Friday, February 19, 2010

And the Saga Continues

Well, Nicole threw up three times yesterday and no times today so far. But, she has thrown up her antibiotic every time I have given it to her and last night she got a rash after I gave it to her. So, I stopped giving it to her. Today she has been crying off and on all day and has been non inclined to eat. I have to assume that it is the ear infection. Called the doctor to get a new prescription but my doctor has already left for the weekend. The office said they would try to get a different doctor to sign a prescription and send it off to the pharmacy. We shall see.

I've got her on Motrin, but it doesn't seem to help with whatever it is that is ailing her. This would be so much easier if she could just talk to me.

I'm starting to get cabin fever. Two weeks of being in my house alone is getting to me. I'm so sick of tv and reading and all the things that I do in a day. I want out! I want a break. But, then I remember that I am still a mommy and sometimes mommy's don't get breaks.

She has been waking up in the middle of the night every day this week which is very unlike her. She usually sleeps 8-10 hours a night. I can't tell if this is ear pain or tooth pain or a different pain entirely. I'm tired, but I feel worse for her than I do for me.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Being a Mom is Heartbreaking

2 days of vomiting, 9 days of hives, 9 days of runny/stuffy nose, 3 days of cough, 1 day diarrhoea, 2 days ear infection, and one very tired mommy.

Nicole is still sick. Every time I think that she is getting a little better, something new seems to hit. Went to the doctor again yesterday and the doctor said she has a virus, causing the cold symptoms, she also has the stomach flu, she also has an ear infection, and one of her illnesses are causing the hives.

I can stand being tired and sick and having to take care of a sick child. What really is hard on me is watching her suffer and knowing that there is nothing I can do to make is better. After vomiting for the who knows how manyieth time yesterday, little Nicole just kept convulsing with dry heaves. I felt so bad! I would rather have me be sick than watch my child be sick. It is heartbreaking.

Every time she threw up, she just looked up at me and cried with those eyes that asked, "why mom?" I cried with her when I couldn't take it any more. I think being a mom is difficult because we love our little ones so much that we want to do everything for them and just see them happy and healthy. But, life is life and there will be hard times for my child and it just breaks my heart to see it.

I always thought the difficult part of having a sick child would be cleaning up the vomit and the other bodily fluids, but that isn't it. Those parts are easy compared to watching my baby cry because she is so hungry, but I know I can't feed her anything other than pedialite because she will vomit it up.

Lets hope today is better.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Being a Mom is Gross

Nicole has thrown up five times today. Three times on my bed. Matt and I are sick with colds and don't feel good. Oh yeah, having the best day ever.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Nicoley started getting these spots on her neck on Sunday and then it only got worse and worse. What is wrong with my baby?

I took her to the doctor yesterday and she said that it was a viral infection causing the spots and the fever that she has (100 degrees low grade fever).
She also said that there is nothing I can do and I just have to wait it out until they are gone like any virus.
Little Nicoley is so sad. She is usually a very active baby and loves to play, but for two days all she has done is lay around and whimper and cry. She doesn't even want to play. The only thing that appeases her is watching cartoons. So, we have been watching a lot of cartoons.
I just don't believe my doctor's diagnosis. I think it is bubkis, so I am going to get a second opinion tomorrow. My doctor said that this could last up to six weeks. I just can't watch my little girl be sick for two weeks and do nothing.

Poor Nicoley.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Birthday 26

Happy 26th Birthday to me! Well, technically I won't be 26 until tomorrow, but we celebrated on Saturday.

I once again decided to go with an Iron Chef theme. I have thrown myself a birthday party for many years now (ever since I went off to college). This is because when I was a kid, I only got a party every other year. Then, when out on my own, I decided that I would not wait for someone to throw a party for me ever again. I would throw my own parties and they would be amazing! And they have been. Themes from past parties include: Becky's Bestest Birthday Bash, Superheros/Villains, Prom, and ... well I don't actually remember the others. But, two years ago, I held an Iron Chef party with an Orange theme (the fruit, not the color). This party was a success and I had finally found a lasting theme.

Thus, this year was once again an Iron Chef party with the secret ingredient being Coconut! Everyone was instructed to bring a dish containing coconut to the party.

We had a ton of food! The key ingredient to every good party. Everyone was able to eat, judge, and enjoy. There were a lot of fun dishes this year. I decided to vary from my previous decision to make my own birthday cake this year and I made a savory dish instead. I made coconut crusted crab cakes with lime sauce. I thought that they were really good, but the judges did not put them in first place. Matt made coconut shrimp with peanut sauce that also turned out really well.
But, the dish that won (supposedly) were these hamburger cupcakes. They didn't actually contain any meat, but had mounds of frosting in the middle. But, upon reviewing the tally sheet the day after the party, I realized that there was a mistake! Someone misjudged the cupcakes and scored them out of 10pts for plating rather than 5pts. Thus, giving them an extra 4 pts! Aha! I was very pleased with this discovery because even though the cupcakes were very pleasing to look at, they were yucko.

So, I am proud to announce that the winning dish was actually *drumroll* Coconut Chicken with sweet sauce submitted by Anne Aguilera! Congratulations Anne, your dish reigned supreme and you ARE the Iron Chef.
We actually had a really good turn out. About 30 people and a gaggle of children showed up to the party. And, even though the chicken ranked highest, my favorite dishes were the coconut curry submitted by Laura Brockbank and the pina coladas by Marie Mecham (very refreshing).
Everyone seemed to have a good time except for Nicole who was very upset by all the people at her house. But, I enjoyed myself and I think that that is what matters most.