Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Blog Off!

Seeing as how SOME people think that my blog is free advertisement space, I felt it was necessary to ASK FOR A CHALLLENGE!

I Challenge all active bloggers who view my blog to a BLOG OFF!

"What is a Blog Off?" you ask. Well, it is a cook off, only with blogs, not cooks, or food rather. Each blogging participant will create one post and post it here and others, the "judges" if you will, will comment on said posts, and the blogger with the most comments, not including their own comments, will win!

"How will said bloggers post here Becky?" I'm glad I asked. All who want to participate will make it known here and I will add them to those who are allowed to post on my blog, thereby allowing them to post here.

"What if no one steps up to the challenge?" Well, if no one wants to participate in the Blog off, then that just means that it will be so much easier for me to win because I will be the only one posting. You COWARDS!

"What are the rules of the posting?" The rules are: No plagerism, it must be your own writing! No, videos because I don't know how to post videos and so no one should be able to do it. There is no word limit, write to your heart's content. And, finally, no bribery. I won't have people bringing in outsiders to comment on their post because they were paid in goods and or services. But, threats are allowed; bloggers may threaten others if they don't comment on their post.

"Becky, what is wrong with you? Why are you doing this?" Well there are multiple reasons:
1. Because some people felt the need to advertise their blog on my blog.
2. Other people claim that the only reason that I have so many comments on my blog is because Justin is funnier than I am (a blasphemy!).
3. Because sometimes I have nothing good to say, so I have to make up junk like this just to keep things interesting. If only my real, non blogging life were interesting.

So, if you would like to enter the blog off, please indicate, and if you wouldn't, please mock me now.

Monday, September 25, 2006


I finally caved and cut my hair. I hadn't really cut my hair in about three years, so this was a big deal for me considering I was planning on growing it another three inches so that it would be as long as my back. But, surfing online did me in when I saw a cute cut and color that I liked.
Now, I would normally post a picture of my cut, but I forgot to take a picture of myself...alas. So, I will have to leave it to your imaginations for now. No telling Marie and Sarah!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Poppyseeds are the Devil!

So, to go along with my new job, I got the awesome opportunity to get a drug test. I'm not really sure why I must be off drugs in order to write manuals for dental software. If you think about it, most dentists are probably on drugs because of all that access to it. So, it isn't as if they are going to know what I am writing about anyway. Plus, there is aparently only one place in the valley that is doing drug testing. I was told to get there early so that I could beat the rush. I think I got there too early because they weren't ready for people yet when I got there. Oh well. Here's hoping I pass the test. *crosses fingers*
Luckily, Seinfeld has taught me well and I avoided any and all poppyseed muffins before taking my drug test. What would I do without Seinfeld? TV has done so much for me.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dentrix, Who Knew?

Well, I'm officially leaving Makau on Sept. 29th!

I had an interview with Dentrix on Monday and they offered me a job that same day as a Technical Writer. I took the job because it is more money and I like money. Plus a lot of benefits from Dentrix. Dentrix seems like a pretty good company, so I am excited to go and to learn a new position and work for a new company.

But, as glad as I am that I finally found a good job, I'm sad because I am leaving Makau. Makau gave me a home and started me out in the business world, teaching me everything from filing, to accounting, to technical writing. I have appreciated everything that Makau has done for me and it truly feels comfortable working there, but I feel it is time to challenge myself.

I'm nervous to begin a new position in a new company, when all I have known for the last two years are the large cubicles at Makau. Now, I am going to be in a little, itty bitty cubicle with people all around me and the lights turned on full. I will actually have to stay awake during work and that is a total bummer.

Well, 9 more days at Makau, I better enjoy the large cube and the shorter drive to work as Dentrix will be a longer commute. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Murder Mystery

So, I'm planning a Halloween Party, because that is what I do. I've decided to make my Halloween party a murder mystery. But, in order to do this I need people to be my cast members for the murder mystery as all the rest of my guests attempt to know who done it. So, I guess I have two questions for my lovely blog viewers who live in Utah. (all those who read this blog and live in Utah will of course be invited.)

1. Would any of you be willing to be my cast members for my murder mystery?
2. Do you think that people would come out to Eagle Mountain to my parent's house for a party if I held it there?

It is a good mystery and I think it would be fun for all involved. The parents have a bigger house and that is why I am considering having it there. Well, if there are no comments on this post, then I will assume that everyone hates me, murder mysteries, and Halloween.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Today is my first full-time day at Makau and I've nothing to do. Don't tell Makau, but there isn't a lot of work here for me currently. I've got a few things to rewrite and then I'm sailing free like a bird to do as I please. I love my job, I just wish I had more of it. I guess I will take my free time to do some of my extra curicular editing. Hello Sarah's story.
If your bored and you know it, clap your hands.

Oh yeah, completely off topic: I'm looking for the board game Aquire. Has anyone seen it?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

We Love Linda

Upon purusing my stepmom, Julie's, blog, I found out that my Aunt Linda has cancer. So, this message is for Linda.

We love you, we are thinking of you and our prayers are with you. If I could send an airborne hug to you, I would, if only science would catch up with fiction. Start feeling better soon because you nieces and nephews say so.

I'm a real Boy or Girl rather!

I'm finally a full-time employee at Makau!

It only took me finding another job at a different company and telling them that I was leaving unless they made me full time for Makau to finally get in gear! I was beginning to think that college was completely pointless because I was fruitless in my employment search for anything above 10 bucks an hour. And a college graduate working for ten dollars an hour just seems wrong, especially since I have been getting paid more than that for a while now.

But, it is good to know that college is not a complete waste of time, and it is possible to find a full-time, semi well paying job post college. I know that I will never make as much as my ever ambitious and oh so smart brother Mike, but not everyone can be as much of a geek as he is. They can try, but they just won't always succeed to master his level of geekiness.

So, I am almost fully a full-time employee of Makau. Yay! Much celebration. Here's hoping that Makau doesn't biff and drive itself straight into bankruptcy.

I like my job. I like editing and writing technical documents because I'm good at it. Plus, I get to work with the wonderful Moses brothers everyday and it doesn't get much better than that. And, my pirating connection is at Makau. Pirating as in "Arrr ye mateys" not that other thing that I would never participate in. (Side note: talk like a pirate day is this month on either the 18th or the 19th, I forget which. Just talk like a pirate both days to make sure)

*Raises glass of water* Well, here is to you, you other full-time employeed friends! May you find joy in your occupations.

Friday, September 01, 2006

A One and a One and a One

I've recently ventured into the wonderful world of 24. Jack Bauer is the most powerful man alive. NOTHING can stop him! There can be a secure complex with 50 guards and one hostage inside and Jack Bauer can get in and out with the hostage and everyone one in his path will die and Jack Bauer won't have a scratch on him.
Additionally, Jack Bauer is always right. If Jack Bauer has a hunch, he is right, he has psychic instincts that can save the day! I don't know why characters continue to doubt Jack Bauer when history has shown that he is always right.
Plus, Jack Bauer has a power name that you can't just say one part of his name, you have to say the whole thing. He's JACK BAUER!
So, 24 is pretty much awesome and there is no denying the oh so sexy deep voice of Keifer Sutherland. Thus, Jack Bauer is the most powerful man alive. Move over Bob Barker.
Oh, and, watch 24, but don't give spoilers past the third disk of the first season here because that is where I am. I don't want to know what will happen until it happens!

It is the ticking of that 24 clock that just gives me chills up my spine and I know, Jack Bauer is unstoppable.