Thursday, December 04, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby!

My Baby is 20 today! She is the prettiest Baby that you ever did see, so here is a picture blog post dedicated to her beauty.


Marie said...

Huh, this looks just like my blog...that I posted BEFORE you. Mine is obviously better because:
1-I posted it first and therefore came up with the idea of a picture tribute to Sarah
2-Mine has more words
3-Mine talks about your mom
There's really no question that mine wins this non-competition.

Jasmine said...

That last one is the bestest. ;)

Becky said...

Bull! Mine is way better because it has better pictures of Sarah!

Sarah said...

Ha ha, both blog tributes are beautiful. Becky, I especially like the wide variety of pictures you have, they are lovely, except for the second to last one...I don't think I'm wearing makeup. And you were the first to call me, so thank you Baby :)

Cid said...

I notice that Marie's pictures include more than just Becky and Sarah. Marie definitely wins because of her respect of more of the family. Nice try on the propaganda Becky.