Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Derington Christmas

This year for Christmas, my two long lost (because they live in different states) siblings came to visit. Unfortunately, I missed most of their visit because my kids got the croup the week before Christmas and I got bronchitis the week of Christmas. It was a "sick" Christmas in the Kimball household and did not involve much gallivanting. But, it did involve a whole lot of laying in bed, watching Netflix and trying to recover.

But, right when I started to get sick and right when I started to recover, I did get to spend a little time with my siblings and my parents.

The Saturday before Christmas, my parent's hosted a pizza night at their house where we all came over and had homemade pizza. My wonderful older brother Jake did all of the cooking and made tons of pizza for everyone. Had I been feeling well, I totally would have helped. But, I could barely take care of myself and my children while I was there, so I regret to say that I was entirely unhelpful. Though I did take pictures with my new camera. I'm still trying to figure out how to use it proper, so the pictures are not fantastic. Forgive please.

Jake, Norm and Hailey making pizza

Miranda chopping toppings

Jake making pizza with his fancy pizza docker thing
Norm's second daughter, Hailey

My kiddos playing with toys in the loft

Matt playing with the kids in the loft. He was here for about an hour before he had to leave for work for the night.

We all were there, except Johnny and his wife who were on a cruise for the holiday. So, it was almost like all 7 of my siblings were together again. The pizza was delicious, but it always is when Jake cooks. 
Miranda and Jack (Sarah's baby)
Jack. Oh my gosh is this kid cute.

Sarah and my Mom

Sarah and Mark



Mostly, we just sat around, enjoyed our time together and were able to talk to each other like the old days before we all got married and started having kids and stopped having time to be siblings.

We played a couple of games together and then I was beat, so I packed up the kids and headed home... alone because Matt works every weekend.

I was more sick a couple days later, on Christmas Eve and Dano was very sick with fevers of 103. So, Matt stayed home with Dano and Nicole and I went alone to my family Christmas Eve dinner. My brother Jake hosts this event every year and it is always a lot of fun.

Jake's house is actually big enough to hold us all and he always makes a delicious dinner for all of us. I suppose being the oldest sibling means that he often is the one planning family events. That is what he gets for being born first.

I was once again unable to do much because I had what I thought was a bad cold, but turned out to be bronchitis. I had originally planned to stay the night at my parent's Christmas Eve with my two sisters and their families, but because of all the sickness, we didn't stay.

Camille and Jacob. The oldest of my siblings' children.

Nicole had so much fun playing with her cousins. She was so good too. She really was an angel while I was sick the week of Christmas. She kept trying so hard to be good and kept telling me, "Mommy, I'm so sorry that you are sick."

Tommy (Norm's youngest)
We ate the delicious turkey and ham dinner and then we did our sibling and cousin gift exchange. My siblings and I exchange names for Christmas because it was too much trying to buy gifts for 6 siblings every year. Then, our kids exchange names so that the kids have gifts to open at this event. They like getting gifts for their cousins too.

I left the party as early as I could and then went home to spend time with just my little family.

I was then super sick the next few days, to the point that I couldn't even walk across the room without gasping for breath. It was no fun and I missed Christmas morning with my family, chili dinner night, temple square, Les Miserable, and Breaking Dawn.

But, by the Saturday after Christmas, I was feeling well enough to go to Norm's house for another pizza night. But, I wasn't 100% so I just did the best I could with just me and the kids... since it was a weekend and Matt was working again.

All the older kids played Monopoly

I finally got to see Monson. I say finally because it had been a few weeks since I had see him. Way too long.

Man this kid is super expressive and cute.

We ate, we talked, my kids cried nine times and we played a little Catch Phrase before I called it a night. Sarah and Mark were not there, so I didn't get extra time with them, but I did get to see Johnny and Krista who had returned from their trip. I took a lot of pictures of them, but they all turned out bad. Which I can only blame on my photography because they are beautiful people.

This is how Dan has been since he got sick. Standing at my feet begging me to hold him. My arms are tired from holding him so much.

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Marie said...

Man my baby is cute! And so are everyone else's. Those were fun parties. I'm sorry you had to miss most of the fun.