Monday, September 25, 2006


I finally caved and cut my hair. I hadn't really cut my hair in about three years, so this was a big deal for me considering I was planning on growing it another three inches so that it would be as long as my back. But, surfing online did me in when I saw a cute cut and color that I liked.
Now, I would normally post a picture of my cut, but I forgot to take a picture of myself...alas. So, I will have to leave it to your imaginations for now. No telling Marie and Sarah!


Goddess said...

I'm offering 9 colored push pins to whoever tells me what Becky's hair looks like now.

Becky said...

Are they different colors or all the same, because that will determine my answer.

Sarah said...

What's a push pin and why would I want it, colored or uncolored? Good job on cutting your hair babes.