other choices though. There's Bett Mackler if you're going for the celebrity combo, or Kimington...crowd favorite. Derball for the Germans...or someone making up a fun new sport. has an Aztec feel to it. RebewK is an interesting mixture that is an actually word... Ponder these ideas people, ponder them!

Mc said...

I think I shall call you. Carrot.