Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Blog Off!

Seeing as how SOME people think that my blog is free advertisement space, I felt it was necessary to ASK FOR A CHALLLENGE!

I Challenge all active bloggers who view my blog to a BLOG OFF!

"What is a Blog Off?" you ask. Well, it is a cook off, only with blogs, not cooks, or food rather. Each blogging participant will create one post and post it here and others, the "judges" if you will, will comment on said posts, and the blogger with the most comments, not including their own comments, will win!

"How will said bloggers post here Becky?" I'm glad I asked. All who want to participate will make it known here and I will add them to those who are allowed to post on my blog, thereby allowing them to post here.

"What if no one steps up to the challenge?" Well, if no one wants to participate in the Blog off, then that just means that it will be so much easier for me to win because I will be the only one posting. You COWARDS!

"What are the rules of the posting?" The rules are: No plagerism, it must be your own writing! No, videos because I don't know how to post videos and so no one should be able to do it. There is no word limit, write to your heart's content. And, finally, no bribery. I won't have people bringing in outsiders to comment on their post because they were paid in goods and or services. But, threats are allowed; bloggers may threaten others if they don't comment on their post.

"Becky, what is wrong with you? Why are you doing this?" Well there are multiple reasons:
1. Because some people felt the need to advertise their blog on my blog.
2. Other people claim that the only reason that I have so many comments on my blog is because Justin is funnier than I am (a blasphemy!).
3. Because sometimes I have nothing good to say, so I have to make up junk like this just to keep things interesting. If only my real, non blogging life were interesting.

So, if you would like to enter the blog off, please indicate, and if you wouldn't, please mock me now.


Redurb said...

I'm in. You're going down Clown!

What's that puppet girl?

Don't Tell Me What To Do!

Redurb said...
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Redurb said...


That's right. Its your crazy Californian brother messing up your life again! You really are my puppet girl!

Now, go juggle geese.

Soon to be the BEST BLOG EVER!

Justin said...

"2. Other people claim that the only reason that I have so many comments on my blog is because Justin is funnier than I am (a blasphemy!)."

What are you talking about? I wasn't even in this video!

Beckster, if by "other people" you mean "Mike," then you should know that he's just trying to mess with your head. I highly doubt your myriad friends and blog-readers think that.

That said, I think this blog-off sounds great, and it will be hard for anyone who ISN'T Becky to win with this crowd, given your infinite supply of inside jokes and quotes and things. So then I must ask you...ARE YOU ASKING US TO ASK YOU FOR A CHALLENGE!!!!?!??!?!!!?!! PUNCHA-PUNCHA-PUNCHA-PUNCHA!!!

I'm in too, though I have one request. If your wee little freakofasister Sarah is going to enter, make her post FIRST and let's see if she has any original material other than just tearing down what other people do. Your move, Sarah.

Maybe you'd even want to add a guideline that your post has to be isolated and independant of the posts of others or something. I dunno. Escardon me miss, but could you assist an old denominator such as myself to gather his spectacle?

Justin said...

So far it looks like it's only me and Mike that are interested...well, for the rest of you, while you're waiting for this list to fill up, head on over to My Very Own A The Blog for some fun times, and stay tuned for our 50th post, coming soon!

HA! I advertised in your post about not advertising!! I RULE YOU!

Goddess said...

Blah, blah, blah, blah--my water?

Sarah said...

So Bec, when are you going to start addingthe people that accepted the challenge? I'm fairly sure that Mike and Justin are on board...and I'm definitely not for the mere fact that Justin wants me to, so there ya go!

Justin said...



Becky said...

Okay, Mike and Justin will have access as soon as they accept. So, competitors may begin when they wish to. My blog entry is still in the drafting process. Be Afraid!

Redurb said...

I guess its time to test my HTML coding skills. I'll need to brush up on them and practice them a bit because....its not like I'm going to imbed videos....maybe just pictures and stuff. And fun hidden easter eggs for everyone to find!! BWHAHAHAHA

Thirdmango said...

I don't know if you'd allow me to do join this blog off as I am only a sort of friend of all three involved, though probably more so of a sort of but once was very good and just have been for way too many years with Justin. But if you're freaked at the prospect of someone like me being apart then that's fine. Oh and if you're thinking, who on earth is this? It's Jon Fairbanks. I'm sure I'd lose, but if allowed to be on, I will post the best dang blog post I can. I plan to at least get third place.

Becky said...

Accept the invite and you will be in Third.

Justin said...

Oh man! I don't know if I can stand up to Fairbanks creativity....Alright, time to take off the kiddie gloves. :)

Good to see you Jon! We need to hang sometime. Where you at foo?

Thirdmango said...

Hey thanks, oooh, the power. We do need to hang out sometime, send me an email over at and give me your phone number, and I'll give you mine and we can have some fun.

Justin said...

Ok, as long as the fun involves buckshot and prairie dogs, and high-velocity pressure tubes, and Cheez Whiz in bulk!

What? You do the math.