Monday, September 11, 2006


Today is my first full-time day at Makau and I've nothing to do. Don't tell Makau, but there isn't a lot of work here for me currently. I've got a few things to rewrite and then I'm sailing free like a bird to do as I please. I love my job, I just wish I had more of it. I guess I will take my free time to do some of my extra curicular editing. Hello Sarah's story.
If your bored and you know it, clap your hands.

Oh yeah, completely off topic: I'm looking for the board game Aquire. Has anyone seen it?


Sarah said...

Are you saying my story is BORING?!?!?! *Gasp and apall!* I'm hurt...truly truly hurt. Oh and last time I saw Aquire Scott and Jody have it. Maybe you should ask for it back...?

Becky said...

Actually, that game belonged to them. I'm looking for a new copy. I went to both malls and they did not have it. Aparently, it is out of print and difficult to find. Hello ebay.

Marie said...

*clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap.....*

Redurb said...

I rule at that game! Cooper and Laura have it. I've played it twice and won both times. Go figure. I'm a business genius and all the stock belongs to me! I have my win all strategy. Oh, and Becky, I may have some large novels for you to edit someday. They're all in my head, though...mostly. I need to put more on paper. It may have everything to do with the secret graphic novel that's being co-produced with me as a writer...but I didn't say anything.

FYI, I work everyday and ALWAYS have TOO much too do. I hate going to work and having nothing to do so <3 my job.

Becky said...

Of course you win! You always win! Editing of large novels I can do. I know about your not so secret graphic novel since Justin has had me pose for pictures. Your job must be the bestest! You win again!

Justin said...

WHAT???!?! Give up my secrets, will you!??!?!

*grabs his 12-guage*



*looks around secretly, the quickly stalks off away from the gore*

Strong Bad: 12-GUAGE'D!!!!

Justin said...

Yeah, and so what, I might have spelled "gauge" wrong...twice. At least, you might THINK that. The reality of the situation is that a 12-Guage is different than a 12-Gauge because it uses inverse physics and in fact works on magnetic propulsion for high-velocity projectiles rather than an explosive shell. So that "BLAAM BLAAM" noise was just me making the noise as my rail-shot-gun destroyed my hapless victims. Meh!!

Oh, and Acquire is teh gaem for teh |\/| ][ |< 3. He PWNS at that game.