Tuesday, March 20, 2007

4 Days And a Birthday

Happy Birthday Marie!
Marie is 25 today! To celebrate, we are throwing an Old Folks home party, complete with old folks! Marie is going to make-up the people at the party as old people and she will be the only young one.
On a seperate note, it is four days until I get married and I'm finding it to be pretty freakin' awesome! I hope that this week goes by really fast so that I can be married all ready.


Sarah said...

The birthday was coolies, and so was me and Meemee's bachelorette party of wonderfulness. Yay us for being amazing...and yay for speedo, diving men!

Justin said...

Umm...didn't Marie turn 25, like....last year? Cuz MIKE turned 25 last month, and since she's something like 2 years older than him or whatever...That doesn't seem physically possible.