Monday, August 29, 2005

208 Stairs

The first day of school is suppose to be exciting with a dash of fear. You are suppose to get to class a little late, get the syllabus and do a little meet and greet in each class. Today did not go as planned for me.
I got up early, so that I would be ontime to class, leaving me adequate time to find my class and find a parking spot. I had pre-found a parking lot that would be ideal for my needs, and then this morning happened. The first thing I tried to do was take 800N that was my first mistake. There is no left turn light on this intersection of 8th and Univ. so the line was a block long to turn and it wasn't really going anywhere fast. So I flip a U-y and head up Bulldog toward campus. Only to find traffic just as horrendous. I then finally reach my pre-arranged lot only to find it long past full and almost impossible to escape from. So, I go in search of an additional lot and traffic is stopping me and there are pedestrians everywhere, so I see a Y lot, as my parking pass designates, and I pull in to find it almost full, but I get a spot at the very back. I then cross the street to find my way to campus from this foreign lot. I see stairs going up a hill toward campus and I know that it is the only way to get up there unless I want to make a serious backtrack 1/2 mile. So I start going up the stairs from hell that do not seem to end, going slower than all the other students that are hopping up the stairs two at a time... HOPPING!!! I get to the top of the stairs and I can't breathe, I go for the inhaler, EMPTY. This is just wrong. I try to breathe anyway and it ends up with lots and lots of coughing. I get to my first class still out of breathe and for the first half an hour of class I am coughing every two to three seconds because my lungs are dying for an inhaler.
I go to my next class and I find myself once again faced with stairs, 37 to be exact, and they were just as unpleasant as the first set, if 118 steps shorter. I survive this, but my lungs remind me that they hate me. Next class, on the third floor, up another set of 15 stairs. Then not only do I have to come up these stairs, but I have to go back down. That means that I really took like 416 stairs today.
I don't remember what my teachers said or if I have a paper due tomorrow, I remember that everyday for the next four months, I am going to have to go up and down 208 stairs.
It goes on my list of reasons why I hate BYU. Slowly killing students, one stair at a time.

Friday, August 26, 2005


Today is a beautiful day and not because it is Lisa's Birthday, because it isn't, that was a few days ago. But rather because today is Lisa's Birthday party. That I am throwing for her and she is going to have lots of fun or death will threaten her existence.
Because I love Lisa like a fat kid loves cake, I decided that I should throw her a Birthday party, celebrating her existence and her whorishness. The whorishness is only thrown in because it was decided to have a Moulin Rouge themed party complete with dressing up and chocolate dipped strawberries.
Cuz really, what is better than a chocolate dipped strawberry? I ask you this. And if you have no reply to this, then ignore it and run away fast.
Lisa is finally 21. She has entered the age of gambling and drinking, only neither of those things will be done at her party, sorry to disappoint.
Side note, if you weren't invited to the party, then that is because Lisa hates you and doesn't really want you to come because she made up the guest list, but if you were invited to the party, then you are an elitest and you should rub it in the face of others.
Turning 21 is a momentous event and should always be followed by a party. Most people don't believe in throwing themselves a party, they merely believe in sulking. I say no to that! I throw myself parties almost every year because I like myself more than most everyone else.
Well, Lisa has been a good friend to me, been with me through thick and thin, messy and sometimes clean, through television obsessions and stress brought on by spanish and through it all, she has been a shining beacon of Lisa.
And I would like to thank her for being herself and always being able to quote movies better than I can. I rely upon her for that and she has done it splendidly. Well, Lisa, I couldn't get all of your friends to come to the party, seeing as how they live in other states.
But I'm going to be there and that is what is important. See ya'll or most of ya'll there.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Probably Shooting Myself in the foot but...

Okay, so Mike and I went to my brother Jake's house on Saturday and then on Sunday I find out that both he and Jill are out of their minds sick with the stomach flu. So, Mike and I think that we are going to inevitably get sick as well. And we decide that we will watch me because I will most likely be the first to befall the dreaded sickness because my immune system sucks beyond the telling of it. Then, Mike calls me last night to tell me that I am feeling sick, which I am not, but he is. So Mike is sick with the stomach flu and I am not. Quary.
So, do I expect to get sick in the very near future? Click my heels and tap my toes because my immune system apparently rocks? Or do I do the noble thing and nurse my sick brother back to help, thereby insuring my sickness to come?
Right now I'm dumbfounded that I have lasted this long without getting sick. It is always me that gets sick, ask anyone. And I seem to always get sick on a holiday because I have the luck that during my vacation, I will inevitably get sick and therefore not be able to enjoy my time off. With school less than a week away, I think that it will be my luck that I would get sick the last week of freedom, thereby disenabling me to spend my last week in funville. Not that I had fantastic plans or anything, but what could have been...
Justin reported sickness tonight and I remain unsickified. I felt a little nausiated yesterday, but had some ginger tea(of the herbal variety) and all was well. How is it that I am not sick? I wonder if Nancy has been infected as well...

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Booster Bash

I never posted about Booster Bash.
And I never will.
Pictures of the Bash below.
Me and Mercedes McNab. She is a very little person. Posted by Picasa
Me in front of Sunnydale High School Posted by Picasa
Me and Claire on the bus to the Key Club to see Kane and Common Rotation in concert. This is the only picture on the trip that I like of myself. Posted by Picasa
Best picture ever! Me, Clare Kramer and Julie Benz. They just got done doing a Q&A and me, and one other guy were the only ones who got pictures. They are so tiny, but very cute women. Julie Benz cracks me up! Posted by Picasa
This is Me, Monique, and Kitty at the notorious "Froggy Party" which wasn't hosted by Froggy and neither did Froggy attend. Everyone drank and I watched it was boring. Posted by Picasa
This is me at Sunnydale High trying to do a Giles tree smash without actually having to run into the bug infested tree. Ignore the girly hand going on there. Posted by Picasa
Here is Claire and I sporting our T-shirt and boose that we won by doing the scavenger hunt. Only two people entered and we were first out of two. I gave the Vampire Wine to Natalie, if you ever want some Translvanian imported wine, see her. Posted by Picasa
Here is Claire (My Booster Bash Buddy) and me at the dance the first night. She's slightly british, but don't fault her for that, fault her for the fact that she now lives in Texas. Posted by Picasa
This is me at the Cemetary where much of Buffy is filmed. Morbid much? Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 15, 2005

Vegas Baby!

Went to Vegas this weekend and had buckets of fun. Me, Mike and Marie saw Blue Man, which I had seen twice before, but it was just as good seeing it the third time. The best part was Mike's reaction to everything. Classic. He was laughing and hollering and singing and it was a pleasant evening. I also saw the most amazing show that ever was. It is Cirque Du Solei's new show at the MGM, Ka. It is like no other Cirque Du Solei that I have ever seen. It was all martial arts and really different, complete with snow and shadow puppets. I would see it again, I would see it five times and it would be new every time because there is just so much to look at. It was amazing. In conclusion, I like Vegas, I love my parents for taking me, and I love my brothers and sisters for being chums to hang out with.
I have realized that in my family, all of us siblings are very close. We are friends and we like hanging out with each other and even choose to do it of our own accord without parental forcing. My sisters and I are very tight knit. I don't know what I would do with out my two best friends of Marie and Sarah. I get along pretty well with the sister in laws too. Jill and I are good friends. I scrapbook with her once a month and I see her for vampire game as well. I like being chumy with siblings. I dislike contention, and I can't imagine my family being one of those ones where the siblings go and get married and only talk to each other on Christmas and Easter. No thanks, me, Sarah and Marie have a plan. We are going to live together in our old age after our husbands have died and Marie will have cats and Sarah will have imaginary friends and I will have food. It is a good plan.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Kelli, Clare Kramer, and me. She is very little, but nice. Funny story, the day before this she was wearing a sun dress and the strap broke. It was funny because the same thing happened on the set of Buffy. She shouldn't wear straps. Posted by Picasa
Me and Seth freaking Green. How flipping cool is that? Posted by Picasa
Me and Adam Baldwin. I'm standing next to Jayne! He's my favorite. Posted by Picasa
Me and Ron GLASS! Ignore the doublechinniness. Posted by Picasa
The girls at Comic Con. Or rather two blocks from Comic Con in front of a bunch of water and palm trees. I'm the tall one. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 04, 2005


The count is in and Sarah wins the Becky's sayings contest with a whopping 26 correct answers!
And now, the surprise prize is....THIS PICTURE OF A HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL!
I know, it is an awesome prize, but if you are not satisfied with it, you can take what is behind door number one, or A SHINY PENNY! Which I could not find a picture of, so please see me for your prize if a shiny penny is chosen.
I'd like to thank everyone for participating. You all did a fine job and showed your knowing Becky skills. I'm so proud.
I would like to invite the crowd to either praise or shun Sarah for her winnings and invite all to tell a little about Sarah and maybe throw out some of her sayings.
Thanks for playing, NAME-THAT-SAYING!
Good afternoon, good morning and goodnight.