Monday, January 28, 2013

Bad Blogger

Okay, I have been home for three weeks now and I have been a bad blogger. I thought I would have all sorts of time when I was home with the kids and I would definitely still have time to blog. But, I find myself alone with the kids a not small amount of the week and I haven't had the time to focus on blogging. I am still finding my footing with being a stay at home mommy. It is no easy job and the kids demand my attention a not small amount of the time. Right now I hear them fighting just one room over and I know I should go and break it up... but they have been fighting all day and I am tired of playing referee.

Being home is really hard. Not in the stressful kind of way that work was, but in the frustrating and exhausting way of parenting. Being around kids all day also makes me hungry for adult interaction. The kids were sick all weekend and we had to stay home and I have been home, alone, without Matt, for three days. I am about ready to go crazy. 3 days out of every week I am alone with the kids. A full 72 hours with just me and the kiddos. Usually I plan for us to go out on the weekend, but when they are sick, we are trapped here at home for a very long time. Huh, now I hear Dan playing with the blinds.... I should probably check that out... nope... he stopped... I think.

See, even just writing this short quick post I find myself distracted and unable to really commit to blogging. I will find my groove eventually, I just haven't found it yet. Until then, you will have to satisfy your curiosity about my life by inventing crazy mommy situations that I am most likely finding myself in. Ugh. Dan just hit Nicole. Gotta go.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Discovery Museum

Last week, Marie and her kids came with Matt and I up to Salt Lake to the Children's Discovery Museum. We don't go there very often because although it is fun, it is expensive. They charge the same admission for child and adult alike even though the museum is totally for kids and adults just stand around and watch the kids play. That is why I like Kangaroo Zoo; no admission charge for adults that are just watching their kids play.

There were a lot of different stations for the kids to play at and instead of boring you with descriptions of each station, I am going to bore you with pictures instead. I would love to say that I came up with a bunch of stunning pictures... but once again I find that my camera is smarting than me despite reading the manual.

The water table was the biggest hit. I think that the kids spent the most time at this station. Dan and Damon just wanted to put balls in, but Nicole was intent on moving water from one place to another.

Monson was just chilling in the stroller and was such a good boy the whole time.

 Dan and Damon loved these wind tunnels. They put paper airplanes in and watched them fly. Dan thought it was amazing.

They had a news station where the kids could pretend to be on the news and see themselves on the television screen.

 Dan was operating the camera for a little bit.
 Nicole loved the green screen where she pretended to do the news.
 Aunt MeeMee helped with the news. I think she missed her calling.

There is a helicopter on the roof of the second floor that the kids could get in to and pretend to fly.

Dan was beyond tired at this point and had a meltdown. It was the last thing that we did that day.

Dano loved this table. He would build a tower, then turn on the table and it would shake until the blocks fell over. He kept grabbing the edges of the table to make it stop shaking, but it didn't work.

It was a lot of fun going up to Salt Lake to do this and we all fit in Marie's car, so that worked out well too. But, after two hours at the museum, the kids were hungry, they were tired and it was time to leave. We stopped at the food court at the Gateway Mall and grabbed some lunch. But, poor Damon was so tired that he fell asleep on my lap rather than eating his lunch.