Friday, April 29, 2005

Attention All Cat Haters

Well I have found one of the most time wasting, yet entertaining games out there. I bring you Kitten Canon! For all those of you who hate cats or just like a little bit of entertainment, well here it is in the form of launching a computerized kitten out of a canon. That is right! You can launch a poor defenseless and somewhat mishapen kitten out of a canon and watch it fly! Try to beat my top score of 1,717feet. Try the game and blog your scores. Just click on the title of this blog to reach the link.

Guess who it is. If you do, then you get a pretty gold start or a cookie, either one. Good luck! Natalie, you don't get to guess. Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 28, 2005


SERENITY!!!! Me and possibly Natalie are going to VEGAS BABY! To see the advanced screening of "Serenity," Joss Whedon's new film that tells the story of his short lived, yet addicting series "Firefly." When I saw the trailer, only two days ago, I knew that I would have to go and see that film, and now I am! On May the Fifth, me and my guest will be driving down to Vegas to see Serenity! I am more than thrilled and I will be forced to point, laugh and mock to all those who are not attending the screening, be very jealous of me. VEGAS BABY!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Gotta Keep Up!

I give! Natalie is better at keeping her blog updated and that is all there is to it. Not to mention that really only Nat and I comment on each other's blogs, where we could just call each other on the phone; it is time for a change! More people will come and comment on my blog and those people will be real and not just me using a different name! In addition, Natalie is in no way cooler than me, but she is quite pretty!
So to all you people of the world, come, visit, comment, mock, share, ect...
Becky has spoken-

Friday, April 22, 2005

And here we are posing for a picture with our Con friends. Don't we look special? I believe this is pre 'Becky destroys her hair via dance' Posted by Hello

Woot! Here is Natalie and I with friends we made at the Con, they are as weird as Nat and I. Posted by Hello

I want to be like Natalie

I want to be like unto Natalie, so I am posting pictures too because she is like my idol.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

My personal favorite picture of James and me. I was so nervous to ask for this pose that it took me two pics to get up the gusto. I am so glad that I did though because he was really nice and told me that I could and I think it turned out really well. Posted by Hello

Andy and Me on Saturday. I forgot a necklace and I am still kicking myself for it. Posted by Hello

Sunday Picture with Amber. I forgot to take off my sweater, so I look like a black blob. But that is her actual size. Posted by Hello

Here is my Saturday Picture with James Posted by Hello

I Have Returned Triumphant!

I have returned, tired, dizzy, hungry and with a serious crick in my neck, but I loved Houston! Okay, the city didn't really mean that much to me, but the convention was great! I really only left the hotel twice; once to go across the street to Subway and the other time to go to the airport, so Houston remains a mystery to me, but it doesn't matter because the Con was great!
I got to have pictures with James Marsters, Andy Hallet, Amber Benson, Jonathan Woodward, James Leary, Jenny Molen, and Camden Toy, so like everyone! And the James Concert was great! I believe that the concert was the highlight for me. Loved the banquet, loved the Q&A, loved the dances, loved Froggy's parties. Natalie and I made tons of new friends, Natalie got a wedding proposal, I got a proposition to be mistress to the same man who proposed to Natalie. We danced like mad, partied with Amber Benson, ate little and slept less. Here are some pics for now and a full report yet to come.