Thursday, February 11, 2010


Nicoley started getting these spots on her neck on Sunday and then it only got worse and worse. What is wrong with my baby?

I took her to the doctor yesterday and she said that it was a viral infection causing the spots and the fever that she has (100 degrees low grade fever).
She also said that there is nothing I can do and I just have to wait it out until they are gone like any virus.
Little Nicoley is so sad. She is usually a very active baby and loves to play, but for two days all she has done is lay around and whimper and cry. She doesn't even want to play. The only thing that appeases her is watching cartoons. So, we have been watching a lot of cartoons.
I just don't believe my doctor's diagnosis. I think it is bubkis, so I am going to get a second opinion tomorrow. My doctor said that this could last up to six weeks. I just can't watch my little girl be sick for two weeks and do nothing.

Poor Nicoley.


Marie said...

Poor thing! There's got to be something that can help her. I agree with getting a second opinion.

Jenni Elyse said...

That's no fun at all. I hope Nicole feels better soon. Poor little girl!

Jasmine said...

Alexis had spots exactly like those last summer. We were traveling out of state a lot and had been to California, Las Vegas, and Utah in the space of 3 weeks, so I couldn't take her in to the doctor when they showed up. I figured the drastic change in climate could have had something to do with it.

After asking both my mom and my mother-in-law, we decided it was probably eczema. I put Aquaphor on her after her bath at night and before I got her dressed in the morning, and the spots went away within a week. I kept using the Aquaphor on her the rest of the summer cuz it was so dry in Vegas.

Alexis didn't have a fever, though. But even if Nicole doesn't have eczema, a little Aquaphor might make her more comfortable until the rash goes away. It's also possible that the fever and rash are unrelated -- if she's teething, that could explain the fever.

I'm no pediatrician, but I tell you I've seen those spots before.

Robert Penberthy said...

That sucks... do you think it came from that one kid that was sick at your birthday party?

I'm glad Patrick didn't get sick.

The Mom said...

It looks like hives to me . . .is she itchy?

Adrianne Miller said...

Stupid doctor. That seems like something you could treat. Give her something!!

AnneMarie said...

Good for you going to get a 2nd opinion. So sad for little Nicole. Good luck! And... I agree with your mom, looks like hives.

Laura said...

It looks like hives to me too.