Friday, March 16, 2007

My Dog is Dead

I had a terrible dream last night and thus, I must share.

I dreamt that I was driving in Eagle Mountain on my way to my parents house. But, the road was blocked by multiple rocks that were placed across the width of the road. I was forced to stop my car so as to avoid the rocks blocking the road. I got out of my car and looked down the road and there seemed to be a crashed car and a ruckus. I went toward the ruckus and Baby was there, crying. I went to Baby and looked in the crashed car and Jade, our dog, was skewered on the emergency brake inside the car.

Baby recounted to me that the car had hit Jade and that Jade had gone through the windshield and had been skewered on the emergency brake. Jade wasn't dead yet though. She was bloody and skewered and sad, but not yet dead. So, Baby had put the rocks in the road to stop anyone else from coming down the road and potentially hitting the already wrecked car.

I was, of course, very sad that Jade had been so hurt. But, I was late to meet Matt for something. I called him, crying, and Matt wouldn't listen to me. He kept talking on and on about some party that he was at and I had to yell at him that Jade had been hit by a car. Matt was not understanding, he just kept asking me when I was going to meet him. This upset me even more because he wasn't sympathetic to my dying dog and how crushed I was.

Baby and I finally decided to remove Jade from the car, so we unskewered her and brought her to the house. Then, she was just regular Jade again, all happy and spastic, only she had a big hole in her mid section for the rest of the dream. It was very disturbing.

This whole dream made me reflect upon how much I love that puppster. She is a crazy, spastic, ball eating/fetching annoyance at times, but I love her. I would be really sad if she died, so I've decided that she must live forever! And, if she does decide to go against my wishes and die, Matt will have to be sympathetic because it just broke my heart that he didn't even care that my dog was dying. I think that Marie's kitties will have to live forever too. Not for me, but for her, she would just be a basket case if any of her kitties died.


Goddess said...

Last night I dreamt that my grandmother and my great-grandmother both died, and I just laid down on the pavement and cried. It was not a good night for families.

Marie said...

I'm crying just thinking of my kitties dying! LIVE FOREVER KITTY AND BABY....PLEEEEEEEASE!

Mc said...

DEATH to DEATH! If we kill death then we shall worry no more.

Oh, and Marie. I already poisoned your cats. They should die in 7 years.

Sarah said...

I had a dream that I was a vampire...I possibly killed some people. But if Jade died I would freak out, she's like my little sister or something! Can I beat up Matt for being craptastic in your dream?