Friday, April 22, 2011

Worst Night Ever

Nicole being very perplexed by my breast pump
Last Monday night was one of those nights that are just so awful that you want to laugh and cry at the same time. Matt and I were both in grumpy moods because we both were lacking sleep. Plus, Nicole had been crying all day over nothing. It is her new thing. To cry when nothing is wrong and drive us crazy.

So, I was watching Nicole while Matt caught a little bit of sleep. I kept asking Nicole if she was hungry for dinner, but she kept telling me "No." So, I opted to feed her a very full cup of milk before sending her to bed. But, first, I bathed Nicole and got her into her pajamas.

Matt woke up and we decided that Nicole should eat a few noodles before we gave her the milk, even thought it was 8:30pm. Then, we set her up in our bed with me and Daniel to drink her big girl cup. I was very frustrated at this time because Daniel has had trouble latching and it often ends with him in tears and me in tears.

Nicole finished her milk and then immediately started crying and lifting up her shirt. Because she had been crying all day over nothing, I just assumed this was another one of those times. So, I was holding the baby on the bed next to her, trying to figure out what was wrong. Then, she looked at me with that look that little kids get when they are sick and I knew what was coming, but I was helpless to stop it. And then she threw up all over me, all over the bed, and all over herself until her stomach was empty. Gross.

Matt took her to the bath tub and started to get her cleaned up because the vomit was everywhere. All over her pajamas and hair and in her ears. Gross. Meanwhile, I put the baby down and started to clean off our bed. It was all over the sheets and the comforter and the pillows. We got Nicole clean and in more pajamas and finally got her to bed with a cup of gaterade to calm her stomach.

Then, we were up for another hour trying to get the vomit out of our bed. It was one of those times that I just couldn't stop crying because it was so awful. Luckily, Daniel slept through most of it and Nicole only was a little scared by the whole situation. It was a night that I never want to repeat and maybe someday I will think that it is funny that we had such a fiasco when Daniel was only four days old, but that day has not yet come.

Now, here are some pictures to make this post less depressing.


Adrianne Miller said...

Ugh. Yeah, two kids is super hard. I totally forgot how hard a newborn is. Jack has been naughty too and freaking out over nothing. We have had some bad nights but nothing this bad, thank goodness. I am crying all the time too. Like last night when Lilly spit up everything that was in her stomach and somehow aimed it right down my shirt at 3 in the morning or when she poops all over my hand as I'm changing her. Super fun!!!!

Jasmine said...

Ugh...been there, done that. Vomit is pretty much the worst.

He is one cute kid! I hope he figures out the eating thing soon.

Deanne said...

I'm so sorry. I wanted to cry for you! I hope things look up very soon. There is nothing that can compare you for that lack of sleep.

Marie said...

I see why people only have one kid. Yeah, vomit is the worst. That sounds like the worst night ever.

Sarah said...

Daniel is the best burrito ever.

Angela said...

Why do kids always puke at the worst possible moment? As for it being funny someday, I don't know I have some vomit stories that 5 years later still aren't even a little funny. Or try having 3 or more puking at the same time. It's my least favorite part of parenthood.

Lauren said...

Congrats on the new arrival Becky! He is adorable. I'm sorry for a bad parenting night. They are no fun, but kids/babies (at least your own right?) are so sweet and cute that usually you quickly forget about all the terrible, yucky things they do to ya. :)

Annette said...

Oh, I feel for you. Someday you will laugh, but in the meantime hang in there. They are both beautiful.