Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Missing my Kellikins

Kelli goes into the MTC today. She is called to the Tallahassee, Florida mission. I'm really going to miss her. I went to her house last night to say goodbye to her and I cried like a little girl. I am so proud of her for making this decision, this sacrifice, to go and serve the Lord. And, even though I will miss her very much, I know that the people in her mission need her more than I do.

For all of you Kelli lovers out there, her mom is keeping a blog of Kelli's adventures. You can read about her at . I don't know if she has anything up on the blog yet, but I'm sure that she will.

I'll miss you Kellikins!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Family Weekend

This weekend was very much a family weekend. Mike came to Utah for his open house, to celebrate his wedding with all of his Utah friends. Even though Mike hates Utah with a firey passion, he still sacrificed and had a party here with his family and friends. He is so good to us.

It was actually a really busy weekend. Matt worked Saturday morning, so I was at home, alone, staining our kitchen cabinets and doing the laundry. We decided that we were going to stain our kitchen cabinets a darker stain and it has turned out to be a lot more work than it was first perceived. We first had to strip the cabinets of their current varnish, which was the hardest and smelliest part. Then, we had to stain the cabinets in three coats to get the dark shade that we want. But, we still have one more coat to do and we still have to stain all of the doors. There is a ways yet to go, but I think that it will be worth it in the end.

Saturday night, we went up to the parents for Mike's open house. The food was great, which is good, otherwise I might not have come. And, there were a ton of people there that I haven't seen in a long while, including: the recently engaged Justin, the Deavers, Grandma Moses (she retold the tale of her pedifile tenant, very funny), and Mike & Lisa. It was good fun to see these old friends and catch up a little/a lottle. A lot of them I haven't seen since my wedding and that was a year ago. But, I talked to them even less at my wedding because I purposefully ignored people at my reception. Lines are evil.

We stayed at the parents for many hours and then we went over to Norm and Rand's for games. We played "Bang," a new card game that I recently bought. There were 9 of us playing and the game lasted until 11pm, but there were many a "bang" joke made during the night. At one point, Anthon said, "I'm going to bang everyone one of you." And we all laughed because we are five years old.

Sunday, Matt and I went to Kellikins's farewell. I know that Kelli isn't technically family, but she has been around long enough to warrant an adoptive title. We went to Kelli's and talked with the highschool friends for a few hours prior to the sacrament meeting. Well, I talked and Matt ate massive amounts of oranges. He really liked the oranges there. Then, we went to the meeting. Kelli's talk was amazing. She is a very good writer and a very good story teller. She will do very well on her mission.

Sunday was the family Easter do-over day. We didn't celebrate Easter with the whole family last week, so we got together this week to do it. Matt and I picked up Krista Bright (Johnny's girl) and we headed up to the parents for the second time in one weekend. Mike and Lisa had already flown back to CA, so we were Mike and Lisa-less. Johnny, Krista Bright, Matt, and I hid the Easter eggs for all of the family. It was fun hiding eggs. It is one of my favorite parts of Easter, hiding the eggs. I don't like finding the eggs as much, because that is a lot more difficult, but hiding the eggs is a good time. Matt helped hide Johnny and Krista Bright's eggs and we hid them really difficult. One egg, we put inside of a fan vent in the ceiling. But, Johnny had no problem finding them all. Curse that Johnny. Johnny hid our eggs and we did have trouble finding them. Our patience would run out after about ten minutes of searching and then we would ask for hints. But, it was fun to run around the house looking for eggs. I hid Marie and Anthon's eggs really easy because they hate to look for eggs, but I hid them a little too easy because the little kids stole the eggs before Ree and Fish could get to them. Got 'em there!

After egg hunting, we all ate... well, everyone else ate and I sat with Tommy Thomerson. I was all full from the snacking I did before dinner. Then, we played a few games. It had been a long time since the family, the "kids" had all played games together. It was weird because we are all couplized now. All the marrieds, Johnny and Krista, and Baby and G-money. It was weird. We played Mafia first. This was a fun game, for a few rounds at least. No one ever trusted Norm, G-money lied a lottle, Krista can't lie worth beans, and Ree got killed a lot. Good times. Then, we played a round of Bang and it went a lot faster than Saturday... thankfully. I tricked everyone into thinking that I was the deputy and Sarah, who was actually the deputy, got really mad about it. I like getting her flustered, it is funny.

After games, we finally all went home and the weekend of family fun was over. It was a good, but very busy weekend.

Side note: Played laser tag with the highschool friends last night. My team lost, but I took first place. Gotcha there former Marine Tim.