Thursday, September 21, 2006

Poppyseeds are the Devil!

So, to go along with my new job, I got the awesome opportunity to get a drug test. I'm not really sure why I must be off drugs in order to write manuals for dental software. If you think about it, most dentists are probably on drugs because of all that access to it. So, it isn't as if they are going to know what I am writing about anyway. Plus, there is aparently only one place in the valley that is doing drug testing. I was told to get there early so that I could beat the rush. I think I got there too early because they weren't ready for people yet when I got there. Oh well. Here's hoping I pass the test. *crosses fingers*
Luckily, Seinfeld has taught me well and I avoided any and all poppyseed muffins before taking my drug test. What would I do without Seinfeld? TV has done so much for me.


Sigma said...

Yeah, that's what happened in the Wizard of Oz. The wicked witch (then just named Gladiola) was going to apply to be the GOOD Witch, but when she failed the drug test (due to poppyseeds), she got all pissed and turned into the Wicked Witch. Hence the field of poppies, to inflict her anger upon the world. Or Opium, one of the two...

Redurb said...

I like DrugS! I take Fish Oil every night and I sniff New Car Smell everyday!

Oh, and I'm going to be in some BOAT RACES on Saturday so wish me luck.

I live my life through the Blog!

Justin said...

Consider the Luck wished, my friend!

Back to you Becky.

Sigma said...

Oh yeah, good luck. Hopefully the weather clears up, unless you're competing in the Raingutter Ragata; In which case, "let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!!!" (In a raspy, yet sing-song voice...)

Becky said...

Be safe Mike! And why do you take fish oil? Are you trying to lose weight? Because that seems strange if you are! I didn't even know that you knew how to boat. That is just creepy!

Sigma said...

I second that! Boating is horrifically creepy! What with the wind in your beard (say that part in a Sean Connery voice), the water skiing and death tubing, the...Wait, that sounds FUN!
Mr. Peutershmidt: "You SUCK!"
Peter Griffin: "What?"
Mr. P: "You SUCK!"
Peter: "WHAT?!"
Mr. P: (Throws a cell phone from his boat to Peter's)
*Ring* *Ring*
Peter: "Hello?..."
Mr. P: "I said you SUCK!"
Peter: "...Who is 'dis?!"

Justin said...

Boats killed my father, and devoured my mother! And impregnated my aunt! And voted against my uncle for city congress! And took my lunch money! And threw my own Zuka Juice on me!

Oh wait, that last one was Mike, not a boat...or a Mike IN a boat!!!

Sarah said...

People don't kill people, boats do. You go home, turn on the tv, make a little dinner, smother your kid. Do us all a favor, don't smother your kids.