Friday, April 29, 2011


Some mornings I wake up and wonder if I even slept at all. I feel as if I was up the entire night. Even though I have short intervals of sleep. 30 minutes here, 1 hour there. I almost got a nap today except that Daniel isn't feeling well and wouldn't nap with me even though Nicole was obliging.

Daniel went in for his two week appointment yesterday. He is 50% across the board, so he is a healthy, average little baby boy.

We did have to clip his tongue because his tongue was pretty tight and he wasn't latching very well. Hence why I have had such a difficult time nursing. But, since we got it clipped, he has been latching a lot better.

I'm happy. Tired, but happy.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Worst Night Ever

Nicole being very perplexed by my breast pump
Last Monday night was one of those nights that are just so awful that you want to laugh and cry at the same time. Matt and I were both in grumpy moods because we both were lacking sleep. Plus, Nicole had been crying all day over nothing. It is her new thing. To cry when nothing is wrong and drive us crazy.

So, I was watching Nicole while Matt caught a little bit of sleep. I kept asking Nicole if she was hungry for dinner, but she kept telling me "No." So, I opted to feed her a very full cup of milk before sending her to bed. But, first, I bathed Nicole and got her into her pajamas.

Matt woke up and we decided that Nicole should eat a few noodles before we gave her the milk, even thought it was 8:30pm. Then, we set her up in our bed with me and Daniel to drink her big girl cup. I was very frustrated at this time because Daniel has had trouble latching and it often ends with him in tears and me in tears.

Nicole finished her milk and then immediately started crying and lifting up her shirt. Because she had been crying all day over nothing, I just assumed this was another one of those times. So, I was holding the baby on the bed next to her, trying to figure out what was wrong. Then, she looked at me with that look that little kids get when they are sick and I knew what was coming, but I was helpless to stop it. And then she threw up all over me, all over the bed, and all over herself until her stomach was empty. Gross.

Matt took her to the bath tub and started to get her cleaned up because the vomit was everywhere. All over her pajamas and hair and in her ears. Gross. Meanwhile, I put the baby down and started to clean off our bed. It was all over the sheets and the comforter and the pillows. We got Nicole clean and in more pajamas and finally got her to bed with a cup of gaterade to calm her stomach.

Then, we were up for another hour trying to get the vomit out of our bed. It was one of those times that I just couldn't stop crying because it was so awful. Luckily, Daniel slept through most of it and Nicole only was a little scared by the whole situation. It was a night that I never want to repeat and maybe someday I will think that it is funny that we had such a fiasco when Daniel was only four days old, but that day has not yet come.

Now, here are some pictures to make this post less depressing.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Daniel Alan Kimball

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

We went into the hospital at 6:30am on Thursday. Little Daniel was moving around so much, they were having trouble tracking his heartbeat for 30 minutes straight, so I didn't start pitocin until 8:30 am. At 11am, I got my epidural. The contractions weren't excessively painful at that point, but I knew my doctor was coming around lunchtime to break my water and I really wanted to have the epidural working by the time my water was broken. My nurse was having trouble feeling the baby's head, so they brought in an ultrasound to make sure that my baby was really head down. He was, but I had a whole lot of amniotic fluid that was bubbling between baby head and the nurse.
By 2pm, I was at 5cm and my doctor was breaking my water. Not much progress. At 3pm, I was still at a 5, but I called my Mom and Marie to let them know that it was going to be a while. 15 minutes later, I was calling them back to say I was at a 7 and they should get to the hospital if they want to see him born. By 4pm, I was at a 10 and ready to go. They had me practice pushing for about 10 minutes and then they called my doctor to come and catch that baby. 
It was such a relief to have this baby and this labor go faster than my one with Nicole. I waited 7 hours after my water broke with Nicole to get to a 10. Then, I pushed for 2.5 hours with her until they called in my doctor.
My doctor came and I pushed for another 20 minutes and little Daniel was born. I was convinced that I was pushing wrong because it didn't feel the same as when I pushing with Nicole. I feel I was a lot more successful this time around because I only passed out a couple of times because of hyperventilating. It was actually a lot easier this time, yay! And no stitches at all for me, which is even more yay! 
I'm recovering okay. I have a wonderful husband to help me at home and Momma Kimball has been a huge help with Nicole this first week. I love my new little baby. It makes me want to have tons and tons of babies. If only it wasn't so difficult to make them.

Monday, April 11, 2011


So, today I am exactly 39 weeks pregnant. If my doctor was in town, I would be in the hospital having my baby right now. Hospitals allow 2nd time mothers to induce one week prior to their due date. That is how Adrianne had her baby yesterday (attempting to not be jealous). But, since my doctor is on spring break, I must wait until Thursday when she returns.

I really love my doctor. She did great delivering Nicole and she has had six babies of her own, so I know that she knows what she is doing. I want her to be the one to deliver my baby boy. But man am I hating spring break right now. I know that even doctors need a break and she tries really hard to schedule her vacations around her patients. I'm just so heavy and so big and so ready to have this baby.

Today I tried on three shirts until I found one that mostly covers my belly. You know you are too pregnant when most of your maternity shirts no longer cover your belly. Luckily, maternity pants come up past my belly button, so when my shirt doesn't come all the way down, you just see the tummy panel on the pants, not actual belly. That would be gross.

I put on my shoes today and they didn't fit. They were way tight and painful, but they are the biggest shoes that I have, so I wore them anyway. In retrospect, I should have put on flip flops. Darn swollen feet.

It is a good thing I am working from home because I just don't fit into anything right now. I don't think I would have any attire that is work appropriate.

I woke up every two hours last night. This is my body's way of telling me it is time for the baby. Now if only my body would get some contractions to push that baby out! At least I will be on his schedule when he is born.

Okay, I'm ready now... lets go.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Still pregnant

Still preggo, still waiting. But, the good news is that I am now working from home. I don't have to go to work any more.  Yay! No new progress updates because my doctor is out of town until next Thursday when I get induced.

Monday, April 04, 2011


Went to the doctor this morning and I'm at 4cm, but baby boy is still sitting really high. I got my membranes stripped, but it I haven't had any contractions yet. Fine, whatever, never come baby.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

38 Weeks

Okay, so I am actually 38 weeks on Monday, but I get excited. I went to the doctor yesterday and I have progressed!  I'm 3cm dilated! And I was so excited about that that I don't remember what my percentage is this time. I was just so happy to have progressed all by my self. With Nicole, I sat at 1cm for weeks with no progress, so the doctor helped me along. Now, I know that a 3 is not much and I could hang at a 3 for a week and a half, but that is okay, I feel accomplished.

My doctor goes out of town next week for a full week, so baby boy better come before Wed. or in a week.