Monday, September 29, 2008

Our Park City Adventure

Matt's parents came into town this weekend and are staying in Park City. So, Matt and I decided that we would go up to my parent's cabin in Park City so that we could be closer to Mom and Dad Kimball while they were here. But, when I called Bill to find out if we could use the cabin, I found out that Norm and Jake were planning on going up to the cabin this weekend too. Then, Norm decided that it should be a big party and he called all the siblings and invited them all up to the cabin.

Marie Antionette and Me and Matt went up on Friday night. We were the only ones up there on Friday. I was a little concerned about going up to the cabin because I get car sickness, altitude sickness, and I'm pregnant. But, we really wanted to go, so we just went. We snagged Anthon on our way up and drove up to Kimball Junction and Marie met us there. We went to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner and it was really yummy. I've been craving all sorts of beef lately, so I like to eat it whenever I can. Then, we headed up the mountain to the cabin. The roads are really windie and unpaved, so it was a very bumpy ride. I got altitude sickness about half way up and lost all that dinner that I had just eaten. Sometimes it is unfun to be me. We kept going and made it up to the cabin.

I wasn't feeling very well still, so I claimed the master bedroom and took a bath in the ginormous tub. I kinda wish that I had a huge tub at home because it just took all the pressure off my back that pregnancy is putting there. It made me want to steal Marie and Anthon's house because they have a big tub in their huge bathroom. But, the cabin runs off well water, so the water was really gross looking. It was all yellow/brownish. And, we had all forgotten to bring bottled water, so we were very thirsty up there. None of us wanted to actually drink the well water.

I felt a little better after my bath, so I went downstairs to the theater room where Ree, Anthon, and Matt were playing video games on Anthon's new XBox. He got the box all modded so that it has old school games stored inside. We played Shrek, which was a fun game until we got stuck and didn't know what to do. Then, we played Halo, which Matt and I liked, but Marie and Anthon did not because they are not very good at the game. So, we ended up playing this ATV game which Marie rocked at and then she liked playing. I really sucked at that game. I went to bed around midnight, which is the latest that I have stayed up in a very long time because I am usually asleep by 9:30pm every night because I am all exhausted from growing a human being from scratch.

Saturday, Marie and Anthon left early to go to a baptism, but they left their XBox. Then, Norm, Rand and the kids showed up around 10:30am. I love those kids! They are so cute and so smart and fun. Ben is a wild one and kinda hard for me to handle because I lack patience while I am pregnant, but he is still cute and I love him. It was good to just spend time with Norm and Rand. We mostly just ate and played the Wii and hung around. I sent Matt into town to get some drinkable water and some Lil' Smokies, which I was craving. He is such a wonderful husband!

Jake and Jill, Johnny and Krista, and Mom and Bill showed up around 5pm. Despite the fact that the house is 13,000 square feet, it was feeling a little crowded. I love my siblings and my nieces and nephews, but I have a hard time right now with big crowds and loud children. I secluded myself in the Master Bedroom and took a nap or talked with Jill while she fed the baby. Side note: Kiera is so cute! All of Jake and Jill's babies have been cute, but Kiera really is the cutest one. If I could just keep her and skip this whole pregnancy thing, that would be great. Alas, that Jake and Jill are all attached to her.

It was good to have almost everyone together though. I haven't seen Johnny and Krista in a while because they are all newly married and in school and stuff. I wasn't feeling very well, so I just played the Wii with the adults for a little while and then I headed off to bed. Matt stayed up and played games until well into the morning.

Norm and Rand left early on Sunday, then we took off to go and see Matt's parents and we left Johnny and Krista at the cabin to lock things up. Mom and Dad Kimball were a lot later than we expected, so we didn't even get to see them that much in our little weekend away, but it was still fun to get out of the house finally and be almost a normal person.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Smell of Fall

I was outside yesterday morning and I smelled Fall. I love the smell of Fall. It is so crisp and so clean and it just smells wonderful. Fall is my favorite season. I love it the most because of the smell and because Halloween is in the Fall.

Halloween is my favorite Holiday. I love to decorate the house with fun Halloween decorations and I love to dress up for Halloween. I think it is so much fun to dress up and have an excuse to party. There is just no bad there.

I hope that the cooler weather continues and that the hot days are behind us.

Side note: My Matt Face has decided to begin blogging. You can view his blog at

Monday, September 22, 2008

13 Weeks

I'm at 13 weeks now. I'm officially out of the first trimester. Yay! I can tell already that things are different because I'm a lot more happy now and a lot less miserable. I still get nauseated at night, but it is manageable. I'm still very tired. If I could lay in bed and sleep most of the day away, that would be awesome. Alas that I have to work and stuff. I'm also very uncomfortable a not small amount of the time. All my weight seems to be moving to my belly and it makes the positions that I usually like to be in very uncomfortable. I can no longer lay on my back in bed because it puts pressure on all my insides. It is just another thing that I need to adjust to I guess.

Sometime last week, I tried to put on my pants (my big pants) and they would no longer button. It was very frustrating because they fit fine the day before. So, I gave in and decided that it was time to go shopping for maternity clothes so that I would have clothes that fit and clothes that are comfortable. So, Erin, Jenni and I took a lunch break and went shopping to search for some maternity clothes. I have to say, the places that I have been have slim pickings on cute maternity clothes. I was able to find a pair of work pants and a couple of shirts, so I guess our outing was successful. I've found that even though maternity clothes are very odd looking with the elastic tops on the pants, they are so very much more comfortable than having a button at the top of my pants. Normal pants put so much pressure on my belly when I sat down. Such is not the case with maternity pants. So, I'm glad that I have switched over. I know that I will have many more clothes to buy as I continue to expand, but this will do me fine for now.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's a Baby, Not a Blobby

Matt, Marie, and I went to the AF Hospital yesterday to have Norm do the 12 week ultrasound. It was pretty cool. The baby actually looked like a baby, not just a fuzzy blobby like it did last time we did the ultrasound.

The baby was all wiggly and movin' around and that totally tripped me out because it is like a thing living inside me. It was very surreal, but cool at the same time. Ree and Matt were very excited about it too. I think it is a little more weird for me because it was all happening inside of me and it was difficult to connect the picture on the screen with the cause for all this sickness I have been feeling.

In the pick that says Mouth, we were able to see the baby opening and closing its mouth, it even sucked its thumb for a bit. In the Profile pic, you can see the little hand up by the baby's face and you can see the foot on the left of the pic. This last pic is really the best profile I think because you can see a nose shape.

The baby seemed to be doing well, we saw the heartbeat and it was moving around, so those are good signs. The baby is measuring a little big. It is about 4 days ahead of the size that it should be. Norm attributed this to how tall Matt and I are. Matt decided that "he" is going to be a basketball player.

It was a fun experience. I'm glad I got connections like a brother who is an ultrasound tech.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

12 weeks

I'm at 12 weeks now. That puts me just one week shy of being done with my first trimester. I think that is how it works anyway. I'm starting to feel a little bit better. The nausea is ebbing, but comes back if I wait more than 2 hours to eat. So, I am still eating a lot of little meals during the day. I'm still very exhausted though. I fall asleep at like 9:30pm every night, but I always wake up tired.

Last weekend I slept and stayed in bed most of the day on Saturday and Sunday. I didn't leave the house; I hardly even left my bed. I was just so exhausted. I think my body just needs a rest after working 8 hours a day all week. Or, the baby is slowly trying to suck all the life and energy out of me in some sort of evil, master, baby plot to take over the world. Time will tell.

Yesterday was my first real baby doctor's appointment. Matt and I took a long lunch and drove over to Provo for the doctor's appointment. I got the name of this doctor from my friend Rachel and I was really excited because it is a female OBGYN, which is what I wanted. We got to the office and I had to fill out a bunch of new patient paper work and I knew that I wouldn't be able to remember all of my pregnancy symptoms, so Matt and I wrote down a list before hand. (This goes back to the baby eating my brain.)

The nurse was suppose to take my blood before the doctor came in to see me, but I think that in an effort to take over my body, the baby has made my veins unfindable/impenetrable. First, the nurse couldn't find any of my veins and had to call in a second nurse to help. Then, when they finally decided to try a vein in my wrist (which hurts way more than inside the elbow), they were able to get the needle into the vein, but no blood came out. So, of course, they dug the needle around trying to get blood to come out, but it didn't and they finally gave up on that vein. They then decided that I was dehydrated and needed to drink water before they could take my blood. So, blood taking was post-poned until after I saw the doctor.

The doctor came in and I liked her a lot. She answered all of my questions and she has a focus on the health of the family, not just the baby, because she is a family practitioner as well. That she could answer all my questions about my pregnancy symptoms was really comforting. She used that Doppler device thing and Matt and I were able to hear the heartbeat of the baby. At first, the baby was dodging the device and we couldn't hear the heartbeat because the baby kept moving, but we got to hear it for a little while. It was very surreal. It was cool to hear the heartbeat, but it was weird because there is like another human being living in me and that is a little weird. Human beings are suppose to live in houses or boxes, not other people.

So, after I saw the doctor, they moved me into a new room, with a new nurse and she also could not find my veins, but finally decided to go with the wrist vein on my other arm. It also would not produce blood, so she dug the needle around until it did. I filled one and a half vials until the blood started pooling under my skin. So, she took the needle out and had to stick me again in the inside of my elbow. This also didn't want to give blood, more needle digging, finally blood came and I filled all my vials. I don't understand why this whole process was so difficult. I have had blood taken so very many times as I have been sick so very many times and they always like to take blood and there hasn't been a problem. Hence, I think it is an evil plot of the baby.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sick and Tired

Well, I got sick this weekend. Shocker, I know!

Sunday night, I was feeling nauseated and I was having body aches, but that was not too uncommon in my pregnancy thus far, so I thought it was regular. But, then I was up all night without sleep and visiting the bathroom a lottle. It was the opposite of fun and I knew that I had to be sick because I'm in week 11, I'm suppose to start feeling better around this point. I felt bad because I kept Matt up all night because I was up all night, so neither of us got any sleep. We both stayed home from work on Monday. I went to the doctor and, sure enough, I got the stomach flu. I have the worst luck.

It is absolutely miserable to be sick and pregnant. My mom had pneumonia during one of her pregnancies, I'm not really sure how she got through that. But, I was extra complainy and extra needy as I was very sick for about two days. Matt, being the wonderful husband that he is, just did everything that he could to make me comfortable.

I'm feeling better now, eating and everything. I'm hoping that my immune system realizes that it needs to work a little better for the next 6.5 months. I don't want to get sick again whilst I am pregnant. But, knowing me, that just is too much to hope for. Alas.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

11 Weeks

I'm 11 weeks along now and it is not that much different from 10 weeks. I'm feeling a little less nausea, but week 11 comes with all new fun unpleasantries including headaches, dizziness, lots of discomfort, back pain, and forgetfulness.

Matt and I went shopping this weekend and I pulled out my debit card to pay, but I could not remember my pin number when it came time to punch it in. It was very embarrasing! I use that number every time I pay for something, but I just could not remember it. I had a bad memory pre-pregnancy, but I fear how much worse it will get now that the baby is eating my brain.

Babies are a lot like parasites because they suck everything away from their mother, only in a non-symbiotic way. I just don't see how we are both benefiting from this relationship yet. I'm doing all the giving of my energy and my nutrients and my body and I'm getting bubkis back. Maybe this is just in preperation for motherhood. Because mothers give all their time and their attention to the caring and raising of the children and they really don't get much back. It makes me appreciate my mother more than I did before.

Apparently, parenthood is very gratifying, but that might just be a rumour that women are spreading around to make pregnancy seem all worth it. We will just have to wait and see.

I'm still waiting for the "cool" part of pregnancy to happen. I'm starting to think that that there is no cool part, that it is just another one of those myths that are floating around.